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Jean-François Marmontel

Belisarius. By M. Marmontel, Member of the French Academy.

Alternate Titles
A precise edition for this title cannot be identified. See ESTC and WorldCat links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.
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Belisarius. By M. Marmontel, Member of the French Academy. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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This Title Library Average
Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Jacob Morton12/27/17902/5/17912s/3pBelasarius
Abraham Varick1/16/17911/23/1791Bellasarius
Isaac Livesay3/1/17913/3/1791Belisarius
Thomas Ten Eyck3/16/17913/23/1791Belisarius
Robert Bowne4/15/17914/23/1791Belisarius
Samuel Nicholl6/15/17916/23/1791Belisarius
Daniel Crommelin Verplanck7/25/17918/6/1791Bellisarius (French)
Augustus V. Van Horne9/16/17919/19/1791Belasarius
Samuel Bard10/21/179110/26/1791Belisarius
Samuel Dunscomb11/14/179111/19/1791Bellisarius
Gerard W. Beekman11/19/179111/23/1791Belisarius
Abraham Herring2/13/17922/20/1792Bellasarius
Richard Varick2/29/17923/13/1792Bellasarius
Samuel Bard3/30/17924/3/1792Belisarius
Edward L. Schieffelin5/16/18015/21/1801Balisarius
Charles Stewart5/19/18016/2/1801Belisarius
Abraham Polhemus6/10/18016/22/1801Belesarius
Thomas Timpson6/23/18017/2/1801Belesarius
John Abrams7/6/18017/9/1801Belisarius
William Prince Jr.7/9/18017/14/1801Belisarius
Andrew Smith7/22/18017/22/1801Belisarus
Henry Rogers7/23/18017/24/1801Billisarus
John Stoutenburgh7/24/18017/28/1801Belisarius
James Saidler8/14/18018/14/1801Belisarus
Augustus Bailey8/19/18018/21/1801Belisarius
Daniel Ludlow8/29/18019/12/1801Belisarius
Daniel Ludlow9/12/18019/12/1801Belisarius
Judah Zuntz9/23/18019/26/1801Belisarius
William Strachan9/26/18019/26/1801Balisarus
Andrew Mitchell9/29/180110/1/1801Belisarus
Abraham Gomez10/7/180110/15/1801Belisarius
Thomas Ivers10/24/180110/31/1801Belisarius
Francis Cooper1/5/18021/11/1802Belisarius
Edward Watkeys1/14/18021/18/1802Belisarus
Isaac Cross1/25/18022/3/1802Belisarius
Matthew Lasher2/5/18022/20/1802Belisarius
Ebenezer Stevens9/14/18029/16/1802Belisarius
Edward L. Schieffelin12/24/180312/27/1803Belisarius
John McVicar6/19/18047/9/18046dBelisaire
Balthazar P. Melick9/1/18049/1/1804Bellisaire
Joseph Winter11/22/180411/24/1804Belisaire
Joseph Williams12/18/180412/27/1804Belesaire
James C. Winter2/27/18052/28/1805Belisarius
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