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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Eloisa: or, A series of original letters, collected and published by Mr. J.J. Rousseau, citizen of Geneva. Translated from the French. To which are added, the adventures of Lord B- at Rome, being the sequel of Elosia, (found among the author’s papers after his decease). A new edition, in three volumes.

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Eloisa: or, A series of original letters, collected and published by Mr. J.J. Rousseau, citizen of Geneva. Translated from the French. To which are added, the adventures of Lord B- at Rome, being the sequel of Elosia, (found among the author’s papers after his decease). A new edition, in three volumes. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 28/26/180010/2/18015/9Rousseau's Eloise
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 38/26/180010/2/18015/9Rousseau's Eloise
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 18/26/180010/2/18015/9Rousseau's Eloise
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 210/2/180011/6/18015/3"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 310/2/180011/6/18015/3"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 110/2/180011/6/18015/3"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 27/16/18017/17/1801" Eloise
Matthew ClarksonVolume 37/16/18017/17/1801" Eloise
Matthew ClarksonVolume 17/16/18017/17/1801" Eloise
William B. KeeseVolume 27/21/18018/18/18014/4Rousseaus Eloise
William B. KeeseVolume 37/21/18018/18/18014/4Rousseaus Eloise
William B. KeeseVolume 17/21/18018/18/18014/4Rousseaus Eloise
John W. MulliganVolume 211/9/180111/21/1801Rousseaus Eloisa
John W. MulliganVolume 311/9/180111/21/1801Rousseaus Eloisa
John W. MulliganVolume 111/9/180111/21/1801Rousseaus Eloisa
James Watson, Jr.Volume 211/21/180112/11/18011/1Rousseaus Eloisa
James Watson, Jr.Volume 311/21/180112/11/18011/1Rousseaus Eloisa
James Watson, Jr.Volume 111/21/180112/11/18011/1Rousseaus Eloisa
Thomas BurlingVolume 212/14/180112/19/1801Rousseau's Eloise
Thomas BurlingVolume 312/14/180112/19/1801Rousseau's Eloise
Thomas BurlingVolume 112/14/180112/19/1801Rousseau's Eloise
John Ten BrookVolume 21/6/18021/18/1802Rousseau's Eloisa
John Ten BrookVolume 31/6/18021/18/1802Rousseau's Eloisa
George Warren Chapman5/3/18025/3/18026dRousseaus Eloise
George Warren ChapmanVolume 25/3/18025/19/18026d"
George Warren ChapmanVolume 35/3/18025/19/18026d"
George Warren ChapmanVolume 15/3/18025/19/18026d"
Olivia MunroVolume 16/23/18028/12/18032/Rousseaus Eloise
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 29/7/18029/9/1802Eloine
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 19/7/18029/9/1802Eloine
Abraham HerringVolume 210/30/180211/10/1802Rousseaus Eloise
Abraham HerringVolume 310/30/180211/10/1802Rousseaus Eloise
Abraham HerringVolume 110/30/180211/10/1802Rousseaus Eloise
James RooseveltVolume 211/13/180211/20/1802Rousseaus Eloise
James RooseveltVolume 311/13/180211/20/1802Rousseaus Eloise
James RooseveltVolume 111/13/180211/20/1802Rousseaus Eloise
Archibald McLeanVolume 212/7/180212/18/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Archibald McLeanVolume 312/7/180212/18/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Archibald McLeanVolume 112/7/180212/18/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Abraham BeachVolume 212/17/180212/17/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Abraham BeachVolume 312/17/180212/17/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Abraham BeachVolume 112/17/180212/17/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 212/20/180212/28/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 312/20/180212/28/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 112/20/180212/28/1802Rousseau's Eloise
Archibald RobertsonVolume 21/20/18032/2/1803Rousseau's Eloise
Archibald RobertsonVolume 31/20/18032/2/1803Rousseau's Eloise
Archibald RobertsonVolume 11/20/18032/2/1803Rousseau's Eloise
Robert L. BowneVolume 22/16/18033/26/18032/6Rousseau's Eloise
Robert L. BowneVolume 32/16/18033/26/18032/6Rousseau's Eloise
Robert L. BowneVolume 12/16/18033/26/18032/6Rousseau's Eloise
Robert L. BowneVolume 23/26/18034/7/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Robert L. BowneVolume 33/26/18034/7/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Robert L. BowneVolume 13/26/18034/7/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Margaret CunninghamVolume 24/18/18034/18/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Margaret CunninghamVolume 34/18/18034/18/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Margaret CunninghamVolume 14/18/18034/18/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Alphius ShermanVolume 25/4/18035/6/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Alphius ShermanVolume 35/4/18035/6/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Alphius ShermanVolume 15/4/18035/6/1803Rousseaus Eloise
Henry KunzeVolume 27/26/180311/9/18032/Rousseau's Eloise
