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The castle on the rock: or, memoirs of the Elderland family. By the author of Derwent Priory. In three volumes.

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The castle on the rock: or, memoirs of the Elderland family. By the author of Derwent Priory. In three volumes. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Gilbert MilliganVolume 110/11/180010/13/1800Castle Rock
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 110/28/180011/5/1800Castle Rock
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 211/5/180011/10/1800"
Rebecca LaightVolume 111/5/180011/7/1800Castle on Rosk
William DenningVolume 111/6/180011/18/1800Castle on Rock
Rebecca LaightVolume 211/11/180011/14/1800Castle on Rock
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 211/13/180011/27/1800Castle Rock
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 111/13/180011/27/1800Castle Rock
Henry RemsenVolume 211/28/180012/9/1800Castle Rock
Henry RemsenVolume 111/28/180012/9/1800Castle Rock
Henry RogersVolume 212/9/180012/13/1800Castle on Rock
Henry RogersVolume 112/9/180012/13/1800Castle on Rock
Edmund SeamanVolume 212/13/180012/26/1800Castle on Rock
Edmund SeamanVolume 112/13/180012/26/1800Castle on Rock
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 212/26/180012/27/1800Castle on Rock
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 112/26/180012/27/1800Castle on Rock
Hamilton StewartVolume 212/27/180012/31/1800Castle on Rock
Hamilton StewartVolume 112/27/180012/31/1800Castle on Rock
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 212/31/18001/14/1801Castle on Rock
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 112/31/18001/14/1801Castle on Rock
Thomas R. SmithVolume 21/5/18011/22/18016dCastle on Rock
Thomas R. SmithVolume 11/5/18011/22/18016dCastle on Rock
Thomas R. SmithVolume 21/22/18012/2/1801"
Thomas R. SmithVolume 11/22/18012/2/1801"
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 22/2/18012/4/1801Castle on Rock
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 12/2/18012/4/1801Castle on Rock
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 22/5/18012/16/1801Castle on Rock
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 12/5/18012/16/1801Castle on Rock
Judith VerplanckVolume 22/16/18012/21/1801Castle on Rock
Judith VerplanckVolume 12/16/18012/21/1801Castle on Rock
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 22/21/18012/21/1801Castle on Rock
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 12/21/18012/21/1801Castle on Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 22/26/18013/5/1801Castle on Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 12/26/18013/5/1801Castle on Rock
Charles S. CuttingVolume 23/5/18013/11/1801Castle Rock
Charles S. CuttingVolume 13/5/18013/11/1801Castle Rock
Samuel BradhurstVolume 23/11/18013/21/1801Castle on Rock
Samuel BradhurstVolume 13/11/18013/21/1801Castle on Rock
John Le ConteVolume 23/21/18013/25/1801Castle on Rock
John Le ConteVolume 13/21/18013/25/1801Castle on Rock
John Ten EyckVolume 23/25/18014/7/1801Castle on Rock
John Ten EyckVolume 13/25/18014/7/1801Castle on Rock
John AbramsVolume 24/7/18014/21/1801Castle Rock
John AbramsVolume 14/7/18014/21/1801Castle Rock
John P. SchermerhornVolume 24/27/18015/8/18013dCastle on Rock
John P. SchermerhornVolume 14/27/18015/8/18013dCastle on Rock
George ScribaVolume 25/9/18015/27/18018dCastle on Rock
George ScribaVolume 15/9/18015/27/18018dCastle on Rock
William EdgarVolume 25/27/18016/6/1801Castle on Rock
