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An Universal history, from the earliest account of time / compiled from original authors, and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c., with a general index to the whole.

London: 1747-1768.
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An Universal history, from the earliest account of time / compiled from original authors, and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c., with a general index to the whole. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 2111/16/178911/20/1789Ancient Universal Hist.
John R. LivingstonVolume 411/23/178912/14/1789An. Un. HistE. Livingston
Robert R. LivingstonVolume 311/23/178912/14/1789An Un. History
Edward LivingstonVolume 211/23/178912/14/1789An. Universal history
John WellsVolume 912/9/178912/14/1789History Universal
Jacob MortonVolume 112/9/178912/30/1789An Un. History
John R. LivingstonVolume 412/14/17891/8/17908d" con
Robert R. LivingstonVolume 312/14/17891/8/1790An Un. History Contd
Edward LivingstonVolume 212/14/178912/28/1789" con
James InglisVolume 1312/28/17891/4/1790An Un hist
Jacob MortonVolume 112/30/17891/13/1790An Un Hist
Jacob MortonVolume 11/13/17902/3/1790An Un Hist
Jacob MortonVolume 12/3/17902/22/1790An Un hist Con
Jacob Morton2/22/17902/26/1790An Un. hist
Abraham HerringVolume 14/7/17904/16/1790An. Un. hist
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 214/14/17904/30/1790An. Un. History
Abraham HerringVolume 24/16/17904/26/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 34/26/17905/10/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 45/10/17905/26/1790"
William BurlingVolume 25/18/17905/21/1790Universal History
William BurlingVolume 35/21/17905/31/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 55/26/17906/9/1790"
William BurlingVolume 45/31/17906/2/1790"
William BurlingVolume 56/2/17906/14/1790"
William BurlingVolume 66/14/17906/24/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 66/16/17907/1/1790An. Un. hist
William BurlingVolume 126/24/17907/1/1790"
William BurlingVolume 137/1/17907/8/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 77/1/17907/13/1790"
William BurlingVolume 147/8/17907/14/1790"
William BurlingVolume 97/15/17907/31/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 87/16/17908/3/1790An. Un. hist
Abraham HerringVolume 98/3/17908/10/1790"
Abraham HerringVolume 108/10/17908/26/1790"
John P. Pearss9/6/17909/9/1790Universal History
John P. Pearss9/9/17909/10/1790"
William BurlingVolume 1310/20/179011/9/1790An. Un. Hist
Leonard M. CuttingVolume 511/23/179012/14/1790An Un HistoryE. Livingston
William BurlingVolume 1412/10/17901/4/1791An un hist
Leonard M. CuttingVolume 512/14/17901/3/1791" con"
William BurlingVolume 151/4/17911/17/1791"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 11/12/17911/31/1791" Ant.
William BurlingVolume 161/17/17912/1/1791"
Thomas CooperVolume 22/3/17912/22/1791An Un Hist
William BurlingVolume 173/12/17913/22/1791Ant un. Hist
William BurlingVolume 183/29/17914/5/1791An Un hist
Brockholst Livingston10/4/179112/6/1791An Un Hist
Alexander PhoenixVolume 1312/31/17911/21/1792An Un Hist
William BardVolume 133/23/17923/29/1792An. Universal history
William BardVolume 143/29/17924/10/1792"
Ann PierceVolume 14/5/17924/29/17926pAn Un hist
William BardVolume 144/10/17924/17/1792No 6d" con
William BardVolume 154/17/17924/20/1792"
Ann PierceVolume 24/29/17925/22/17926d"
Thomas EddyVolume 48/5/17998/21/1799Universal History
Thomas EddyVolume 58/21/17999/3/1799Universal History
Thomas EddyVolume 69/3/179910/28/1799"
Thomas EddyVolume 79/3/179910/28/1799"
Townsend UnderhillVolume 111/14/179912/4/1799Universal History
Thomas EddyVolume 912/11/17991/2/18004dUniversal Hist
Thomas EddyVolume 812/11/17991/2/18004dUniversal Hist
Townsend UnderhillVolume 212/17/179912/30/1799Universal History
Townsend UnderhillVolume 312/30/179912/30/1799"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 21/3/18001/12/1800Universal History
Gardiner JonesVolume 41/15/18001/30/1800Univers Hist.
