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William Jones

The theological, philosophical and miscellaneous works of the Rev. William Jones : in twelve volumes : to which is prefixed, a short account of his life and writings.

London: Printed for F. and C. Rivington ... J. Robson ... and J. Hatchard ..., 1801.
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The theological, philosophical and miscellaneous works of the Rev. William Jones : in twelve volumes : to which is prefixed, a short account of his life and writings. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Israel WilkesVolume 11/22/18011/30/1801Jones' Works
Israel WilkesVolume 21/30/18012/5/1801"
Israel WilkesVolume 32/5/18012/7/1801"
Israel WilkesVolume 42/10/18012/16/1801Jones' Works
Archibald RobertsonVolume 12/18/18013/3/1801Jones' Works
Bernard HartVolume 22/28/18013/2/1801Jones' Works
Francis ArdenVolume 13/11/18014/8/1801Jones' Works
Silas TalbotVolume 45/22/18016/23/18011/Jones' Works
Valentine NutterVolume 16/8/18016/26/1801Jones' Works
Silas TalbotVolume 46/23/18017/29/18012/"
James Miles Hughes7/6/180123/6"
James Miles HughesVolume 37/10/18017/10/1801Jones' Works
Charles RhindVolume 17/24/18018/18/1801Jone's Works
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 19/7/18019/29/1801Jones' Works
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 29/29/180110/1/1801"
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 310/1/180110/8/1801Jones' Works
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 410/8/180110/14/1801"
John Sloss HobartVolume 112/23/18011/16/1802Jones' Works
John Sloss HobartVolume 21/16/18022/2/1802"
John Sloss HobartVolume 32/2/18022/28/1802"
John Sloss HobartVolume 42/28/18023/19/1802"
Israel Wilkes3/11/18024/8/1802"
Israel WilkesVolume 13/11/18024/8/1802Jones' Works
Charles RhindVolume 23/18/18023/23/1802Jones Works
John Sloss HobartVolume 53/19/18024/6/1802"
John Sloss HobartVolume 64/6/18025/5/1802"
Charles StartinVolume 44/7/18024/13/1802Jones Works
Charles StartinVolume 34/13/18024/19/1802"
William BardVolume 54/13/18024/30/1802Jones' Works
Charles StartinVolume 24/19/18024/22/1802"
Charles StartinVolume 14/22/18024/28/1802"
Charles StartinVolume 54/28/18025/3/1802"
John Le ConteVolume 15/7/18025/14/1802Jones' Works
Charles StartinVolume 65/10/18025/24/1802Jones Works
John Le ConteVolume 45/14/18025/24/1802"
William BardVolume 65/14/18025/14/1802"
Ann PierceVolume 65/14/18025/19/1802Jones Works
William BardVolume 15/27/18028/4/1802Jones' Works
Alexander HosackVolume 37/19/18027/19/1802Jones' Works
Elias HicksVolume 18/19/18028/20/1802Jones Works
David LongworthVolume 48/19/18029/17/18023dJones Works
David JonesVolume 69/18/18029/23/1802Jones' Works
Elias HicksVolume 49/22/180210/23/1802Jones' Works
Israel WilkesVolume 110/15/180210/27/1802Jones Works
Henry SandsVolume 110/30/180211/5/1802Jones Works
Henry SandsVolume 211/5/180211/8/1802"
Henry SandsVolume 311/8/180211/20/1802"
Montgomery HuntVolume 411/13/180211/15/1802Jones Works
Montgomery HuntVolume 611/15/180211/19/1802"
Henry SandsVolume 411/20/180211/20/1802"
Henry SandsVolume 511/20/180211/23/1802"
Henry SandsVolume 611/23/180211/27/1802"
James ConstableVolume 11/25/18032/1/1803Jones Works
Jacob MortonVolume 12/1/18033/24/1803Jones' Works
James ConstableVolume 22/1/18032/10/1803"
James ConstableVolume 32/10/18032/19/1803"
James ConstableVolume 42/19/18033/21/18036d"
Israel WilkesVolume 23/15/18034/15/18033dJones Works
Jacob MortonVolume 33/24/18034/4/1803"
John B. MurrayVolume 13/29/18034/6/1803Jones Works
Jacob MortonVolume 44/4/18036/27/1803"
John B. MurrayVolume 25/6/18035/25/1803Jones Works
John B. MurrayVolume 35/25/18035/27/1803"
John B. MurrayVolume 65/27/18035/30/1803"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 16/9/18036/20/1803Jones' Works
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 36/20/18036/25/1803Jones' Works
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 66/25/18037/2/1803"
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 57/2/18037/5/1803"
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 17/18/18037/26/1803Jones' Works
Israel WilkesVolume 48/4/18032/4/180412/Jones Works
Jacob MortonVolume 36/18/180410/16/1804Jones Works
James RooseveltVolume 17/21/18048/8/1804Jones' Works
Archibald RobertsonVolume 111/3/180411/8/1804Jones 1 Works
William JohnsonVolume 13/1/18053/2/1805Sir W. Jones Works
William JohnsonVolume 23/2/18053/7/1805"
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 13/7/18053/8/1805Sir W. Jones Works
William JohnsonVolume 43/7/18054/29/1805"
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 23/18/18053/20/1805"
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 33/20/18053/23/1805"
Charlotte WhiteVolume 13/23/18054/5/1805Jones Works
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 53/23/18054/6/1805"
Charlotte WhiteVolume 24/5/18054/9/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 14/9/18054/19/1805W Jones Works
Charlotte WhiteVolume 34/9/18054/15/1805"
Charlotte WhiteVolume 64/15/18054/19/1805"
Charlotte WhiteVolume 54/15/18054/15/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 24/19/18054/24/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 34/24/18055/11/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 45/11/18055/28/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 55/28/18056/12/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 66/12/18056/28/1805"
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