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J. Castéra, William Tooke

The life of Catharine II, Empress of Russia : with seven portraits elegantly engraved, and a correct map of the Russian empire

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London: Printed for T. N. Longman , Paternoster-Row ; and J. Debrett, Piccadilly , 1798.
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The life of Catharine II, Empress of Russia : with seven portraits elegantly engraved, and a correct map of the Russian empire Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 112/16/179912/23/1799Life Catharine II
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 212/16/179912/23/1799Life Catharine II
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 212/23/17991/3/1800Life Catharine II
Daniel PhoenixVolume 21/8/18001/17/1800Life Catharine II
Daniel PhoenixVolume 31/17/18001/28/1800"
George TurnbullVolume 11/18/18001/20/1800Life Catharine II
George TurnbullVolume 21/20/18001/27/1800"
James BradishVolume 11/22/18002/4/1800Life of Catharine II
James BradishVolume 22/4/18002/18/1800"
Francis CooperVolume 12/15/18002/21/1800Life Catharine II
Edmund KirbyVolume 12/21/18002/26/1800Life Catharine II
Edmund KirbyVolume 22/26/18003/4/1800"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 12/27/18002/28/1800Life Catharine II
Thomas SlidellVolume 12/28/18003/5/1800Life Catharine II
Thomas SlidellVolume 23/4/18003/17/1800"
Thomas SlidellVolume 33/5/18003/22/1800"
Cornelius CadleVolume 33/7/18003/15/1800Life Catharine II
Charles WilkesVolume 13/17/18003/20/1800Life Catharine II
Charles WilkesVolume 23/20/18003/22/1800"
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 13/21/18003/31/1800Life Catharine II
Charles WilkesVolume 33/22/18003/24/1800"
Theodorus Van WyckVolume 13/31/18004/19/1800Life Catharine II
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 23/31/18003/2/1800"
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 15/2/18005/8/1800Life Catharine II
John SpeyerVolume 15/17/18005/20/1800Life Catharine II
Theodorus Van WyckVolume 35/19/18006/10/1800Life Catharine II
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 25/28/18006/2/1800Life Catharine II
Theodorus Van WyckVolume 26/10/18006/10/1800"
Bernard HartVolume 26/11/18006/26/1800Life Catharine II
John BuchannanVolume 36/13/18006/16/1800Life Catharine II
Richard N. HarisonVolume 16/21/18006/25/1800Life Catharine II
Bernard HartVolume 26/26/18007/5/1800"
John RodmanVolume 16/27/18007/2/1800Life Catharine II
Mary R. ProvostVolume 26/30/18006/21/1800Life Catharine II
John ParsonsVolume 17/10/18007/12/1800Life Catharine II
Ephraim HartVolume 17/16/18008/4/1800Life Catharine II
Mary R. ProvostVolume 37/22/18007/22/1800Life Catharine II
Mary R. ProvostVolume 27/22/18008/2/1800"
Ephraim HartVolume 28/4/18008/19/1800Life Catharine II
Thomas GardnerVolume 18/7/18008/16/1800Life Catharine II
Richard N. HarisonVolume 28/20/18008/26/1800Life Catharine II
Thomas KnoxVolume 18/21/18008/22/1800Life Catharine II
Thomas KnoxVolume 38/22/18008/27/1800"
John N. AbeelVolume 18/23/18008/30/1800Life of Catharine II
Henry SandsVolume 28/29/18008/29/1800Life Catharine II
Henry SandsVolume 39/1/18009/3/1800"
Asher HartVolume 19/3/18009/15/1800Life Catharine II
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 19/4/18009/9/1800Life Catharine III
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 29/9/18009/15/1800"
Thomas IversVolume 19/15/18009/24/1800Life Catharine II
Rich HarisonVolume 39/16/18009/18/1800Life Catharine II
Samuel LaurenceVolume 39/20/18009/25/1800Life Catharine II
Thomas IversVolume 29/24/180010/2/1800"
Peter AllairVolume 19/29/180010/10/1800Life of Catharine II
Peter AllairVolume 210/10/180011/5/1800"
Robert CrommelineVolume 110/14/180010/29/1800Life Catharine II
Augustus BaileyVolume 111/1/180011/20/1800Life of Catharine II
