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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Collection complete des œuvres de J.J. Rousseau.

Alternate Titles
Geneva: 1782-1789.
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Collection complete des œuvres de J.J. Rousseau. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Israel WilkesVolume 308/14/17898/17/1789Oev. De RousseauSelf
Israel Wilkes8/19/17898/21/1789Oev. Rousseau
Israel WilkesVolume 208/21/17898/24/1789Oe. RousseauSelf
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 129/30/1789Rousseau - Returned 
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 210/19/178910/21/1789Rouseau
Abraham WaltonVolume 1911/25/178912/9/1789Rousseau
Abraham WaltonVolume 1912/9/178912/21/1789Ditto (renewed)
Matthew ClarksonVolume 177/21/17908/4/1790Rousseau
Matthew ClarksonVolume 198/4/17908/16/17902s/3p''
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 28/27/17908/28/1790Oeuvres de Rousseau
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 118/28/17908/30/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 148/30/17908/31/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 168/31/17909/1/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 219/1/17909/2/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 239/2/17909/4/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 249/4/17909/6/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 269/6/17909/7/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 279/7/17909/8/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 289/8/17909/9/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 309/9/17909/10/1790"
Henry WaltonVolume 1410/19/179011/19/1790Rumour (French)
Matthew ClarksonVolume 1511/11/179011/20/1790''
Marinus OudenaardeVolume 1511/22/179012/6/1790Rousseau
Abraham WaltonVolume 1311/29/179012/2/1790Rousseau
Richard HarisonVolume 192/19/17912/23/1791Rousseau
Richard HarisonVolume 202/23/17912/26/1791Rousseau
Catharine Bradford1/17/17921/20/1792Rouseau (in French)
Carlisle PollockVolume 203/16/17923/20/1792Rousseau
George PollockVolume 193/16/17923/20/1792Rousseau
Peter AndersonVolume 310/25/179911/1/1799Ouvres de Rousseau
Peter AndersonVolume 411/1/179911/30/1799"
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 72/28/18003/10/1800Oeuvres de Rousseau
John Jacob AstorVolume 28/8/18008/8/1800Oeuvres De Rousseau
John Turner2/26/18012/26/1801Ouvres de Rousseau
John TurnerVolume 72/26/18013/10/1801"
John TurnerVolume 82/26/18013/10/1801"
John TurnerVolume 92/26/18013/10/1801"
John TurnerVolume 102/26/18013/10/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 19/15/18019/22/1801Ouvres de Rousseau
Peter WilsonVolume 19/22/18019/28/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 29/28/180110/13/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 310/13/180110/22/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 310/22/180110/30/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 410/30/180111/7/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 511/7/180111/21/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 611/21/180111/28/1801"
Andrew SmithVolume 13/6/18023/20/1802Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 23/20/18024/5/18022d"
Andrew SmithVolume 34/5/18024/20/18021d"
Andrew SmithVolume 34/20/18025/4/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 45/4/18025/19/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 45/19/18026/2/1802"
Gerard DepysterVolume 86/22/18026/26/1802Oeuvres de Rouss.
Gerard DepysterVolume 46/26/18027/19/18029d"
Andrew SmithVolume 56/29/18027/19/18021dRousseaus Works
Henry PriestVolume 136/30/18027/6/1802Ouvres Rousseau
Gerard DepysterVolume 137/19/18028/3/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 57/19/18028/7/18024d"
Gerard DepysterVolume 208/3/18028/18/1802Oeuvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 68/7/18028/12/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 68/24/18029/13/1802Ouvres de Rousseau
Gerard DepysterVolume 79/7/18029/17/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 79/13/18029/23/18022d"
Andrew SmithVolume 89/25/180210/11/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 810/11/180211/2/18028d"
Andrew SmithVolume 911/2/180211/19/18023d"
Andrew SmithVolume 911/19/180211/20/1802"
Andrew SmithVolume 1011/20/18021/4/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 111/4/18031/17/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 111/17/18031/31/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 111/31/18032/15/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 122/15/18033/1/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 123/1/18033/22/18037d"
Andrew SmithVolume 123/21/18034/6/18032d"
Andrew SmithVolume 134/6/18034/26/18036d"
Andrew SmithVolume 134/26/18035/9/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 145/9/18035/23/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 145/23/18036/6/1803"
Andrew SmithVolume 156/6/18036/23/18033dOuvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 156/23/18037/8/1803Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 157/8/18037/21/1803Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 167/21/18038/4/1803Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 178/4/180311/19/1803Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 1811/19/180312/5/18032dOuvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 2112/5/180312/19/1803Ouvres de Rousseau
William MooreVolume 1812/6/180312/7/1803Rousseau
William MooreVolume 1712/6/180312/7/1803Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 2212/19/18031/2/1804Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 221/2/18041/14/1804Ouvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 231/14/18041/16/1804Ouvres de Rousseau
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 31/14/18041/17/1804Oeuvres de Rousseau
Andrew SmithVolume 241/16/18041/31/1804Ouvres de Rousseau
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 41/17/18041/30/1804Oeuvres de Rousseau
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 61/30/18042/14/1804Oeuvres de Rousseau
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 51/30/18042/14/1804Oeuvres de Rousseau
Walter BurlingVolume 35/8/18045/24/1804Ouvres di Rousseau
Walter BurlingVolume 65/8/18045/24/1804Ouvres di Rousseau
Walter BurlingVolume 55/8/18045/24/1804Ouvres di Rousseau
Walter BurlingVolume 45/8/18045/24/1804Ouvres di Rousseau
William W. RodmanVolume 1812/7/180412/7/1804Ouvres de Rousseau
William W. RodmanVolume 1712/7/180412/7/1804Ouvres de Rousseau
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 312/8/180412/14/1804Oeuvres de Rousseau
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 612/15/180412/22/1804Oeuvres de Rousseau
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 42/6/18052/16/1805Ouvres de Rouss
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 52/16/18052/22/1805"
Elbert HerringVolume 32/18/18052/23/1805Ouvres de Rousseau
Elbert HerringVolume 42/23/18053/4/1805"
Elbert HerringVolume 53/4/18053/15/1805"
Elbert HerringVolume 63/15/18053/29/1805"
Nancy IversVolume 33/26/1805" Rousseau
Nancy IversVolume 53/29/18054/17/1805Ouvres de Rousseau
Nancy IversVolume 64/17/18054/30/1805Ouvres de Rousseau
Selah StrongVolume 24/22/18054/27/1805Ouvres di Rousseau
Selah StrongVolume 34/22/18054/27/1805Ouvres di Rousseau
Selah StrongVolume 14/22/18054/27/1805Ouvres di Rousseau
Nancy IversVolume 36/10/18056/22/1805Ouvres de Rousseau
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