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Alexander Pope

The works of Alexander Pope, Esq; complete. With his last corrections, additions, and improvements: together with the commentary and notes of his editor. Printed verbatim from the last Quarto Edition

Alternate Titles
Dublin: Printed for J. Potts, at Swift’s Head, in Dame-Street, and J. Williams, at No. 5. in Skinner-Row , 1770.
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The works of Alexander Pope, Esq; complete. With his last corrections, additions, and improvements: together with the commentary and notes of his editor. Printed verbatim from the last Quarto Edition Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William HillVolume 12/1/17902/15/1790Popes Works
William HillVolume 22/15/17902/26/1790"
William HillVolume 32/26/17903/5/1790"
William HillVolume 43/5/17903/15/1790"
Henry RemsenVolume 13/15/17903/17/1790Popes Works
William HillVolume 53/15/17903/22/1790"
Henry RemsenVolume 23/17/17903/19/1790"
William HillVolume 63/22/17903/31/1790"
William Samuel Johnson4/16/17904/19/1790Supplement to Pope
Alexander HosackVolume 11/26/17912/5/1791Popes Works
Alexander HosackVolume 22/5/17912/16/1791"
Alexander HosackVolume 32/16/17912/19/1791"
Alexander HosackVolume 42/18/17912/23/1791"
Alexander HosackVolume 52/23/17912/28/1791"
Richard HarisonVolume 17/8/17917/9/1791Popes Works
Richard HarisonVolume 27/9/17917/12/1791"
Richard HarisonVolume 37/12/17917/14/1791"
Richard HarisonVolume 47/16/17917/18/1791Popes Works
Peter Jay MunroVolume 18/20/17919/5/1790Popes Works
John Graham Jr.Volume 48/29/17918/31/1791Pope
Peter Jay MunroVolume 29/5/17919/19/1791"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 39/19/17919/22/1791"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 49/22/179110/8/1791"
Benjamin RomaineVolume 110/7/179111/14/17912pPopes Works
Peter Jay MunroVolume 510/8/179110/11/1791"
Robert BowneVolume 210/26/179111/10/1791Popes Works
John CochranVolume 211/21/179112/22/17911s/6pPopes Works
Cornelius DavisVolume 111/25/179111/28/1791Popes Works
John SpeyerVolume 212/2/179112/12/1791Pope
John JohnsonVolume 112/20/179112/27/1791Pope
John JohnsonVolume 11/6/17921/7/1792Popes
Henry LudlowVolume 32/4/17922/6/1792Pope
Samuel Dunscomb3/5/17923/6/1792Popes Works
Samuel DunscombVolume 23/6/17923/8/1792"
Robert HeatonVolume 13/12/17923/19/1792Pope
Robert HeatonVolume 23/19/17923/31/1792"
Robert HeatonVolume 33/31/17924/7/1792"
Benjamin D. DoughtyVolume 58/7/17998/20/1799Popes Works
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 18/14/179910/30/1799Popes Works
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 110/30/179910/30/1799"
Walter BowneVolume 21/24/18002/13/1800Pope's Works
Peter WilsonVolume 27/24/18007/26/1800Pope's Works
Thomas ServiceVolume 68/22/18008/23/1800Pope Works
Thomas ServiceVolume 58/23/18008/26/1800"
John B. StringhamVolume 312/27/18001/7/1801Popes Works
Ebenezer StevensVolume 21/13/18012/4/18017dPopes Works
Philip RhinelanderVolume 12/28/18013/7/1801Pope Works
Philip RhinelanderVolume 23/7/18013/10/1801"
Philip RhinelanderVolume 33/10/18013/24/1801"
Philip RhinelanderVolume 43/10/18013/24/1801"
John IrelandVolume 16/10/18017/15/18017dPopes Works
John DodgsonVolume 21/12/18021/20/1802Popes Works
Robert CrommelineVolume 11/15/18022/3/18025dPopes Works
Robert CrommelineVolume 22/3/18022/16/1802"