Peter AllairVolume 311/5/180012/22/180010d"
John ForbesVolume 111/6/180011/7/1800Life of Catharine II
Robert Crommeline11/7/180011/28/1800Life Catharine II
Christian SchultzVolume 111/13/180011/19/1800Life Catharine II
John EllisVolume 111/20/180012/3/1800Life Catharine II
John ForbesVolume 212/1/180012/4/1800Life Catharine II
John EllisVolume 112/3/180012/5/1800"
Christian SchultzVolume 212/4/180012/8/1800Life Catharine II
John Graham Jr.Volume 112/8/180012/13/1800Life Catharine II
John EllisVolume 212/8/180012/11/1800Life Catharine II
George LorillardVolume 112/13/180012/26/1800Life Catharine II
Robert CrommelineVolume 312/22/18001/10/1801Life Catharine II
John Graham Jr.Volume 212/22/180012/27/1800Life Catharine II
James BaileyVolume 112/26/180012/30/1800Life of Catharine II
George LorillardVolume 212/27/18001/10/1801Life Catharine II
Walter B. HuntVolume 11/3/18011/7/1801Life Catharine II
Rodolphus BogertVolume 11/8/18011/17/1801Life of Catharine II
George LorillardVolume 31/10/18011/27/1801Life Catharine II
Walter B. HuntVolume 21/10/18011/17/1801Life Catharine II
Walter B. HuntVolume 31/27/18012/7/1801Life Catharine II
Rodolphus BogertVolume 21/28/18012/7/1801Life of Catharine II
John T. GloverVolume 11/29/18012/5/1801Life Catharine II
Judith VerplanckVolume 12/7/18012/16/1801Life Catharine II
John Graham Jr.Volume 32/11/18012/18/1801Life Catharine II
James BaileyVolume 22/12/18012/17/1801Life of Catharine II
John Jacob AstorVolume 12/19/18013/10/1801Life of Catharine II
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 22/21/18013/14/1801Life Catharine II
Rodolphus BogertVolume 33/5/18013/9/1801Life Catharine II
John Jacob AstorVolume 33/10/18013/14/1801"
Peter MabieVolume 13/16/18014/6/1801Life Catharine II
Peter MabieVolume 23/16/18014/6/1801Life Catharine II
Dominick LynchVolume 33/30/18014/6/1801Life Catharine II
William BowneVolume 14/6/18014/10/1802Life Catharine II
Peter MabieVolume 34/6/18014/25/1801"
James Constable4/28/18014/28/1801Life Catharine II
William BowneVolume 25/5/18015/30/18028dLife Catharine II
Augustus BaileyVolume 35/22/18015/28/1801Life of Catharine II
Charles Startin5/23/18016/18/180110dLife Catharine II
Robert ElderVolume 16/11/18016/18/1801Life Catharine II
Robert ElderVolume 36/11/18016/18/1801Life Catharine II
Robert ElderVolume 26/11/18016/18/1801Life Catharine II
Charles StartinVolume 26/18/18016/26/1801"
Horatio GatesVolume 16/20/1801Life Catharine II
Horatio GatesVolume 36/26/18016/27/1801"
Charles StartinVolume 36/27/18017/2/1801"
Horatio GatesVolume 26/27/18017/18/1801"
Horatio GatesVolume 37/9/18017/18/1801"
William Laight, Jr.Volume 17/18/18017/23/1801Life Catharine II
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 17/21/18017/28/1801Life Catharine II
William Laight, Jr.Volume 27/22/18017/27/1801"
George BarnewallVolume 17/23/18018/12/1801Life Catharine II
William Laight, Jr.Volume 37/23/18017/24/1801"
William Laight, Jr.Volume 37/27/18018/5/1801"
George BarnewallVolume 28/12/18018/26/1801Life Catharine II
Rich HarisonVolume 18/13/18018/24/1801Life Catharine II
Joseph HopkinsVolume 18/25/18018/27/1801Life Catharine II
Joseph HopkinsVolume 28/27/18018/28/1801"
Joseph HopkinsVolume 38/28/18018/31/1801"
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 18/29/18018/31/1801Life Catharine II
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 19/2/18019/7/1801Life Catharine II
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 39/2/18019/7/1801Life Catharine II
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 29/2/18019/7/1801Life Catharine II
John ClarkeVolume 19/19/180110/3/1801Life Catharine II
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 110/3/180110/12/1801Life Catharine II
John ClarkeVolume 210/3/180110/7/1801"
John ClarkeVolume 310/7/180110/12/1801"
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 210/12/180110/12/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 110/14/180111/16/1801Life Catharine II