William EdgarVolume 15/27/18016/6/1801Castle on Rock
Patrick MunnVolume 26/20/18016/29/1801Castle on Rock
Patrick MunnVolume 16/20/18016/29/1801Castle on Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 26/29/18017/7/1801Castle on Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 16/29/18017/7/1801Castle on Rock
John StoutenburghVolume 27/7/18017/15/1801Castle Rock
John StoutenburghVolume 17/7/18017/15/1801Castle Rock
William Prince Jr.Volume 27/15/18017/17/1801Castle on Rock
William Prince Jr.Volume 17/15/18017/17/1801Castle on Rock
Robert H. BowneVolume 27/17/18017/18/1801Castle Rock
Robert H. BowneVolume 17/17/18017/18/1801Castle Rock
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 27/18/18017/25/1801Castle Rock
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 17/18/18017/25/1801Castle Rock
Cornelius BogertVolume 27/25/18017/27/1801Castle on Rock
Cornelius BogertVolume 17/25/18017/27/1801Castle on Rock
Maria RapalijeVolume 27/27/18018/26/18012/6Castle on Rock
Maria RapalijeVolume 17/27/18018/26/18012/6Castle on Rock
John RogersVolume 28/1/18018/3/1801Castle on Rock
John RogersVolume 18/1/18018/3/1801Castle on Rock
Solomon SimpsonVolume 29/8/18019/19/1801Castle on Rock
Solomon SimpsonVolume 19/8/18019/19/1801Castle on Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 29/19/18019/30/1801Castle on Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 19/19/18019/30/1801Castle on Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 39/19/18019/30/1801Castle on Rock
Thomas GreenleafVolume 29/30/180110/7/1801Castle on Rock
Thomas GreenleafVolume 19/30/180110/7/1801Castle on Rock
John VarickVolume 210/7/180110/13/1801Castle on Rock
John VarickVolume 110/7/180110/13/1801Castle on Rock
James RobertsonVolume 210/15/180110/20/1801Castle Rock
James RobertsonVolume 110/15/180110/20/1801Castle Rock
John BuchannanVolume 210/20/180110/26/1801Castle Rock
John BuchannanVolume 110/20/180110/26/1801Castle Rock
John ForbesVolume 210/26/180111/17/18011/4Castle Rock
John ForbesVolume 110/26/180111/17/18011/4Castle Rock
Joseph WilliamsVolume 211/18/180111/24/1801Castle on Rock
Joseph WilliamsVolume 111/18/180111/24/1801Castle on Rock
Joseph WinterVolume 211/25/180111/28/1801Castle on Rock
Joseph WinterVolume 111/25/180111/28/1801Castle on Rock
Gulian VerplanckVolume 211/28/180112/12/1801Castle Rock
Elijah PellVolume 112/7/180112/14/1801Castle Rock
Elijah PellVolume 212/14/180112/19/1801"
Thomas BurlingVolume 212/19/18011/2/1802Castle on Rock
Thomas BurlingVolume 112/19/18011/2/1802Castle on Rock
Thomas BurlingVolume 21/2/18021/6/1802"
Thomas BurlingVolume 11/2/18021/6/1802"
James BruenVolume 21/23/18022/2/1802Castle on Rock
James BruenVolume 11/23/18022/2/1802Castle on Rock
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 22/2/18022/5/1802Castle on Rock
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 12/2/18022/5/1802Castle on Rock
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 22/5/18022/13/1802Castle on Rock
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 12/5/18022/13/1802Castle on Rock
Francis CooperVolume 22/13/18022/27/1802Castle on Rock
Francis CooperVolume 12/13/18022/27/1802Castle on Rock
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 22/27/18023/4/1802Castle on Rock
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 12/27/18023/4/1802Castle on Rock
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 23/4/18023/27/1802"
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 13/4/18023/27/1802"
William EdgarVolume 23/27/18024/5/1802Castle Rock
