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Peter Pindar

The works of Peter Pindar, Esq. In three volumes.

Alternate Titles
London: Printed for John Walker., 1797-1802.
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The works of Peter Pindar, Esq. In three volumes. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John Lawrence8/14/17898/24/1789Pindar's Workson
James Inglis8/24/17898/28/1789Pindar's WorksSelf
Marinus Oudenaarde10/14/178910/19/1789Pindar's Works
Nicholas Fish11/18/178911/27/1789Pindars Works
Nicholas Fish11/18/178911/27/1789Pindar's Works
Polydore B. Wisner12/30/17891/8/1790Pindars Works
Jeremiah Wool1/11/17901/18/1790Pendare Works
Henry Remsen1/20/17901/29/1790Pindars Works
John Oothoudt4/14/17905/3/1790Pindar's Works
Henry Ten Brook5/10/17905/31/1790Pindar's Works
Samuel Bard6/3/17906/10/1790Pindars Works
Edward Greswold6/16/17907/8/1790Pindars Works
John Parsons8/23/17908/28/1790Pindar's Works
Gerard W. Beekman10/15/179010/23/1790Pindar's Works
Thomas Cooper12/9/179012/30/1790Pindars Works
John Jordan Morgan12/9/179012/10/1790Pindars Works
John Jordan Morgan12/15/179012/17/1790Pindars Works
Anthony L. Bleecker1/4/17911/8/1791Pindars Works
Thomas B. Atwood1/8/17911/11/1791Pindars works
Thomas Ludlow2/4/17912/10/1791Pindars Works
William LinnVolume 16/15/17916/16/1791Pindar's Works
Daniel McCormickVolume 26/16/17916/28/1791Pindars works
John Ten Eyck6/29/17917/19/1791Pindar's Works
John Wood8/2/17918/4/1791Pindars' Works
John Hone8/11/17918/26/1791Pindar's Works
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.9/7/17919/7/1791Pindar Works
Richard Davis9/10/17919/17/1791Pindar Work
William Beekman Verplanck10/27/179111/16/1791Pindars Works
Solomon Saltus11/19/179111/23/1791Pindar's Works
James Cockcroft12/6/179112/24/1791Pindais Works
John Buchannan8/17/17998/26/1799Works of Peter Pindar
John Jacob Astor12/14/179912/21/1799Pindar's Works
John Jacob Astor12/14/179912/21/1799Pindar's Works
John N. Clarke1/14/18001/29/1800Peter Pindor
Henry Ten BrookVolume 12/20/18002/24/1800Pindar Works
Selah StrongVolume 25/9/18005/15/1800P Pindar Works
Robert AbbottVolume 28/6/18008/8/1800P Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 17/15/18027/24/1802Works Pindar
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 27/15/18027/24/1802Works Pindar
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 37/15/18027/24/1802Works Pindar
John G. CosterVolume 22/27/18043/3/1804Peter Pindar
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 11/5/18051/23/1805P. Pindar
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 11/23/18052/16/180510d"
Joseph Eden3/4/18053/5/1805Lousiad
William UnderhillVolume 18/14/18058/27/1805Pindars Works
William UnderhillVolume 28/27/18059/5/1805"
William UnderhillVolume 39/3/18059/3/1805"
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