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John Sinclair

The statistical account of Scotland. Drawn up from the communications of the ministers of the different parishes. By Sir John Sinclair, Bart. ...

Edinburgh: Printed and sold by William Creech; and also sold by J. Donaldson, and A. Guthrie, Edinburgh; T. Cadell, J. Stockdale, J. Debrett, and J. Sewel, London; Dunlop and Wilson, Glasgow; Angus and Son; Aberdeen, 1791.
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The statistical account of Scotland. Drawn up from the communications of the ministers of the different parishes. By Sir John Sinclair, Bart. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William BurlingVolume 28/8/17998/10/1799Stat. Act. Scotland
William BurlingVolume 38/10/17998/13/1799"
Joseph HopkinsVolume 48/10/17998/13/1799Star. Act. Scot.
William BurlingVolume 18/13/17998/14/1799"
Joseph HopkinsVolume 58/13/17998/16/1799Star. Act. Scot.
William BurlingVolume 68/14/17998/16/1799"
William BurlingVolume 78/16/17998/28/1799"
John WilsonVolume 61/17/18002/6/1800Stat Act Scot
Charles RhindVolume 14/18/18004/25/1800Stat Act Scotland
Charles RhindVolume 24/25/18005/10/1800"
Charles RhindVolume 35/10/18005/16/1800"
Charles RhindVolume 45/16/18005/22/1800"
Charles RhindVolume 55/22/18006/3/1800"
Charles RhindVolume 66/3/18006/3/1800"
Charles RhindVolume 76/3/18006/10/1800"
John McQueenVolume 23/9/18013/24/1801Stat Act Scotland
John McQueenVolume 33/9/18013/24/1801Stat Act Scotland
John McQueenVolume 13/9/18013/24/1801Stat Act Scotland
John McQueenVolume 53/24/18014/8/1801"
John McQueenVolume 63/24/18014/8/1801"
John McQueenVolume 43/24/18014/8/1801"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 18/14/18018/29/1801Statistical Act Scot
Archibald RobertsonVolume 38/29/18019/5/1801Stat. Act. Scot
Archibald RobertsonVolume 49/5/18019/18/1801Stat. Act Scotland
Archibald RobertsonVolume 59/18/18019/25/1801Stat. Act Scot
Archibald RobertsonVolume 69/25/180110/6/1801Stat. Act Scot
Archibald RobertsonVolume 710/6/180110/14/1801Stat. Act. Scot
Robert Heaton3/16/18034/18/1803Statistical Scot
Peter IrvingVolume 173/22/18033/24/1803Stat. Act. Scotland
Peter IrvingVolume 173/24/18034/2/1803"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 194/25/18035/4/1803Stat Act Scotland
Archibald RobertsonVolume 185/4/18035/11/1803"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 175/11/18035/19/1803"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 205/19/18035/27/1803Stat Act Scotland
Archibald RobertsonVolume 155/27/18036/11/1803"
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 17/9/18037/11/1803Statistical Act Scotland
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 17/9/18037/11/1803Statistical Acc Scot
William BardVolume 214/4/18044/17/1804Stat Act Scotland
James ForbesVolume 194/23/18045/12/1804Stat Scotland
Peter WilsonVolume 11/30/18057/13/1805Sinclairs St Act
Peter WilsonVolume 22/15/18052/17/1805Sinclairs St Act
John Clarke4/8/18054/18/1805Stat Act Scotland
Peter WilsonVolume 124/17/18054/26/1805Sinclairs St Ac Scot
John ClarkeVolume 114/18/18055/23/18052/4"
Peter WilsonVolume 64/26/18058/3/1805Sinclairs St Act Scot
Archibald KerlyVolume 27/3/18057/10/1805Stat Act Scotland
Archibald KerlyVolume 17/3/18057/10/1805Stat Act Scotland
Archibald KerlyVolume 37/10/18057/17/1805"
Archibald KerlyVolume 47/17/18057/26/1805"
Cornelius Augustus Van HorneVolume 18/5/18058/22/1805Stat Act Scotland
Archibald KerlyVolume 68/13/18058/13/1805Stat Act Scotland
George TurnbullVolume 2111/6/180511/29/1805Statist Act. Scotland
George TurnbullVolume 811/29/180511/30/1805"
George TurnbullVolume 1012/31/18051/13/1806"
George TurnbullVolume 912/31/18051/13/1806"
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