Henry KunzeVolume 37/26/180311/9/18032/Rousseau's Eloise
Henry KunzeVolume 17/26/180311/9/18032/Rousseau's Eloise
John Jacob AstorVolume 212/24/180312/26/1803Rousseau's Heloise
John Jacob AstorVolume 312/24/180312/26/1803Rousseau's Heloise
John Jacob AstorVolume 112/24/180312/26/1803Rousseau's Heloise
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 212/29/18032/7/18044/Rousseaus Eloise
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 312/29/18032/7/18044/Rousseaus Eloise
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 112/29/18032/7/18044/Rousseaus Eloise
Elijah D. Rattoone2/7/18042/7/1804"
Anthony AckleyVolume 22/28/18043/2/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Anthony AckleyVolume 32/28/18043/2/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Anthony AckleyVolume 12/28/18043/2/1804Rousseau's Eloise
John SmartVolume 23/8/18044/4/18049dRousseau's Eloise
John SmartVolume 33/8/18044/4/18049dRousseau's Eloise
John SmartVolume 13/8/18044/4/18049dRousseau's Eloise
Gerard DepysterVolume 24/21/18044/28/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Gerard DepysterVolume 34/21/18044/28/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Gerard DepysterVolume 14/21/18044/28/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Samuel WatkinsVolume 24/26/18045/18/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Samuel WatkinsVolume 34/26/18045/18/1804Rousseaus Eloise
John SmartVolume 14/26/18044/26/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Samuel WatkinsVolume 14/26/18045/18/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Samuel WatkinsVolume 25/18/18046/18/18044/3"
Samuel WatkinsVolume 35/18/18046/18/18044/3"
Samuel WatkinsVolume 15/18/18046/18/18044/3"
William Denning6/20/18046/23/1804Rousea's Eloise
Francis L. HarisonVolume 26/23/18046/28/1804Rousseau Eloise
Francis L. HarisonVolume 36/23/18046/28/1804Rousseau Eloise
Francis L. HarisonVolume 16/23/18046/28/1804Rousseau Eloise
John L. NortonVolume 28/13/18049/1/1804Rousseaus Eloise
John L. NortonVolume 38/13/18049/1/1804Rousseaus Eloise
John L. NortonVolume 18/13/18049/1/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Walter BurlingVolume 29/6/18049/12/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Walter BurlingVolume 39/6/18049/12/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Walter BurlingVolume 19/6/18049/12/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Hamilton StewartVolume 29/14/18049/18/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Hamilton StewartVolume 39/14/18049/18/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Hamilton StewartVolume 19/14/18049/18/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Edward Van HorneVolume 29/29/18049/29/1804Rousseau's eloisa
Edward Van HorneVolume 39/29/18049/29/1804Rousseau's eloisa
Edward Van HorneVolume 19/29/18049/29/1804Rousseau's eloisa
John DewittVolume 210/20/180411/3/1804Rousseau's Eloise
John DewittVolume 310/20/180411/3/1804Rousseau's Eloise
John DewittVolume 110/20/180411/3/1804Rousseau's Eloise
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 211/17/180411/27/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 311/17/180411/27/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 111/17/180411/27/1804Rousseaus Eloise
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 212/5/180412/21/18046d" Eloise
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 312/5/180412/21/18046d" Eloise
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 112/5/180412/21/18046d" Eloise
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 212/21/18041/8/18051/"
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 312/21/18041/8/18051/"
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 112/21/18041/8/18051/"
Alfred S. PellVolume 31/12/18051/17/18051/Rousseaus Eloise
Silvester RobinsonVolume 23/14/18054/3/1805Rousseau's Eloise
Silvester RobinsonVolume 33/14/18054/3/1805Rousseau's Eloise
Silvester RobinsonVolume 13/14/18054/3/1805Rousseau's Eloise
John MowattVolume 24/3/18054/9/1805Rousseaus Eloise
John MowattVolume 34/3/18054/9/1805Rousseaus Eloise
John MowattVolume 14/3/18054/9/1805Rousseaus Eloise
Alfred S. PellVolume 34/24/18055/3/180511/6Rousseaus Eloise
Henry RogersVolume 27/15/18057/15/1805Rousseaus Eloise
Henry RogersVolume 17/15/18057/15/1805Rousseaus Eloise
James McVickarVolume 28/21/18058/24/1805Rousseaus Eloise
James McVickarVolume 38/21/18058/24/1805Rousseaus Eloise
James McVickarVolume 18/21/18058/24/1805Rousseaus Eloise
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 28/24/18058/29/1805Rousseaus Eloise
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 38/24/18058/29/1805Rousseaus Eloise
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 18/24/18058/29/1805Rousseaus Eloise
Hugh HartshorneVolume 211/26/18051/11/1806Rousseau's Eloise
Hugh HartshorneVolume 311/26/18051/11/1806Rousseau's Eloise
Hugh HartshorneVolume 111/26/18051/11/1806Rousseau's Eloise
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