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 310/14/180111/16/1801Life Catharine II
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 210/14/180111/16/1801Life Catharine II
Edmund SeamanVolume 111/17/180111/24/1801Life Catharine II
Edward LydeVolume 111/28/180112/14/1801Life Catharine II
Edward LydeVolume 212/14/180112/24/1801"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 112/19/180112/23/1801Life Catharine II
Archibald RobertsonVolume 312/19/180112/23/1801Life Catharine II
Edward LydeVolume 312/24/18011/7/1802"
George Warren ChapmanVolume 112/29/18011/6/1802Life Catharine II
George Warren ChapmanVolume 212/29/18011/6/1802Life Catharine II
James ForrestVolume 11/9/18021/30/1802Life Catharine II
James ForrestVolume 31/9/18021/30/1802Life Catharine II
James ForrestVolume 21/9/18021/30/1802Life Catharine II
George TurnbullVolume 12/6/18022/12/1802Life Catharine II
George TurnbullVolume 32/6/18022/12/1802Life Catharine II
George TurnbullVolume 22/6/18022/12/1802Life Catharine II
James ForrestVolume 22/13/18023/2/1802Life Catharine II
Peter AndersonVolume 12/18/18023/8/1802Life Catharine II
James ForrestVolume 33/2/18023/23/1802"
Peter AndersonVolume 23/8/18023/15/1802"
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 13/13/18024/1/1802Catharine II
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 24/1/18024/17/1802"
William MooreVolume 14/12/18024/17/1802Life Catharine II
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 34/17/18025/6/1802"
William MooreVolume 24/17/18024/23/1802"
Rich HarisonVolume 14/27/18025/3/1802Life Catharine II
Rich HarisonVolume 34/27/18025/3/1802Life Catharine II
Rich HarisonVolume 24/27/18025/3/1802Life Catharine II
William GreenVolume 15/8/18025/14/1802Life Catharine II
William GreenVolume 35/8/18025/14/1802Life Catharine II
William GreenVolume 25/8/18025/14/1802Life Catharine II
John NitchieVolume 15/17/18025/26/1802Catharine II
John NitchieVolume 35/17/18025/26/1802Catharine II
John NitchieVolume 25/17/18025/26/1802Catharine II
William MooreVolume 36/1/18026/4/1802Life Catharine II
Gulian VerplanckVolume 16/28/18027/14/1802Life Catharine II
Gulian VerplanckVolume 36/28/18027/14/1802Life Catharine II
Gulian VerplanckVolume 26/28/18027/14/1802Life Catharine II
Oliver WolcottVolume 17/31/18027/31/1802Life Catharine II
Oliver WolcottVolume 37/31/18027/31/1802Life Catharine II
Oliver WolcottVolume 27/31/18027/31/1802Life Catharine II
Robert BensonVolume 18/6/18028/10/1802Life Catharine II
Robert BensonVolume 28/10/18028/17/1802Life Catharine II
hezekiah pierpontVolume 18/24/18029/9/1802Life Catharine II
hezekiah pierpontVolume 38/24/18029/9/1802Life Catharine II
hezekiah pierpontVolume 28/24/18029/9/1802Life Catharine II
William ConstableVolume 19/2/18029/14/1802Life Catharine II
William ConstableVolume 29/9/18029/21/1802"
William ConstableVolume 39/21/180210/9/1802"
Henry KunzeVolume 19/23/180210/2/1802Life Catharine II
Henry KunzeVolume 110/21/180210/28/1802Life Catharine II
George TurnbullVolume 111/15/180211/22/1802Life Catharine II
George TurnbullVolume 311/22/180211/24/1802"
Henry KunzeVolume 311/30/180212/9/1802Life Catharine II
Henry SadlerVolume 112/3/180212/13/1802Life Catharine II
Henry SadlerVolume 312/3/180212/24/1802"
Henry SadlerVolume 212/3/180212/24/1802"
Henry SadlerVolume 312/24/18021/10/1803"
Henry SadlerVolume 212/24/18021/10/1803"
Henry KunzeVolume 11/3/18031/13/1803Life Catharine II
Thomas SkinnerVolume 11/19/18031/29/1803Life Catherine II
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 11/29/18033/12/18033/6Life Catharine II
Thomas SkinnerVolume 21/29/18032/12/1803"
Thomas SkinnerVolume 32/12/18032/21/1803"
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 23/12/18034/13/18032/10"
Hannah DrakeVolume 13/15/18034/4/1803Life Catharine II