Robert CrommelineVolume 32/16/18022/25/1802"
Richard N. HarisonVolume 42/27/18023/2/1802Popes Works
Elijah Ferris7/2/18027/8/1802Popes Works
Elijah Ferris7/2/18027/8/1802Popes Works
Archibald McLeanVolume 110/2/180210/7/1802Popes Works
Walter BurlingVolume 112/20/180212/28/1802Popes Works
Caleb S. RiggsVolume 112/27/180212/31/1802Popes Works
Walter BurlingVolume 212/28/18021/7/1803"
Caleb S. RiggsVolume 212/31/18021/15/1803"
Ebenezer StevensVolume 11/12/18031/26/1803Popes Works
Walter BurlingVolume 31/13/18031/13/1803"
Walter BurlingVolume 41/13/18031/27/1803"
Ebenezer StevensVolume 21/26/18032/4/1803"
Ebenezer StevensVolume 32/4/18032/24/18036d"
Ebenezer StevensVolume 42/24/18033/10/1803"
Nicholas RooseveltVolume 14/6/18034/27/18037dPopes Works
David MumfordVolume 44/18/18034/22/1803Popes Works
David MumfordVolume 34/25/18034/27/1803Popes Works
Nancy IversVolume 14/28/18034/30/1803Popes Works
Nancy IversVolume 24/30/18035/3/1803"
Nancy IversVolume 35/3/18035/6/1803"
Nancy IversVolume 45/6/18035/21/1803"
Nancy IversVolume 55/11/18035/18/1803"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 15/13/18035/14/1803Pope's Works
Nancy IversVolume 65/18/18035/24/1803"
Matthias NachVolume 16/13/18036/17/1803Popes Works
John Ten BrookVolume 16/14/18036/20/1803Popes Works
Matthias Nach6/17/18036/30/1803" 3, 4
Matthias NachVolume 36/17/18036/30/1803" 3, 4
Matthias NachVolume 46/30/18037/6/1803"
Matthias NachVolume 57/15/18037/19/1803Popes Works
Nicholas EvertsonVolume 211/22/180312/1/1803Popes Works
Nicholas EvertsonVolume 112/1/180312/16/18031d"
Rich HarisonVolume 512/13/180312/16/1803Pope's Works
Nicholas EvertsonVolume 412/16/180312/27/18031d"
Elijah FerrisVolume 31/10/18041/10/1804Popes Works 3, 4, 18P 
Elijah FerrisVolume 31/10/18041/10/1804Popes Works 186
Elijah FerrisVolume 41/10/18041/10/1804Popes Works 3, 4, 18P 
Elijah FerrisVolume 41/10/18041/10/1804Popes Works 186
Richard RikerVolume 11/20/18041/31/1804Popes Works
George CockVolume 12/27/18043/3/1804Popes Works
William UnderhillVolume 32/28/18043/9/1804Popes Works
Benjamin TaylorVolume 35/26/18046/6/1804Popes Works
Willet HicksVolume 16/14/18046/15/1804Popes Works
Henry RutgersVolume 18/8/18048/21/1804Popes Works
Henry RutgersVolume 28/21/18049/1/1804"
Henry RutgersVolume 38/21/18049/1/1804"
Henry RutgersVolume 49/1/18049/13/1804"
Henry RutgersVolume 59/1/18049/13/1804"
Henry RutgersVolume 69/13/18049/29/18042d"
John SlidellVolume 19/26/180410/3/1804Pope's Works
John SlidellVolume 29/26/180410/3/1804Pope's Works
John SlidellVolume 310/3/180410/8/1804Pope's Works
John SlidellVolume 410/3/180410/8/1804Pope's Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 13/9/18053/16/1805Popes Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 23/16/18053/21/1805"
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 33/21/18053/30/1805Pope's Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 53/30/18054/11/1805"
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 64/11/18054/19/1805"
Joseph WinterVolume 14/25/18054/29/1805Popes Works
Joseph WinterVolume 24/25/18054/29/1805Popes Works
Joseph WinterVolume 34/25/18054/29/1805Popes Works
Nancy IversVolume 15/9/18055/17/1805Popes Works
John OnderdonckVolume 35/22/18056/3/1805Popes Works
David WolfeVolume 112/17/18051/2/18063dPopes Works
William UnderhillVolume 112/21/18051/11/1806Popes Works
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