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Friedrich Hornemann

The journal of Frederick Hornemann's travels, from Cairo to Mourzouk, the capital of the kingdom of Fezzan, in Africa.

London: G. and W. Nicol, 1802.
The journal of Frederick Hornemann's travels, from Cairo to Mourzouk, the capital of the kingdom of Fezzan, in Africa. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Walter Mitchell7/5/18037/6/1803Horneman's Travels
John Wood7/11/18037/13/1803Horneman's Travels
George Turnbull7/13/18037/23/1803Horneman's Travels
William Paulding7/23/18037/28/1803Horneman's Journal
Robert R. Hunter7/28/18038/3/1803Horneman's Journal
Matthew Clarkson8/5/18038/5/1803Horneman's Travels
Judith Verplanck8/15/18038/27/1803Homeman'sTravels
William Samuel Johnson8/27/18038/31/1803Horneman's Travels
William Walton1/3/18041/9/1804Horneman's Travels
John Le Conte1/11/18041/13/1804Hornemann's Travels
Charlotte White1/13/18041/23/1804Hornman's Travels
John Dodgson1/25/18042/2/1804Hornemann's Travels
Samuel Latham Mitchill2/4/18042/11/1804Hornmanns Travels
Bernardus Swartwout2/29/18043/2/1804Hornmann's Travels
Henry M. Van Solingen3/9/18043/19/1804Hornmanns Travels
William Proctor3/20/18043/31/1804Hornemans Travels
John P. Mumford3/31/18044/3/1804Hornemans Travels
William Neilson5/12/18045/17/1804Hornemann's Travels
William Neilson5/17/18045/18/1804"
Willet Coles6/8/18046/14/1804Hornemann's Travels
Samuel Clark9/18/180410/3/1804Hornmans Travels
Charles Smith10/13/180410/17/1804Hornnamans Travels
Jacob C. Mott11/7/180411/10/1804Hornman's Travels
John Clarke11/30/180412/14/1804Hornman Travels
Samuel Berrian1/4/18051/5/1805Hornman's Travels
Israel Haveland1/7/18051/14/1805Hornman's Travels
Samuel Beebee1/14/18051/31/1805Hornman's Travels
James Beekman2/11/18052/11/1805Hornemans Travels
Montgomery Hunt2/22/18052/26/1805Hornmans Travels
Samuel Latham Mitchill6/18/1805Hornmans Travels
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