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Select comedies of Mr. de Moliere. French and English. In eight volumes. With a frontispiece to each comedy. To which is Prefix’d a curious Print of the Author, with his life in French and English.

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London: Printed for John Watts, at the Printing-Office in Wild-Court near Lincolns-Inn-Fields , 1732.
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Select comedies of Mr. de Moliere. French and English. In eight volumes. With a frontispiece to each comedy. To which is Prefix’d a curious Print of the Author, with his life in French and English. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William G. WardVolume 58/24/17998/26/1799Molieres Plays
Samuel LaurenceVolume 710/29/179911/6/1799Molieres Plays
James Watson, Jr.Volume 212/11/179912/13/1799Molieres Plays
James Watson, Jr.Volume 312/13/179912/14/1799"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 112/14/179912/16/1799"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 712/16/179912/17/1799"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 512/17/179912/18/1799"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 712/18/179912/20/1799"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 412/20/179912/20/1799"
Columbia UniversityVolume 312/24/179912/24/1799Moliere's PlaysWilson
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 64/15/18005/12/18001/2Moliere's Plays
Peter IrvingVolume 111/28/180012/2/1800Molieres Plays
John B. StringhamVolume 64/22/18014/22/1801Molieres Plays
Leffert LeffertsVolume 14/29/18014/30/1801Molieres Plays
Leffert LeffertsVolume 24/30/18015/1/1801"
Leffert LeffertsVolume 35/1/18015/4/1801"
Leffert LeffertsVolume 45/4/18015/7/1801"
Leffert LeffertsVolume 55/7/18015/11/1801"
John B. StringhamVolume 25/11/18015/23/1801Mollieres Plays
James LeeVolume 16/8/18016/12/1801Mollieres Plays
James LeeVolume 26/8/18016/12/1801Mollieres Plays
James LeeVolume 46/12/18016/19/1801"
James LeeVolume 36/12/18016/19/1801"
James LeeVolume 66/19/18016/29/1801"
James LeeVolume 56/19/18016/29/1801"
James LeeVolume 66/29/18016/29/1801"
James LeeVolume 56/29/18016/29/1801"
John P. MumfordVolume 27/27/18017/29/1801Molieres Plays
Thomas GardnerVolume 13/31/18024/1/1802Molieres Plays
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 14/8/18024/10/1802Molieres Plays
Sands PellVolume 14/17/18024/19/1802Molieres Plays
John HoneVolume 11/19/18031/27/1803Molieres Plays
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 13/12/18033/26/1803Molieres Plays
Walter BurlingVolume 14/18/18034/19/1803Mollieres Plays
Joseph EdenVolume 14/25/18034/25/1803Molieres Plays
Rich HarisonVolume 15/2/18035/12/1803Molieres Plays
James BoydVolume 15/6/18035/7/1803Molieres Plays
James BoydVolume 25/7/18035/9/1803"
James BoydVolume 35/9/18035/21/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 25/13/18035/19/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 35/20/18036/7/18034dMolieres Plays
Peter OgilvieVolume 15/30/18035/31/1803Molieres Plays
Rich HarisonVolume 46/7/18036/10/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 56/10/18036/16/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 66/16/18036/20/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 76/20/18036/22/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 76/22/18036/29/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 86/29/18037/6/1803"
John B. FiskVolume 38/9/180311/10/1803Moliere's Plays
John B. FiskVolume 18/9/180311/10/1803Moliere's Plays
John B. FiskVolume 28/9/180311/10/1803Moliere's Plays
John B. FiskVolume 311/10/180311/11/1803"
Charles RhindVolume 11/4/18041/5/1804Mollieres Plays
John RodmanVolume 12/16/18042/17/1804Molieres Plays
Charles RhindVolume 44/6/18044/9/1804Molieres Plays
Alexander MacombVolume 111/1/180411/15/1804Molleires Plays
Alexander MacombVolume 111/15/180411/30/18041d"
Alexander MacombVolume 111/30/180412/12/1804"
Joseph EdenVolume 212/8/180412/10/1804Molieres Plays
Joseph EdenVolume 112/15/180412/21/1804"Molieres
William WaltonVolume 71/5/18051/8/1805Molieres Plays
Peter OgilvieVolume 11/8/18051/10/1805Molieres Plays
Peter OgilvieVolume 21/10/18051/15/1805"
Peter OgilvieVolume 51/15/18051/22/1805"
Peter OgilvieVolume 61/22/18051/22/1805"
Peter OgilvieVolume 71/22/18051/22/1805"
Peter OgilvieVolume 81/22/18051/22/1805"
Streatfield ClarksonVolume 81/22/18052/2/1805Molieres Plays
Streatfield ClarksonVolume 32/2/18052/12/1805"
Freeman ClarksonVolume 22/2/18052/12/1805Molieres plays
Streatfield ClarksonVolume 42/12/18052/12/1805"
Freeman ClarksonVolume 52/12/18052/12/1805"
Freeman ClarksonVolume 72/20/18052/22/1805"
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 42/28/18052/28/1805Molieres Plays
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 32/28/18052/28/1805Molieres Plays
Elbert HerringVolume 54/13/18054/26/1805Molieres Plays
Elbert HerringVolume 64/26/18055/21/18052/"
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 25/13/18055/29/1805Mollieres Plays
Elbert HerringVolume 75/21/18056/8/1805"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 35/28/18055/29/1805Moliere Plays
Samuel BradhurstVolume 25/29/18056/10/1805"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 46/10/18056/17/1805"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 66/17/18056/28/1805"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 56/17/18056/17/1805"
Samuel B. RomaineVolume 28/14/18058/28/1805Molieres Plays
Samuel B. RomaineVolume 49/7/180511/4/1805"
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