Borrower Name Book Title Author Date Out Date In Rep. Fine
Alexander ZuntzLetters of an Italian nun and an English gentleman. Translated from the French of J. J. Rousseau.
transcribed: Italian Nun
Jean-Jacques Rousseau10/13/179110/20/1791
Alexander ZuntzCecilia Volume 1
transcribed: Cecilia
Alexander ZuntzCecilia Volume 2
transcribed: "
Alexander ZuntzCecilia Volume 3
transcribed: "
Alexander ZuntzThe convent Volume 1
transcribed: Convent
Alexander ZuntzThe convent Volume 2
transcribed: "
Alexander ZuntzThe works of Henry Fielding, Esq; Volume 10
transcribed: Fieldg
Alexander ZuntzThe works of Henry Fielding, Esq; Volume 11
transcribed: "
Alexander ZuntzLouisa; or the cottage on the moor. In two volumes. By Mrs. Helme.
transcribed: Louisa
Elizabeth Helme2/4/17922/18/1792
Alexander ZuntzArundel. By the author of The observer. Volume 1
transcribed: Arundel
Alexander ZuntzArundel. By the author of The observer. Volume 2
transcribed: "
Alexander ZuntzFrederick Volume 1
transcribed: Frederic
Alexander ZuntzFrederick Volume 2
transcribed: "
Alexander ZuntzCharles and Teresa, an original novel. In a series of letters, founded on truth. By J. White. Volume 9
transcribed: Charles & Theresa
Alexander ZuntzEleonora. By M. Goethe, author of the Sorrows of Werter. To which is added A poetic epistle from Werter to Charlotte.
transcribed: Eleonora
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe4/12/17924/26/1792
Alexander ZuntzCaroline of Lichtfield; a novel. Translated from the French. By Thomas Holcroft. Volume 1
transcribed: Caroline
George TurnbullThe guardian Volume 1
transcribed: Guardian
George TurnbullThe guardian Volume 2
transcribed: "
George TurnbullTravels through Germany. In a series of letters; written in German by the Baron Riesbeck, and translated by the Rev. ...
transcribed: Ruisbeck's Travels
Johann Kaspar Riesbeck12/30/17901/8/1791
George TurnbullThe Incas Volume 1
transcribed: Marimon Incas
George TurnbullThe Incas Volume 2
transcribed: "
George TurnbullArundel. By the author of The observer. Volume 1
transcribed: Arundle
George TurnbullArundel. By the author of The observer. Volume 2
transcribed: "
George TurnbullOeuvres de Molière, avec des remarques grammaticales, des avertissemens et des observations sur chaque pi... Volume 5
transcribed: Moliere's works
George TurnbullLetters written by His Excellency Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the year 1675. To which...
transcribed: Essex Letters
Arthur Capel Essex6/24/17916/27/1791
George TurnbullThe beauties of Genlis; being a select collection, of the most beautiful tales and other striking extracts, from Adel...
transcribed: Beauty Genlis
Stéphanie Félicité, comtesse de Genlis6/27/17916/30/1791
George TurnbullThe philosophy of natural history. By William Smellie, member of The Antiquarian and Royal Societies of Edi... Volume 1
transcribed: Smellies Philo.
George TurnbullThe age of Lewis XIV / translated from the French of M. de Voltaire. Volume 1
transcribed: Age Lewis 14
George TurnbullPlutarch’s Lives, translated from the original Greek, with notes critical and historical, and a new Life ... Volume 1
transcribed: Plutarch's
George TurnbullA political survey of Britain Volume 2
transcribed: Campbell's Survey
George TurnbullThe citizen of the world Volume 2
transcribed: Citizen of the World
George TurnbullThe connoisseur / by Mr. Town, critic and censor-general Volume 3
transcribed: Conoisseur
George TurnbullThe works of the late John Gregory, M.D. Volume 2
transcribed: Gregory's Works
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