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Charles John Ann Hereford

The history of Rome, from the foundation of the city by Romulus, to the death of Marcus Antonius. In two volumes. ... . By the Reverend J. Adams, A.M. author of The history of France.

Dublin: Printed for P. Byrne, A. Grueber, W. Mckenzie, W. Porter, J. Moore, W. Jones, and R. Mcallister, 1792.
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The history of Rome, from the foundation of the city by Romulus, to the death of Marcus Antonius. In two volumes. ... . By the Reverend J. Adams, A.M. author of The history of France. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Gulian VerplanckVolume 28/3/17998/17/1799Adam's Hist Rome
Gulian VerplanckVolume 18/3/17998/17/1799Adam's Hist Rome
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 12/18/18003/4/1800Adam's Rome
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 13/4/18003/14/1800"
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 23/14/18003/31/1800"
John DodgsonVolume 18/4/18008/18/1800Adam's Rome
John DodgsonVolume 28/18/18009/4/1800"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 24/8/18014/10/1801Adam's Rome
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 14/8/18014/10/1801Adam's Rome
William OgilvieVolume 111/3/180111/16/1801Adam's R Antiq
Charles David GooldVolume 111/18/180112/16/1801Adam's Rome
Charles David GooldVolume 112/19/18011/6/1802Adam's Rome
Charles David GooldVolume 21/21/18021/21/1802Adam's Rome
Charles David GooldVolume 32/12/18023/11/1802Adams Rome
Walter B. HuntVolume 22/24/18022/27/1802Adam's Rome
Walter B. HuntVolume 12/24/18022/27/1802Adam's Rome
john wilkes dVolume 13/5/18023/15/1802Adam's Rome
John CockVolume 23/12/18024/3/18026dAdam's Rome
John CockVolume 13/12/18024/3/18026dAdam's Rome
John CockVolume 33/12/18024/3/18026dAdam's Rome
john wilkes dVolume 13/16/18024/17/18021/10"
John CockVolume 24/3/18024/26/18026d"
John CockVolume 14/3/18024/26/18026d"
John CockVolume 34/3/18024/26/18026d"
john wilkes dVolume 24/17/18026/22/18027/6"
William B. KeeseVolume 14/22/18025/20/18021/2Adam's Rome
William B. KeeseVolume 26/2/18026/10/1802"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 16/4/18026/9/1802Adam's Rome
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 27/20/18028/9/1802Adam's rome
John NitchieVolume 27/24/18028/12/1802Adams Rome
John NitchieVolume 17/24/18028/12/1802Adams Rome
James CornwallVolume 18/2/18028/13/1802Adam's Rome
John NitchieVolume 28/12/18029/9/1802"
John NitchieVolume 18/12/18029/9/1802"
James CornwallVolume 28/13/18028/25/1802"
Jeremiah HalletVolume 28/23/18029/10/1802Adam's Rome
Jeremiah HalletVolume 18/23/18029/10/1802Adam's Rome
William Laight, Jr.Volume 110/15/180210/21/1802Adam's Rome
William Laight, Jr.Volume 210/21/180210/29/1802"
William Laight, Jr.Volume 110/21/180210/29/1802"
William Laight, Jr.Volume 310/21/180210/29/1802"
William Laight, Jr.Volume 210/30/180211/6/1802Adams Rome
William StrachanVolume 111/19/180212/6/1802Adam's Rome
William StrachanVolume 312/6/180212/7/1802"
James FarquharVolume 112/18/180212/23/1802Adam's Rome
William MooreVolume 112/20/18021/10/1803Adam's Rome
James FarquharVolume 212/23/180212/27/1802"
James FarquharVolume 312/27/180212/30/1802"
William MooreVolume 21/10/18031/31/1803"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 21/22/18032/12/1803Adam's Rome
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 11/22/18032/12/1803Adam's Rome
Jacob RickettsVolume 12/1/18032/24/1803Adam's Rome
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 22/12/18033/12/18033/6"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 12/12/18033/12/18033/6"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 32/12/18033/12/18033/6"
Andrew Gifford3/4/18033/9/1803Adam's Rom. Antiq
Philip Rhinelander, Jr.Volume 13/7/18036/4/1803Adam's Rome
Israel HavelandVolume 13/14/18033/30/1803Adam's Rome
Israel HavelandVolume 23/30/18034/7/1803"
Philip Rhinelander, Jr.Volume 26/4/18037/1/18031/"
William B. Keese6/21/18037/2/1803Adam's Rome
William RhinelanderVolume 37/9/18038/1/18034dAdam's Rome
Peter KembleVolume 11/4/18041/19/1804Adam's Rome
Peter KembleVolume 11/19/1804"
Joshua WatsonVolume 13/13/18043/16/1804Adam's Rome
William RhinelanderVolume 13/24/18044/7/1804Adam's Rome
John WattsVolume 15/17/18045/22/1804Adam's Rome
John WattsVolume 15/22/18045/24/1804"
John WattsVolume 25/24/18046/8/1804"
Hannah DrakeVolume 17/21/18047/22/1804Adam's Rome
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 18/23/18049/20/18042/2Adam's Rome
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 29/20/180410/15/18048d"
Hannah DrakeVolume 110/22/180411/7/1804Adam's Rome
John OnderdonckVolume 111/16/180411/24/1804Adam's R Antiq
James FarquharVolume 11/4/18052/2/1805Adam's Rome
Jacobus Fine1/12/18051/14/1805Adam's Rome Ant.
Edmund KirbyVolume 21/26/18052/4/1805Adam's Rome
John Onderdonck1/28/18052/9/1805Adam's R Antiq
William LaurenceVolume 21/28/18052/7/1805Adam's Rome
James FarquharVolume 12/2/18052/20/18051/4"
James FarquharVolume 22/20/18053/22/18051/6"
Jacobus Fine2/21/18052/22/1805Adam's R. Antiq
John OothoudtVolume 13/7/18053/28/1805Adam's Rome
James FarquharVolume 23/22/18053/30/1805"
William G. Forbes3/30/18054/15/1805Adam's R. Antiq.
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 24/15/18054/15/1805Adam's Hist Rome
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 14/15/18054/15/1805Adam's Hist Rome
John Ten BrookVolume 16/14/18056/26/1805Adams Rome
John Ten BrookVolume 16/26/18057/11/1805"
Isaac SebringVolume 18/5/18058/26/1805Adam's Rome
David WolfeVolume 19/2/18059/9/1805Adam's Rome
John Slidell Jr.Volume 212/27/18051/4/1806" Hist.
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