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Roger L'Estrange

Seneca’s morals, by way of abstract. To which is added a discourse, under the title of An after-thought. By Sir Roger L’Estrange

Edinburgh: Printed for Gilb. Martin and Sons., 1776.
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Seneca’s morals, by way of abstract. To which is added a discourse, under the title of An after-thought. By Sir Roger L’Estrange Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Cornelius Van Allen1/4/17901/11/1790Seneca's Morals
William Kenyon3/5/17903/22/1790Senecas Morals
Henry Seaman4/14/17904/21/1790Seneca's Morals
Lieut. Col. George Turnbull4/21/17904/30/1790Seneca's Morals
John Graham Jr.8/31/17919/7/1791Senecas morals
William Cutting10/22/179111/22/17911s/10pSenecas Morals
William Kenyon3/9/17923/27/1792Senecas Morals
Walter Bowne3/1/18003/18/1800Senecas Morals
Benjamin A. Egbert3/19/18004/25/18002/8Senecas Morals
Richard Loines8/1/18008/12/1800Senecas Morals
Abraham Brinckerhoff11/13/180011/19/18002dSeneca's Morals
Abraham Brinckerhoff11/13/180012/5/18002dSenecas Morals
Abraham Brinckerhoff12/5/180012/13/1800"
Walter Bowne12/15/180012/22/1800Senecas Morals
Hannah DrakeVolume 12/11/18013/5/1801Seneca's Morals
George Bowne Jr.3/23/18014/4/1801Senecas Morals
John H. Remsen2/12/18022/13/1802Senecas Morals D Rapalise
Rich Harison6/3/18026/14/1802Seneca's Morals
Rich Harison7/17/18027/19/1802Senecas Morals
John L. Bowne7/24/18027/31/1802Senecas Morals
William Dempsey10/16/180210/30/1802Seneca's Morals
John Parsons1/8/18031/20/1803Seneca's Moral
John DodgsonVolume 16/17/18037/23/18032/6Senecas Morals
Christian Bach3/10/18043/31/1804Seneca's Morals
Matthias Nach8/15/18049/15/18041/8Seneca's Morals
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