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Guillaume-Thomas-François Raynal

Philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies. Newly translated from the French by J. O. Justamond, with a new set of maps.

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Philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies. Newly translated from the French by J. O. Justamond, with a new set of maps. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Hugh HendersonVolume 28/7/17898/21/1789Raynal's Indiesson
Joshua WaddingtonVolume 18/19/178910/21/17896s/10dRaynal's IndiesSelf
Hugh HendersonVolume 38/21/17899/4/1789Raynal's Indies
Hugh HendersonVolume 49/4/17899/30/178910dRaynal's Indies
Pierce ButlerVolume 29/23/17893s/4dRaynal's Indies
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 211/16/1789Raynal's Indies - Ret'd. 
William Bayard, Jr.Volume 11/29/17905/20/179015sRaynals Indies
Jeremiah TronsonVolume 94/19/17904/26/1790Raynal's Indies
John O'ConnorVolume 14/26/17904/30/1790Raynal History
John O'ConnorVolume 24/30/17905/5/1790"
John O'ConnorVolume 35/5/17906/13/1790"
John O'ConnorVolume 36/12/17906/29/1790"
Peter R. LivingstonVolume 19/22/179010/20/17901s/6pRaynals history
Peter R. LivingstonVolume 110/20/179011/8/1790" con
William Beekman, Sr.Volume 411/19/179012/5/1790Raynals History
Samuel DunscombVolume 111/25/179012/8/1790Raynals history
William Beekman, Sr.Volume 511/29/17901/8/1791"
Samuel DunscombVolume 212/8/179012/21/1790"
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 112/17/17901/5/1791Raynal History
Samuel DunscombVolume 312/21/17901/3/1791"
Samuel DunscombVolume 41/3/17911/15/1791"
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 21/5/17911/23/1791"
Garrett AbeelVolume 11/14/17911/19/1791Raynals history
William Beekman, Sr.Volume 61/14/17911/26/1791Raynal
Samuel DunscombVolume 51/15/17911/26/1791"
John Stevens, Jr.1/20/17912/11/1791Raynals Indies
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 31/23/17912/11/1791"
Samuel DunscombVolume 61/26/17912/5/1791"
John WoodVolume 21/31/17912/7/1791Raynal's History
John WoodVolume 32/7/17912/19/1791"
John WoodVolume 112/19/17912/23/1791"
John WoodVolume 52/23/17913/1/1791"
Walter RutherfurdVolume 12/28/17913/3/1791Raynal's History
John WoodVolume 63/1/17913/5/1791"
DeWitt Clinton4/7/17916/6/1791Raleigh Hist. World
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 45/9/17915/30/1791Rayn. Indies
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 55/31/17916/23/17914p"
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 66/23/17917/9/1791"
Joshua Waddington8/19/179110/21/1791Raynals Indies
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 19/9/17919/10/1791Raynal's Indies
Francis ChildsVolume 19/28/179110/4/1791Raynal indies
Francis ChildsVolume 210/4/179110/22/1791"
Francis ChildsVolume 311/14/179112/15/1791Raynals Indies
Walter W. HeyerVolume 111/19/179111/29/1791Raynals history
Walter W. HeyerVolume 212/3/179112/10/1791"
Andrew Miller12/15/179112/29/17916pRaynals Indies
Francis ChildsVolume 51/11/17921/27/1792Raynals his
Francis ChildsVolume 61/27/17922/21/17928/6dRaynals History
Jacob SeamanVolume 12/15/17923/5/1792Raynals Indies
Jacob SeamanVolume 23/5/17923/16/1792"
Jacob SeamanVolume 33/16/17923/23/1792"
John SeamanVolume 53/19/17923/20/1792Raynal
