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James Macpherson

The history of Great Britain, from the restoration, to the accession of the House of Hannover / by James Macpherson.

Printed for J. Exshaw, D. Chamberlain, J. Potts, W. Sleater, J. Williams, W. Wilson, T. Walker, R. Moncrieffe, C. Jenkin, and M. Mills, 1775.
Lightly penciled on front free end-paper recto, v. 1: Jno. Kemp LL. D. / Professor of Natural / Philosophy Columbia / Colledge [sic]. On the binder's blank front recto in black ink, in a different hand: Leonard Kipp [sic] Librarian / New York Society Library. Isaac Leonard Kip was the librarian from January, 1790 to May, 1794. Listed in 1789 catalogue, p. 50 as a 4 vol. work; annotation in the margin: "Bot. by B. Livingston '89"
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The history of Great Britain, from the restoration, to the accession of the House of Hannover / by James Macpherson. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John LawrenceVolume 37/27/17898/3/1789Macpherson's Histy.son
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 19/2/17899/7/1789Macpherson's Histy. G.B.Self
Cornelius RooseveltVolume 210/7/178910/26/1789Macpherson's Hist
Israel WilkesVolume 310/19/178910/23/1789Macpherson's Hist
Israel WilkesVolume 110/23/178910/28/1789Mcpherson's Hist.
James RooseveltVolume 310/26/178911/18/1789Mcpherson's His.
Israel WilkesVolume 210/28/178910/30/1789Macpherson's Hist.
Israel WilkesVolume 410/30/178911/2/1789McPhersons Hist.
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 411/18/178912/21/17892sMacphersons History
Cornelius RooseveltVolume 411/18/1789Macpherson's History - - 
John ParsonsVolume 34/16/17904/21/1790Macpherson's History
Patrick MurdochVolume 18/18/17908/23/1790Macphersons his.
Patrick MurdochVolume 28/23/17908/27/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 39/2/17909/6/1790Macphersons history
John O'ConnorVolume 39/7/17909/10/1790Mackfirson his.
Patrick MurdochVolume 111/24/179011/25/1790Macphersons History
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 112/19/179112/24/1791MacPhersons hist
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 212/24/17911/3/17926d"
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 31/3/17921/11/1792"
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 41/11/17921/18/1792"
William WilsonVolume 16/22/18016/25/1801Mc. Ph H. Engl
Olivia Munro8/12/18028/12/1802Macphersons Hist
Olivia MunroVolume 18/12/18029/2/1802"
Olivia MunroVolume 38/12/18029/2/1802"
Olivia MunroVolume 19/2/18029/18/1802"
Olivia MunroVolume 39/2/18029/18/1802"
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 12/15/18032/18/1803McPherson's England
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 22/18/18032/21/1803"
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