William EdgarVolume 13/27/18024/5/1802Castle Rock
Edward LydeVolume 24/5/18024/9/1802Castle on Rock
Edward LydeVolume 14/5/18024/9/1802Castle on Rock
John RogersVolume 24/10/18024/17/1802Castle on Rock
John RogersVolume 14/10/18024/17/1802Castle on Rock
Joshua WhitcombVolume 24/17/18024/22/1802Castle on Rock
Joshua WhitcombVolume 14/17/18024/22/1802Castle on Rock
John StoutenburghVolume 24/23/18024/30/1802Castle on Rock
John StoutenburghVolume 14/23/18024/30/1802Castle on Rock
James Parker, Jr.Volume 24/30/18025/10/1802Castle Rock
James Parker, Jr.Volume 14/30/18025/10/1802Castle Rock
James Watson, Jr.Volume 25/14/18026/10/18022/2Castle Rock
James Watson, Jr.Volume 15/14/18026/10/18022/2Castle Rock
William BowneVolume 26/11/18026/12/1802Castle Rock
William BowneVolume 16/11/18026/12/1802Castle Rock
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 16/14/18026/21/1802Castle Rock
Joshua WatsonVolume 26/30/18027/1/1802Castle Rock
Joshua WatsonVolume 16/30/18027/1/1802Castle Rock
Henry SeamanVolume 27/6/18027/8/1802Castle Rock
Henry SeamanVolume 17/6/18027/8/1802Castle Rock
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 27/8/18027/22/1802Castle Rock
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 17/8/18027/22/1802Castle Rock
William Walton, Jr.Volume 27/26/18027/31/1802Castle Rock
William Walton, Jr.Volume 17/26/18027/31/1802Castle Rock
William OgilvieVolume 27/31/18028/5/1802Castle Rock
William OgilvieVolume 17/31/18028/5/1802Castle Rock
Manuel MyersVolume 28/27/18029/14/1802Castle on Rock
Manuel MyersVolume 18/27/18029/14/1802Castle on Rock
John B. StringhamVolume 29/11/180210/7/1802Castle Rock
John B. StringhamVolume 19/11/180210/7/1802Castle Rock
Henry RogersVolume 29/15/18029/17/1802Castle Rock
Henry RogersVolume 19/15/18029/17/1802Castle Rock
Ebenezer IrvingVolume 29/17/18029/18/1802Castle Rock
Ebenezer IrvingVolume 19/17/18029/18/1802Castle Rock
John TurnerVolume 210/9/180210/18/1802Castle Rock
John TurnerVolume 110/9/180210/18/1802Castle Rock
John OothoudtVolume 211/10/180211/23/1802Castle Rock
John OothoudtVolume 111/10/180211/23/1802Castle Rock
Jonathan PearseeVolume 211/23/180211/27/1802Castle Rock
Jonathan PearseeVolume 111/23/180211/27/1802Castle Rock
Henry SeamanVolume 212/20/180212/23/1802Castle Rock
Henry SeamanVolume 112/20/180212/23/1802Castle Rock
Thomas SlidellVolume 22/11/18032/15/1803Castle on Rock
John P. MumfordVolume 22/15/18032/22/1803Castle on Rock
John P. MumfordVolume 12/15/18032/22/1803Castle on Rock
Matthew ClarksonVolume 23/1/18033/15/1803Castle Rock
Matthew ClarksonVolume 13/1/18033/15/1803Castle Rock
Townsend UnderhillVolume 23/3/18033/5/1803Castle on Rock
Townsend UnderhillVolume 13/3/18033/5/1803Castle on Rock
John B. StringhamVolume 23/5/18033/17/1803Castle on Rock
John B. StringhamVolume 13/5/18033/17/1803Castle on Rock
Andrew CockVolume 24/30/18035/7/1803Castle Rock
Andrew CockVolume 14/30/18035/7/1803Castle Rock
Philip FisherVolume 25/14/18035/28/1803Castle Rock
Philip FisherVolume 15/14/18035/28/1803Castle Rock
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 26/29/18037/1/1803Castle Rock
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 16/29/18037/1/1803Castle Rock
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 27/1/18037/6/1803Castle on Rock
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 17/1/18037/6/1803Castle on Rock
Samuel BorroweVolume 27/7/18037/8/1803Castle Rock
Samuel BorroweVolume 17/7/18037/8/1803Castle Rock
Anthony BleeckerVolume 17/8/18037/9/1803Castle Rock
Rich HarisonVolume 27/30/180311/10/1803Castle Rock
