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Marie-Jeanne Roland

An appeal to impartial posterity / by Madame Roland ... or, A collection of tracts written by her during her confinement in the prisons of the Abbey, and St. Pelagie, in Paris ... ; translated from the French original ...

New York: Printed by Robert Wilson, For A. Van Hook, Proprietor of the Reading-Room., 1798.
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An appeal to impartial posterity / by Madame Roland ... or, A collection of tracts written by her during her confinement in the prisons of the Abbey, and St. Pelagie, in Paris ... ; translated from the French original ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John D. MercierVolume 28/5/17998/6/1799Rolands Appeal
John D. MercierVolume 18/5/17998/6/1799Rolands Appeal
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 18/7/17998/14/1799Rolands Appeal
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 18/8/17998/12/1799Rolands Appeal
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 28/14/17998/22/1799"
Gulian LudlowVolume 19/7/17999/21/1799Rolands Appeal
Gulian LudlowVolume 210/21/179910/30/1799Rolands Appeal
Benjamin SeixasVolume 211/15/179911/21/1799Rolands Appeal
Moses B. SeixasVolume 111/15/179911/21/1799Roland Appeal
Walter RutherfordVolume 211/20/179912/6/1799Rolands Appeal
Walter RutherfordVolume 212/6/179912/24/1799"
John VernonVolume 112/9/179912/20/1799Rollands Appeal
Robert W. PearsallVolume 112/13/17991/12/18001/8Rolands Appeal
George TurnbullVolume 112/24/179912/28/1799Rolands Appeal
John VernonVolume 212/26/17991/7/1800Rollands Appeal
Robert W. PearsallVolume 21/12/18001/29/1800"
Joseph WinterVolume 11/22/18001/31/1800Rolands Appeal
James BeekmanVolume 21/28/18001/28/1800Rolands Appeal
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 12/12/18002/15/1800Rolands Appeal
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 22/14/18002/17/1800Rolands Appeal
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 22/15/18002/28/1800"
John VernonVolume 22/28/18003/7/1800"
John K. BeekmanVolume 12/28/18003/4/1800Rolands Appeal
Gulian Ludlow3/18/18003/31/1800Rolands Appeal
Edmund KirbyVolume 13/24/18004/12/1800Rollands Appeal
Gulian LudlowVolume 23/31/18004/28/1800"
Edmund KirbyVolume 24/12/18005/12/1800"
John S. SchermerhornVolume 15/26/18006/2/1800Rolands Appeal
William G. ForbesVolume 15/27/18006/2/1800Rolland's Appeal
William G. ForbesVolume 26/2/18006/23/1800"
Jonathon BurrallVolume 18/26/18009/2/1800Rolands Appeal
Jonathon BurrallVolume 29/2/18009/6/1800"
Peter IrvingVolume 19/27/180010/1/1800Rolands Appeal
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 110/25/180010/27/1800Rolands Appeal
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 210/27/180010/29/1800"
William JohnsonVolume 211/23/180011/30/1800Rolands Appeal
William JohnsonVolume 111/23/180011/30/1800Rolands Appeal
William ProctorVolume 212/8/180012/18/1800Rolands Appeal
Jonathon BurrallVolume 112/17/18001/3/1801Rolands Appeal
Jonathon BurrallVolume 21/3/18011/19/1801"
Christian NestelVolume 11/17/18011/27/1801Rolands Appeal
George LorillardVolume 11/27/18012/3/1801Rolands Appeal
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 21/30/18012/10/1801Rolands Appeal
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 11/30/18012/10/1801Rolands Appeal
Manuel MyersVolume 12/16/18012/26/1801Rolands Appeal
George LorillardVolume 23/10/18014/4/1801Rolands Appeal
Abraham GomezVolume 23/13/18013/21/1801Rollands Appeal
Thomas GardnerVolume 13/20/18013/28/1801Rolands Appeal
William ProctorVolume 23/25/18014/4/1801Rolands Appeal
William ProctorVolume 13/25/18014/4/1801Rolands Appeal
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 29/9/180110/1/18014dRollands Appeal
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 19/9/180110/1/18014dRollands Appeal
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 29/28/180110/14/1801Rolands Appeal
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 19/28/180110/14/1801Rolands Appeal
Daniel StansburyVolume 212/12/18011/11/18023/Rollands Appeal
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 212/12/18011/11/18023/Rollands Appeal
Daniel StansburyVolume 112/12/18011/11/18023/Rollands Appeal
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 112/12/18011/11/18023/Rollands Appeal
Daniel StansburyVolume 21/11/18021/23/1802"
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 21/11/18021/23/1802"
Daniel StansburyVolume 11/11/18021/23/1802"
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 11/11/18021/23/1802"
John VernonVolume 22/20/18023/5/1802Roland's Appeal
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 24/23/18025/8/1802Rollands Appeal
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 14/23/18025/8/1802Rollands Appeal
John B. FiskVolume 15/28/18026/9/1802Rollands Appeal
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 29/8/18029/23/1802Rollands Appeal
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 19/8/18029/23/1802Rollands Appeal
William PostVolume 212/2/180212/14/1802Rollands Appeal
William PostVolume 112/2/180212/14/1802Rollands Appeal
William PostVolume 212/3/180212/14/1802Rollands Appeal
William PostVolume 112/3/180212/14/1802Rollands Appeal
DuerVolume 21/1/180312/31/1803Rollands Appeal
DuerVolume 11/1/180312/31/1803Rollands Appeal
Daniel BuckVolume 23/29/18034/12/1803Rollands Appeal
Daniel BuckVolume 13/29/18034/12/1803Rollands Appeal
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 212/15/180312/29/1803Rolands Appeal
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 112/15/180312/29/1803Rolands Appeal
John F. RoorbackVolume 21/4/18041/11/1804Rollands Appeal
John F. RoorbackVolume 11/4/18041/11/1804Rollands Appeal
Garret Van HorneVolume 11/14/18041/20/1804Rollans Appeal
Hugh HartshorneVolume 21/16/18041/18/1804Rolland's Appeal
Hugh HartshorneVolume 11/16/18041/18/1804Rolland's Appeal
Garret Van HorneVolume 21/20/18042/6/1804"
Anthony AckleyVolume 23/2/18043/5/1804Rolands Appeal
Anthony AckleyVolume 13/2/18043/5/1804Rolands Appeal
Henry RogersVolume 13/4/18043/6/1803Rolands Appeal
John MooreVolume 23/10/18043/27/1804Rolands Appeal
John MooreVolume 13/10/18043/27/1804Rolands Appeal
Thomas IversVolume 21/26/18052/12/1805Rolland's Appeal
Thomas IversVolume 11/26/18052/12/1805Rolland's Appeal
Thomas IversVolume 22/12/18052/16/1805Rollands Appeal
Thomas IversVolume 12/12/18052/16/1805Rollands Appeal
William EdgarVolume 22/28/18053/14/1805Rollands Appeal
William EdgarVolume 12/28/18053/14/1805Rollands Appeal
William EdgarVolume 23/14/18053/28/1805Rolands Appeal
William G. ForbesVolume 24/18/18055/11/1805Rollands Appeal
William G. ForbesVolume 14/18/18055/11/1805Rollands Appeal
Andrew CockVolume 26/22/18057/6/1805Rolands Appeal
Andrew CockVolume 16/22/18057/6/1805Rolands Appeal
David LongworthVolume 19/2/180510/1/1805Rolands Appeal
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