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William Roscoe

The life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificent

London: Printed for A. Strahan, T. Cadell jun. and W. Davies, and J. Edwards., 1796.
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The life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificent Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Archibald RobertsonVolume 112/1/180012/10/1800Life L. Medici
Peter WilsonVolume 112/10/18001/8/1801Life Lorens D M
Archibald RobertsonVolume 212/10/180012/13/1800"
Peter WilsonVolume 21/8/18011/23/1801"
Silas TalbotVolume 12/10/18012/26/1801Life Medici
Silas TalbotVolume 23/9/18013/17/1801Life Medici
Israel WilkesVolume 13/17/18013/23/1801Life Lorenza
William PauldingVolume 13/24/18014/2/1801Lorenzo Di Medici
Benjamin MooreVolume 14/2/18014/11/1801Life L Medici
William PauldingVolume 24/2/18014/9/1801"
Benjamin MooreVolume 24/11/18014/11/1801"
William BleeckerVolume 14/14/18015/4/1801Life L. Medici
Philip Ten EyckVolume 15/4/18015/26/1801Loren. Medici
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 15/4/18015/4/18011/9Life Lorenzo M
William BleeckerVolume 25/4/18015/14/1801"
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 17/22/18017/27/1801Life L Medici
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 27/27/18018/3/1801"
Sidney Phoenix8/8/18018/13/1801Lorenzo Medici
Sidney PhoenixVolume 28/13/18018/17/1801"
William Laight, Jr.Volume 18/19/18018/22/1801Rosco's Life Medici
Henry PriestVolume 18/21/18018/22/1801Rosco's Life Medici
Henry PriestVolume 28/22/18018/24/1801"
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 18/24/18018/27/1801Roscoes Life Medici
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 28/24/18018/27/1801Roscoes Life Medici
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 18/27/18018/31/1801Roscoes Life Medici
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 28/31/18019/7/1801"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 19/7/180111/5/1801Lorenzo Medici
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 29/7/180111/5/1801Lorenzo Medici
David GelstonVolume 111/13/180111/18/1801Life Lorenzo Medici
David GelstonVolume 211/18/180111/23/1801"
Horatio GatesVolume 111/20/180111/20/1801Roscos Medici
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 112/26/180112/31/1801Roscos Lorenzo
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 212/31/18011/2/1802"
Garrett AbeelVolume 11/16/18021/28/1802Rosco's Medici
Garrett AbeelVolume 21/28/18022/1/1802"
Thomas JonesVolume 12/13/18023/15/1802Lorenzo Di Medici
William ProctorVolume 14/2/18024/15/1802Lorenzo di Medici
John Lansing, Jr.Volume 16/12/18026/14/1802Lorenzo Medici
John Lansing, Jr.Volume 26/14/18026/28/1802"
Alexander PhoenixVolume 16/18/18026/18/1802Roscoes Medici
Sidney PhoenixVolume 16/18/18026/30/1802Rosco's Medici
Sidney PhoenixVolume 26/30/18027/17/1802"
Valentine NutterVolume 17/3/18029/18/180212/3Roscoes Life Medici
William PauldingVolume 110/18/180210/22/1802Life L Medici
William PauldingVolume 210/22/180211/2/1802"
Ebenezer IrvingVolume 110/23/180211/2/1802Lorenzo di Medici
William PauldingVolume 211/2/180211/13/1802"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 111/26/180212/2/1802Lorenzo de Medici
Samuel BradhurstVolume 212/2/180212/9/1802"
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 112/14/18021/6/1803Lorenzo di Medici