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 14/5/17924/5/1792Raynal's Indies
William UstickVolume 14/5/17924/20/1792Raynal's Indies
Thomas ServiceVolume 64/10/17924/13/1792Raynal
George LewisVolume 14/17/17925/3/1792Raynal
John AtkinsonVolume 18/14/17998/26/1799Raynal's Indies
John AtkinsonVolume 28/26/17999/6/1799"
John AtkinsonVolume 29/6/179910/30/1799"
John AtkinsonVolume 310/30/179911/8/1799"
John C. AntilleVolume 112/5/17992/20/18008/6Raynals Indies
John AtkinsonVolume 312/20/17991/2/1800"
John AtkinsonVolume 31/2/18002/3/18001/10"
John AtkinsonVolume 32/3/18002/13/1800"
John AtkinsonVolume 42/13/18003/8/1800"
Valentine SeamanVolume 12/24/18003/5/1800Raynals Indies
John AtkinsonVolume 63/10/18003/18/1800Raynal's Indies
Malcolm CampbellVolume 17/8/18007/18/1800Raynals Indies
Malcolm CampbellVolume 110/1/180010/1/1800Raynals Indies
Peter HegemanVolume 112/29/18001/7/1801Raynals Indies
Peter HegemanVolume 21/7/18011/13/1801"
Peter HegemanVolume 22/7/18012/21/1801Raynals Indies
Peter HegemanVolume 32/7/18012/21/1801Raynals Indies
Peter HegemanVolume 42/21/18013/5/1801"
Peter HegemanVolume 53/5/18013/11/1801"
Peter HegemanVolume 63/11/18013/21/1801"
Moses B. SeixasVolume 14/25/18015/11/1801Raynals Indies
Henry PriestVolume 19/12/18019/14/1801Raynals Indies
Henry PriestVolume 29/14/18019/16/1801"
Abraham LeggetVolume 111/6/180111/20/1801Raynals India
Abraham LeggetVolume 211/6/180111/20/1801Raynals India
Abraham LeggetVolume 311/6/180111/20/1801Raynals India
Benjamin F. HaskinsVolume 11/23/18022/6/1802Raynals Indies
Jonathan PearseeVolume 18/28/18029/13/1802Raynals Indies
John StoutenburghVolume 19/11/180210/1/1802Raynals Indies
James I. MargarumVolume 112/3/180212/20/1802Raynals Indies
James I. MargarumVolume 112/20/18021/21/18031/10"
Elias HicksVolume 57/8/18037/30/1803Raynals Indies
Matthias WardVolume 18/10/180311/21/18038dRaynals Indies
Matthias WardVolume 28/10/180311/21/18038dRaynals Indies
Matthias WardVolume 38/10/180311/21/18038dRaynals Indies
Matthias WardVolume 58/10/180311/21/18038dRaynals Indies
Matthias WardVolume 68/10/180311/21/18038dRaynals Indies
Matthias WardVolume 48/10/180311/21/18038dRaynals Indies
Thomas IrvingVolume 112/31/18031/4/1804Historic Indies
Thomas IrvingVolume 21/4/18041/30/1804"
Thomas IrvingVolume 31/30/18042/4/1804"
James I. MargarumVolume 12/4/18042/11/1804Raynals Indies
Thomas IrvingVolume 42/4/18042/18/1804"
James I. MargarumVolume 12/11/18042/22/1804"
Thomas IrvingVolume 52/18/18042/29/1804"
Thomas IrvingVolume 62/29/18043/16/1804"
William GreenVolume 19/29/180411/29/18042dRaynals Indies
Gerard DepysterVolume 111/14/180411/17/1804Raynal's Indies
Gerard DepysterVolume 211/14/180411/17/1804Raynal's Indies
Gerard DepysterVolume 311/14/180411/17/1804Raynal's Indies
James I. MargarumVolume 111/26/180412/4/1804Reynals Indies
John CockVolume 412/10/18041/2/1805Reynals indies
John DuryieVolume 112/17/18041/8/18054/Raynals Indies
John DuryieVolume 212/17/18041/8/18054/Raynals Indies
John DuryieVolume 312/17/18041/8/18054/Raynals Indies
John DuryieVolume 512/17/18041/8/18054/Raynals Indies
John DuryieVolume 612/17/18041/8/18054/Raynals Indies
John DuryieVolume 412/17/18041/8/18054/Raynals Indies
Thomas StormVolume 112/12/180512/28/1805History W Indies
Thomas StormVolume 312/28/18051/13/1806"
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