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Johann Kaspar Riesbeck

Travels through Germany. In a series of letters; written in German by the Baron Riesbeck, and translated by the Rev. Mr. Maty, ... In two volumes. ...

Dublin: Printed for Mess. White, Byrne, and Whitestone, 1787.
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Travels through Germany. In a series of letters; written in German by the Baron Riesbeck, and translated by the Rev. Mr. Maty, ... In two volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Robert CrommelinVolume 18/3/17898/7/1789Risebeck's TravelsMr Ver.k
Samuel NichollVolume 18/7/17899/2/178910dRisebeck's Travelsfile
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 28/7/17898/14/1789Risebeck's Travelsson
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 29/28/178910/7/1789Risebeck's Travels
John G. LeakeVolume 110/9/178910/12/1789Riesbecks Travels
John G. LeakeVolume 210/12/178910/14/1789Riesbeck's Travels
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 110/26/1789Riesbeck's Travels
John D. MercierVolume 111/9/178911/16/1789Riesbeck's Travels
John D. MercierVolume 211/16/178911/27/1789Reisbek's Travels
John LawrenceVolume 111/20/178912/4/1789Reisbek's Travels
John LawrenceVolume 111/20/178912/4/1789Riesbecks Travels
Samuel NichollVolume 212/30/17891/7/1790Riesbecks Travels
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 21/11/17901/18/1790Riesbek's travels"
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 11/22/17901/29/1790Riesbeks Travels
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 21/29/17902/3/1790"
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 12/19/17902/24/1790Riesbek Travels
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 22/24/17903/8/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 15/14/17905/15/1790Riesbecks travels
Patrick MurdochVolume 25/15/17905/17/1790"
John ParsonsVolume 17/9/17907/10/1790Reisbek's Journal
John HoneVolume 18/2/17908/13/1790Riesbecks Travels
Charles BridgenVolume 110/21/179010/25/1790Riesbek travels
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 111/29/179011/30/1790Riesbek's Travels
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 211/30/179012/1/1790"
Walter RutherfurdVolume 112/22/179012/27/1790Reisbeck's Travels
Walter RutherfurdVolume 212/27/17901/4/1791"
George Turnbull12/30/17901/8/1791Ruisbeck's Travels
Israel Wilkes1/15/17911/23/17911s/2pRiesbek's Travels
William Beekman, Sr.1/26/17911/31/1791Riesbaks Travels
Jeremiah TronsonVolume 13/17/17913/19/1791Riesbek's Travels
Charles BridgenVolume 23/17/17913/24/1791Riesbek travels
Gerard BanckerVolume 19/14/17919/20/1791Riesbecks travels
Gerard BanckerVolume 29/20/17919/24/1791"
David MumfordVolume 112/3/17911/19/17924s/6pReisbeck travels
Thomas GardnerVolume 112/18/17991/8/1800Risbeck's Travels
Thomas GardnerVolume 21/8/18001/15/1800"
William PostVolume 13/3/18003/19/1800Resbeck's Travels
William PostVolume 13/3/18003/19/1800Resbeck's Travels
William PostVolume 23/19/18003/19/1800"
William PostVolume 23/19/18003/19/1800"
William WilsonVolume 11/10/18011/15/1801Resbecks Travels
Robert BensonVolume 12/11/18012/20/1801Resbeck's Travels
Robert BensonVolume 22/26/18012/27/1801Riesbeck's Travels
Robert BensonVolume 22/27/18013/17/1801"
Charles TaylorVolume 17/24/18017/31/1801Resbecks Travels
Edward LydeVolume 15/27/18036/11/1803Resbeck Travels
Edward LydeVolume 26/11/18036/23/1803"
Christian BachVolume 19/9/180311/10/1803Resbeck's Travels
Christian BachVolume 29/9/180311/10/1803Resbeck's Travels
Edward LydeVolume 13/16/18044/1/1804Resbecks Travels
Christian SchultzVolume 14/16/18045/14/1804Resbecks Travels
Christian SchultzVolume 24/16/18045/14/1804Resbecks Travels
James WatsonVolume 110/11/180410/12/1804Risbecks Travels
James WatsonVolume 210/11/180410/12/1804Risbecks Travels
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