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Laurence Sterne

The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman. ...

Alternate Titles
Dublin: Saunders , 1761 or 1765.
A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as it is only listed in the 18th Century catalogs, which do not list full publication details. See ESTC links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.
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The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Newbery DavenportVolume 23/18/18003/19/1800Tristam Shandy
Newbery DavenportVolume 33/18/18003/19/1800Tristam Shandy
Newbery DavenportVolume 13/18/18003/19/1800Tristam Shandy
Samuel WatkinsVolume 110/24/180011/4/1800Tristam Shandy
Samuel WatkinsVolume 211/4/18001/6/18014/1"
George Bowne Jr.Volume 25/26/18016/6/1801Tristam Shandy
George Bowne Jr.Volume 35/26/18016/6/1801Tristam Shandy
George Bowne Jr.Volume 15/26/18016/6/1801Tristam Shandy
John SeamanVolume 28/13/18018/24/1801Tristam Shandy
John SeamanVolume 38/13/18018/24/1801Tristam Shandy
John SeamanVolume 18/13/18018/24/1801Tristam Shandy
Valentine SeamanVolume 29/30/180111/2/18014/9Tristam Shandy
Valentine SeamanVolume 39/30/180111/2/18014/9Tristam Shandy
Valentine SeamanVolume 19/30/180111/2/18014/9Tristam Shandy
James RobertsonVolume 211/13/180111/20/1801Tristam Shandy
James RobertsonVolume 311/13/180111/20/1801Tristam Shandy
James RobertsonVolume 111/13/180111/20/1801Tristam Shandy
William BowneVolume 212/26/180112/29/1801Tristam Shandy
William BowneVolume 312/26/180112/29/1801Tristam Shandy
William BowneVolume 112/26/180112/29/1801Tristam Shandy
Sands PellVolume 22/5/18022/10/1802Tristram Shandy
Sands PellVolume 32/5/18022/10/1802Tristram Shandy
Sands PellVolume 12/5/18022/10/1802Tristram Shandy
Abraham VarickVolume 22/18/18022/23/1802Tristam Shandy
Abraham VarickVolume 32/18/18022/23/1802Tristam Shandy
Abraham VarickVolume 12/18/18022/23/1802Tristam Shandy
Thomas PearsallVolume 26/4/18026/12/1802Trist Shandy
Thomas PearsallVolume 36/4/18026/12/1802Trist Shandy
Thomas PearsallVolume 16/4/18026/12/1802Trist Shandy
Freeman ClarksonVolume 27/29/180210/10/1802Tristram Shandy
Freeman ClarksonVolume 37/29/180210/10/1802Tristram Shandy
Freeman ClarksonVolume 17/29/180210/10/1802Tristram Shandy
Benjamin MooreVolume 32/21/18032/23/1803Tristam Shandy
Richard S. BadgerVolume 22/23/18033/7/1803Tristam Shandy
Richard S. BadgerVolume 32/23/18033/7/1803Tristam Shandy
Richard S. BadgerVolume 12/23/18033/7/1803Tristam Shandy
Richard S. BadgerVolume 23/7/18033/11/1803"
Abraham BrowerVolume 23/12/18033/18/1803Tristam Shandy
Abraham BrowerVolume 33/12/18033/18/1803Tristam Shandy
Abraham BrowerVolume 13/12/18033/18/1803Tristam Shandy
George Warren ChapmanVolume 24/2/18034/13/1803Tristam Shandy
George Warren ChapmanVolume 34/2/18034/13/1803Tristam Shandy
George Warren ChapmanVolume 14/2/18034/13/1803Tristam Shandy
Peter KettletasVolume 24/14/18034/16/1803Tristam Shandy
Peter KettletasVolume 34/14/18034/16/1803Tristam Shandy
Peter KettletasVolume 14/14/18034/16/1803Tristam Shandy
David MumfordVolume 24/25/18034/25/1803Tristam shandy
David MumfordVolume 34/25/18034/25/1803Tristam shandy
David MumfordVolume 14/25/18034/25/1803Tristam shandy
John B. MurrayVolume 212/12/180312/19/1803Tristam Shandy
John B. MurrayVolume 312/12/180312/19/1803Tristam Shandy
John B. MurrayVolume 112/12/180312/19/1803Tristam Shandy
James BruenVolume 212/24/180312/30/1803Tristam Shandy
James BruenVolume 312/24/180312/30/1803Tristam Shandy
James BruenVolume 112/24/180312/30/1803Tristam Shandy
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 21/9/18041/19/1804Tristam Shandy
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 31/9/18041/19/1804Tristam Shandy
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 11/9/18041/19/1804Tristam Shandy
Cornelius CadleVolume 12/7/18042/17/1804Tristam Shandy
Joshua WhitcombVolume 24/16/18044/19/1804Tristam Shandy
Joshua WhitcombVolume 34/16/18044/19/1804Tristam Shandy
Joshua WhitcombVolume 14/16/18044/19/1804Tristam Shandy
John Ten EyckVolume 24/18/18044/23/1804Tristram Shandy
John Ten EyckVolume 34/18/18044/23/1804Tristram Shandy
John Ten EyckVolume 14/18/18044/23/1804Tristram Shandy
Andrew MitchellVolume 25/21/18047/28/180413/3Tristam Shandy
Andrew MitchellVolume 35/21/18047/28/180413/3Tristam Shandy
Andrew MitchellVolume 15/21/18047/28/180413/3Tristam Shandy
Jonathan PearseeVolume 33/7/18053/11/1805Tristram Shandy
Charles L. CammanVolume 37/11/18057/13/1805Tristram Shandy
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