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Sir John Carr

The stranger in France, or, A tour from Devonshire to Paris / by John Carr.

Alternate Titles
Baltimore: Printed for G. Hill, no. 104, Baltimore Street, by John West Butler, South Gay Street, 1805.
1805 Baltimore edition present in 1813 and 1850 catalogs.
1804 Hartford edition present in 1838 and 1850 catalogs.
Library currently holds both editions.
Listed format varies.
Status to be determined
The stranger in France, or, A tour from Devonshire to Paris / by John Carr. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William Denning1/3/18051/16/1805Carrs Strange
Anna Maria Schieffelin1/28/18052/6/1805Carr's Stranger
William Proctor2/6/18052/11/1805Carr's Stranger
James Forbes2/11/18052/16/1805Carr's Stranger
Gabriel V. Ludlow2/16/18052/28/1805Strangers in France
John Shaw3/2/18053/7/1805Carr's Stranger
Francis J. Barretto3/7/18053/12/1805Stranger France
Thomas Ivers3/9/18053/15/1805Stranger France
Edward William Laight3/15/18053/20/1805Stranger in France
Thomas Jones3/25/18054/16/1805Cars Stranger
Moses B. Seixas5/18/18055/20/1805Stranger in France
Moses B. Seixas5/20/18056/17/1805"
Edward Van Horne6/7/18056/15/1805Carrs Stranger
John T. Glover6/15/18056/29/1805Carr's Stranger
Bernardus Swartwout6/20/18057/16/1805Carrs Stranger
Jeremiah Hallet6/29/18057/6/1805Carrs Stranger
Bernard Hart7/16/18057/20/1805Carr's Stranger
Moses L. Moses7/22/18058/5/1805Carrs Stranger
Moses L. Moses8/5/18059/2/1805"
Solomon Simpson8/15/18059/2/1805Strange in France
Nathaniel Paulding8/17/18058/30/1805Carr's Stranger
Robert H. Bowne8/30/18059/7/1805Carrs Stranger
isaac carrow9/4/18059/7/1805Stranger France
isaac carrow11/4/180511/22/1805Carr's Stranger
Abraham K. Beekman11/8/180511/23/1805Carr's Stranger
Alexander Mowatt11/22/180512/6/1805Stranger in France
Thomas Skinner11/23/180512/4/1805Carrs Stranger
Peter Hawes12/6/180512/20/1805Stranger in France
William Rhinelander12/13/180512/14/1805Stranger in France
Henry Priest12/14/180512/28/1805Carr's Stranger
Alexander Mowatt12/20/18051/3/1806Carrs Stranger
Marinus Willett12/28/180512/30/1805Stranger in France
William Few12/30/18051/10/1806Carr's Stranger
William Few12/30/18051/10/1805Carr's Stranger
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