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 21/6/18031/25/1803"
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 11/22/18032/1/1803Lorenzo di Medici
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 22/1/18032/12/1803"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 23/11/18033/21/1803Roscoe Lorenzo
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 14/1/18034/7/1803Rosco's L Medici
Judith VerplanckVolume 14/7/18034/9/1803Rosco's L Medici
Abraham VarickVolume 14/9/18034/11/1803Rosco's L Medici
Charles Rhind4/10/18034/18/1803R Medici
Abraham VarickVolume 24/19/18034/19/1803Rosco's Life Medici
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 24/25/18034/29/1803Roscos Medici
Ann PierceVolume 15/6/18035/6/1803Roscoes Medici
Augustus Van HorneVolume 16/20/18037/14/1803Life Lorenzo Medici
John WattsVolume 27/7/18037/21/1803Lorenzo di Medici
Israel WilkesVolume 17/30/18038/2/1803Lorenzo di Medici
John Le ConteVolume 18/13/18038/20/1803Roscoe's Life Medici
John Le ConteVolume 28/20/180311/9/1803"
Manuel MyersVolume 18/23/18038/24/1803Lorenzo di Medici
Thomas SlidellVolume 18/24/18038/24/1803Lorenzo di Medici
Thomas SlidellVolume 28/24/18038/24/1803Lorenzo di Medici
isaac carrowVolume 11/7/18041/11/1804Roscoes Life Medici
isaac carrowVolume 21/11/18041/17/1804"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 12/21/18043/8/1804Roscos Life Medici
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 23/8/18043/8/1804"
John W. LivingstonVolume 13/26/18044/9/1804Rosco's Life Medici
John W. LivingstonVolume 14/9/18044/23/1804"
John W. LivingstonVolume 24/23/18045/8/1804"
Walter BurlingVolume 14/24/18044/28/1804Lorenzo di Med
David MumfordVolume 14/28/18045/14/1804Lorenzo di Medici
John W. LivingstonVolume 25/8/18045/21/1804"
John W. LivingstonVolume 25/21/18046/5/1804Rosco's Life Medici
John W. LivingstonVolume 26/15/18046/15/1804"
Walter BurlingVolume 26/18/18046/20/1804Life Lorenzo di M
John DodgsonVolume 16/27/18047/11/1804Lorenzo di Medici
John DodgsonVolume 27/11/18048/4/1804Lorenzo di Medici
John Abraham DenomendieVolume 18/8/18048/11/1804Life Lorenzo di Medici
John Abraham DenomendieVolume 28/11/18048/15/1804"
John ForbesVolume 19/12/18049/20/1804Lorenzo di Medici
Edward R. JonesVolume 11/9/18051/19/1805Lorenzo de Medici
Edward R. JonesVolume 21/19/18052/9/1805Lorenzo de Medici
Alsop HuntVolume 22/15/18053/4/1805Life Le Medici
Matthew ClarksonVolume 13/4/18053/5/1805Life L. Medici
Matthew ClarksonVolume 23/5/18053/15/1805"
William FewVolume 13/20/18053/23/1805Lorenzo di Medici
William FewVolume 13/20/18053/23/1805Lorenzo di Medici
William FewVolume 23/23/18053/23/1805"
William FewVolume 23/23/18053/23/1805"
Peter KettletasVolume 14/1/18054/6/1805Lorenzo di Medici
William W. RodmanVolume 15/2/18055/22/1805Lorenzo de Medici
Henry SadlerVolume 15/22/18056/6/1805Lorenzo de Medici
William W. RodmanVolume 25/22/18056/15/1805"
Henry SadlerVolume 26/20/18057/9/1805Lorenzo de Medici
Edward William LaightVolume 17/18/18059/9/1805Lorenzo di Medici
John B. StringhamVolume 18/15/18058/26/1805Lorenzo di Medici
John B. StringhamVolume 28/26/180511/14/1805"
Edward William LaightVolume 19/10/180511/4/1805Lorenzo di Medici
Peter MesierVolume 111/6/180511/28/1805Life Lorenzo di M
Peter MesierVolume 211/28/180512/21/1805"
Peter MesierVolume 212/21/18051/11/1806"
John H. EddyVolume 112/27/180512/28/1805Lorenzo di Medici
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