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 32/4/18002/24/1800Universal Hist
Andrew GiffordVolume 12/15/18002/20/1800Universal History
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 32/24/18003/5/1800"
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 14/4/18004/17/1800Universal History
Thomas EddyVolume 95/12/18006/9/18002/8Un. Hist
Thomas EddyVolume 105/12/18006/9/18002/8Un. Hist
Thomas EddyVolume 117/26/18008/22/1800Un. History
Thomas EddyVolume 1212/3/180012/18/1800U. History
Gerard BanckerVolume 24/7/18014/25/1801Universal History
Tunis WortmanVolume 15/9/18015/12/1801Universal History
Tunis WortmanVolume 25/12/18015/18/1801"
Tunis WortmanVolume 35/18/18015/25/1801"
Tunis WortmanVolume 45/25/18015/30/1801"
Tunis WortmanVolume 55/30/18016/6/1801"
Tunis WortmanVolume 66/6/18016/18/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 16/8/18016/15/1801Universal History
Henry PriestVolume 26/15/18016/19/1801"
Tunis WortmanVolume 76/18/18016/29/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 36/19/18016/22/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 46/22/18016/25/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 56/25/18016/27/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 66/29/18017/2/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 77/2/18017/6/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 87/6/18017/11/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 97/11/18017/18/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 117/18/18017/21/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 127/21/18017/24/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 137/24/18017/31/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 147/31/18018/3/1801"
Henry PriestVolume 158/3/18018/4/1801"
Valentine SeamanVolume 18/6/18018/10/1801Universal History
Valentine SeamanVolume 28/10/18018/19/1801"
Valentine SeamanVolume 38/19/18018/26/1801"
Valentine SeamanVolume 48/26/18018/31/1801"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 11/19/18021/22/1802Universal History
Daniel PhoenixVolume 21/22/18021/27/1802"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 31/27/18021/30/1802"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 41/30/18022/3/1802"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 52/3/18022/6/1802"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 62/6/18022/10/1802"
Samuel BeebeeVolume 12/6/18022/13/1802Universal History
Daniel PhoenixVolume 72/10/18022/13/1802"
Samuel BeebeeVolume 22/13/18022/16/1802"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 82/13/18022/17/1802"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 18/2/18038/6/1803Universal History
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 28/6/18038/8/1803"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 48/8/180311/14/1803"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 511/14/180311/19/1803"
John H. EddyVolume 1511/16/180311/26/1803Ancient U Hist
John H. EddyVolume 1711/16/180311/26/1803Ancient U Hist
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 611/19/180311/24/1803"
Catherine HillVolume 912/3/180312/8/1803Universal History
Samuel BeebeeVolume 512/8/180312/14/1803Ancient U History
John Le ConteVolume 82/10/18042/18/1804" Ancient
Joseph EdenVolume 82/11/18042/18/1804Ancient "
James C. WinterVolume 14/30/18045/2/1804Universal History
Benjamin TaylorVolume 710/20/180410/23/1804Universal History
Israel HavelandVolume 11/14/18051/29/1805Universal Hist
Israel HavelandVolume 21/29/18052/8/1805"
Israel HavelandVolume 32/8/18052/16/1805"
Israel HavelandVolume 42/16/18052/26/1805"
Thomas StormVolume 14/11/18054/11/1805Universal Hist.
Thomas StormVolume 14/11/18054/30/1805"
Thomas StormVolume 14/30/18055/14/1805"
Thomas DixonVolume 15/9/18056/1/18054dUniversal History
Thomas StormVolume 15/29/18056/14/1805Universal History
Thomas DixonVolume 16/1/18056/25/18058d"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 17/6/18057/20/1805Universal Hist
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 27/20/18058/10/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 38/10/18058/12/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 48/12/18058/13/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 58/13/18058/15/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 78/15/18058/17/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 88/17/18058/19/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 98/19/18058/20/1805"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 108/20/180511/4/1805"
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