Joseph EdenVolume 14/19/18034/25/1803Life Catharine II
William WheelerVolume 15/12/18035/18/1803Life Catharine II
William WheelerVolume 25/18/18035/25/1803"
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 15/21/18036/3/1803Life Catharine
William WheelerVolume 35/25/18036/4/1803"
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 16/3/18036/17/1803Life Catharine II
Jeremiah HalletVolume 16/9/18036/14/1803Life Catharine II
Peter OgilvieVolume 16/15/18036/18/1803Life Catharine II
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 36/17/18037/17/1803Life Catharine II
Peter OgilvieVolume 26/18/18036/20/1803"
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 16/20/18036/22/1803Life Catharine II
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 26/22/18036/27/1803"
Montgomery HuntVolume 17/13/18037/19/1803Life Catharine II
Hugh HartshorneVolume 112/17/18031/6/1804Life Catharine II
Rebecca LaightVolume 11/27/18042/2/1804Life Catharine II
Rebecca LaightVolume 22/2/18042/3/1804"
Rebecca LaightVolume 22/27/18043/2/1804Life Catharine II
Rebecca LaightVolume 33/2/18043/6/1804"
Robert BensonVolume 13/3/18043/8/1804Life of Catharine II
Robert BensonVolume 23/8/18043/20/1804"
John N. ClarkeVolume 13/9/18043/19/1804Life Catharine II
Robert BensonVolume 33/20/18043/21/1804"
John N. ClarkeVolume 23/23/18043/31/1804"
James C. RooseveltVolume 13/26/18044/7/1804Life Catharine II
James C. RooseveltVolume 14/7/18045/5/18041/2"
Archibald M. CockVolume 14/26/18045/7/1804Life Catharine II
Archibald M. CockVolume 35/19/18045/29/1804"
Christian SchultzVolume 15/31/18046/4/1804Life Catharine II
George D. CooperVolume 37/9/18048/18/1804Life Catharine II
George D. CooperVolume 27/9/18048/18/1804Life Catharine II
Elbert HerringVolume 19/10/180410/5/1804Life Catharine II
Elbert HerringVolume 39/10/180410/5/1804Life Catharine II
Elbert HerringVolume 29/10/180410/5/1804Life Catharine II
John MooreVolume 110/6/180410/6/1804Life Catharine II
John MooreVolume 310/6/180410/6/1804Life Catharine II
John MooreVolume 210/6/180410/6/1804Life Catharine II
Anthony AckleyVolume 110/26/180411/2/1804Life of Catharine II
Anthony AckleyVolume 310/26/180411/2/1804Life of Catharine II
Anthony AckleyVolume 210/26/180411/2/1804Life of Catharine II
William FewVolume 111/17/180412/6/1804Life Catharine II
William FewVolume 111/17/180412/6/1804Life Catharine II
William FewVolume 311/17/180412/6/1804Life Catharine II
William FewVolume 311/17/180412/6/1804Life Catharine II
William FewVolume 211/17/180412/6/1804Life Catharine II
William FewVolume 211/17/180412/6/1804Life Catharine II
James McVickarVolume 11/29/18052/16/1805Life Catharine II
James McVickarVolume 31/29/18052/16/1805Life Catharine II
James McVickarVolume 21/29/18052/16/1805Life Catharine II
James McVickarVolume 12/16/18053/11/18051/"
James McVickarVolume 32/16/18053/11/18051/"
James McVickarVolume 22/16/18053/11/18051/"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 33/11/18054/1/1805Life Catharine II
Daniel LudlowVolume 15/8/18055/24/1805Life Catharine II
Daniel LudlowVolume 35/8/18055/24/1805Life Catharine II
Daniel LudlowVolume 25/8/18055/24/1805Life Catharine II
Allard AnthonyVolume 15/25/18056/1/1805Life Catharine III
Allard AnthonyVolume 35/25/18056/1/1805Life Catharine III
Allard AnthonyVolume 25/25/18056/1/1805Life Catharine III
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 16/5/18056/6/1805Life Catharine II
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 16/5/18056/8/1805Life Catharine II
John McVicarVolume 16/29/18057/18/1805Life Catharine II
John McVicarVolume 27/18/18058/8/1805"
Montgomery HuntVolume 18/6/18058/15/1805Life Catharine II
John McVicarVolume 28/8/18058/30/18052d"
Montgomery HuntVolume 28/15/18059/11/1805"
Montgomery HuntVolume 38/31/18058/31/1805"
Henry RogersVolume 211/4/180511/5/1805Catherine II
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