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The letters of Junius, &c., stat nominis umbra.

Printed by M. Mills for J. Beatty, 1787.

Volume numbers are recorded as they appear in the charging ledgers, and may not correspond to the number of volumes listed in the Library's 19th century catalogs.

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The letters of Junius, &c., stat nominis umbra. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Daniel Crommelin Verplanck8/10/17898/14/1789Junius's LettersS
John Hone8/28/17898/31/1789Junius's LettersSelf
John Lamb9/7/17899/18/1789Junius's lettersJno. Lamb
John Wells9/18/178910/5/17894dJunius's letters
Peter T. Curtenius10/21/178911/4/1789Junius's Letters
Isaac M. Gomez12/4/178912/7/1789Junius Letters
Jeremiah Tronson2/8/17902/19/1790Junius Letters
Daniel Ludlow2/26/17903/8/1790Junius Letters
Henry Haydock6/3/17906/10/1790Junius "
Benjamin S. Judah6/14/17906/16/1790Junius Letters
Abraham Ludlow8/31/17909/13/1790Junius Letters
Abraham Ludlow9/13/17901/19/1791" con
John Parsons1/20/17911/22/1791Junius' Letters
Samuel Dunscomb2/25/17912/28/1791Junius Letters
Henry Remsen4/9/17914/12/1791Junius
Henry Mitchell4/22/17915/7/17912dJunius
John Graham Jr.6/9/17916/13/1791Junius
John O'Connor6/15/17916/19/1791Junius Letters
John F. Roorback7/20/17917/31/1791Junius Letters
William S. Livingston10/25/179110/31/1791Junius Letters
Gilbert Milligan12/7/179112/19/1791Junius Letters
Israel Wilkes1/5/17921/11/1792Junius' Letters
Joshua Waddington2/9/17922/22/1792Junius' Letters
John Price3/12/17924/14/1792Junius Letters
Samuel Wells3/29/17924/19/17929pJunius
Peter Griffen11/9/179911/16/1799Junius Letters
Peter Griffen11/16/179911/23/1799"
Peter Griffen11/23/179911/29/1799"
Edmund Kirby9/23/180010/9/18002dJunius Letters
James Cornwall10/29/180011/11/1800Junius Letters
John Seaman12/30/18001/8/1801Junius Letters
Jacobus L. Lefferts3/24/18013/28/1801Junius Letters
John Le Conte6/7/18016/15/1801Junius Letters
Henry Ten Brook7/11/18017/16/1801Junius Letters
John R. Murray8/18/18018/21/1801Junius' Letters
Philip Rhinelander1/4/18021/16/1802Junius Letters
Peter Van Tuyl1/21/18021/29/1802Junius Letters
Theodorus Van Wyck3/1/18023/1/1802Junius' Letters
John B. FiskVolume 25/14/18025/28/1802Junius' Letters
John B. FiskVolume 15/14/18025/28/1802Junius' Letters
Michael Price6/23/18027/2/1802Junuis Letters
William Hill7/8/18027/12/1802Junius Letters
Hamilton Stewart7/12/18027/20/1802Junius Letters
Walter BurlingVolume 27/14/18027/20/1802Junius' Letters
Walter BurlingVolume 17/14/18027/20/1802Junius' Letters
John P. Mumford11/24/180211/29/1802Junius Letters
Henry RutgersVolume 14/5/18034/18/1803Junius Letters
John B. MurrayVolume 24/6/18034/16/1803Junius Letters
John B. MurrayVolume 14/6/18034/16/1803Junius Letters
William G. WardVolume 26/17/18036/29/1803Junius Letters
William G. WardVolume 16/17/18036/29/1803Junius Letters
William G. WardVolume 26/29/18037/19/18031/"
William G. WardVolume 16/29/18037/19/18031/"
Peter OgilvieVolume 212/6/180312/16/1803Junius' Letters
Peter OgilvieVolume 112/6/180312/16/1803Junius' Letters
Peter OgilvieVolume 212/16/180312/26/1803"
Peter OgilvieVolume 112/16/180312/26/1803"
Allard Anthony1/14/18042/7/180410dJunius' Letters
William Denning1/31/18042/11/1804Junius Letters
Joseph ByrnesVolume 23/3/18043/10/1804Junius Letters
Joseph ByrnesVolume 13/3/18043/10/1804Junius Letters
Gabriel Furman3/17/18044/21/18047dJunius Letters
Benjamin StrongVolume 23/22/18044/2/1804Junius Letters
Benjamin StrongVolume 13/22/18044/2/1804Junius Letters
Henry RutgersVolume 14/27/18045/12/1804Junius Letters
Henry RutgersVolume 25/5/18045/12/1804"
John Ten Brook6/22/18047/5/1804Junius Letters
Frederick de Peyster7/7/18047/12/1804Junius Letters
John B. StringhamVolume 18/31/18049/11/1804Junius Letters
Hannah DrakeVolume 210/8/180410/11/1804Jenus Letters
Hannah DrakeVolume 110/8/180410/11/1804Jenus Letters
James WatsonVolume 210/19/180411/1/1804Junius Letters
James WatsonVolume 110/19/180411/1/1804Junius Letters
James Bruen4/29/18055/3/1805Jun Letters
Garret H. Van Wagenen5/4/18055/20/18052dJunius Letters
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 28/16/18058/22/1805Junius Letters
Joshua Pell, Jr.8/22/18058/27/1805Junius Letters
John S. Doughty8/22/18058/22/1805Junius Letters
William Samuel Johnson8/8/18068/19/1806Junius' Letters
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 18/8/18068/19/1806Junius' Letters
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