Rich HarisonVolume 17/30/180311/10/1803Castle Rock
Isaac BurrVolume 211/15/180311/24/1803Castle Rock
Isaac BurrVolume 111/15/180311/24/1803Castle Rock
Robert TroupVolume 212/3/180312/22/180310dCastle Rock
Robert TroupVolume 112/3/180312/22/180310dCastle Rock
John T. GloverVolume 21/4/18041/14/1804Castle Rock
John T. GloverVolume 11/4/18041/14/1804Castle Rock
Rich HarisonVolume 21/16/18042/4/180410dCastle Rock
Rich HarisonVolume 11/16/18042/4/180410dCastle Rock
James BoydVolume 22/11/18042/25/1804Castle Rock
James BoydVolume 12/11/18042/25/1804Castle Rock
Robert ElderVolume 22/25/18043/1/1804Castle Rock
Robert ElderVolume 12/25/18043/1/1804Castle Rock
Abraham PrallVolume 23/2/18043/5/1804Castle Rock
Abraham PrallVolume 13/2/18043/5/1804Castle Rock
William StrachanVolume 23/17/18043/19/1804Castle Rock
William StrachanVolume 13/17/18043/19/1804Castle Rock
John B. StringhamVolume 23/29/18044/2/1804Castle Rock
John B. StringhamVolume 13/29/18044/2/1804Castle Rock
John D. MercierVolume 24/5/18044/13/1804Castle Rock
John D. MercierVolume 14/5/18044/13/1804Castle Rock
David MosesVolume 24/13/18045/7/1804Castle Rock
David MosesVolume 14/13/18045/7/1804Castle Rock
Moses B. SeixasVolume 24/24/18045/1/1804Castle Rock
Moses B. SeixasVolume 14/24/18045/1/1804Castle Rock
Bernard HartVolume 24/30/18045/5/1804Castle Rock
Bernard HartVolume 14/30/18045/5/1804Castle Rock
Thomas BurlingVolume 25/19/18046/12/18041/8Castle Rock
Thomas BurlingVolume 15/19/18046/12/18041/8Castle Rock
Thomas BurlingVolume 26/12/18046/25/1804"
Thomas BurlingVolume 16/12/18046/25/1804"
Jacob RickettsVolume 27/2/18047/5/1804Castle on Rock
Jacob RickettsVolume 17/2/18047/5/1804Castle on Rock
Gulian VerplanckVolume 27/9/18047/11/1804Castle on Rock
Gulian VerplanckVolume 17/9/18047/11/1804Castle on Rock
William LinnVolume 28/14/18048/17/1804Castle Rock
William LinnVolume 18/14/18048/17/1804Castle Rock
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 28/17/18048/24/1804Castle Rock
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 18/17/18048/24/1804Castle Rock
Theophilus W. SmithVolume 28/25/18048/28/1804Castle Rock
Theophilus W. SmithVolume 18/25/18048/28/1804Castle Rock
William BoydVolume 29/4/18049/8/1804Castle Rock
William BoydVolume 19/4/18049/8/1804Castle Rock
Walter MitchellVolume 29/8/18049/11/1804Castle Rock
Walter MitchellVolume 19/8/18049/11/1804Castle Rock
Alexander L. McDonaldVolume 210/11/180410/19/1804Castle on Rock
Alexander L. McDonaldVolume 110/11/180410/19/1804Castle on Rock
David MorrisVolume 210/26/180411/2/1804Castle Rock
David MorrisVolume 110/26/180411/2/1804Castle Rock
Jacob LattingVolume 211/17/180412/6/180410dCastle Rock
Jacob LattingVolume 111/17/180412/6/180410dCastle Rock
Jacob LattingVolume 212/6/180412/17/180410d"
Jacob LattingVolume 112/6/180412/17/180410d"
Catherine HillVolume 21/3/18051/8/1805Castle Rock
Catherine HillVolume 11/3/18051/8/1805Castle Rock
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 21/24/18051/24/1805Castle on Rock
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 11/24/18051/24/1805Castle on Rock
Aron JudahVolume 22/6/18052/9/1805Castle on Rock
Aron JudahVolume 12/6/18052/9/1805Castle on Rock
Matthew DanielVolume 22/13/18053/7/1805Castle on Rock
Matthew DanielVolume 12/13/18053/7/1805Castle on Rock
Jacobus FineVolume 23/7/18053/12/1805Castle on Rock
Jacobus FineVolume 13/7/18053/12/1805Castle on Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 23/15/18053/29/1805Castle on Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 13/15/18053/29/1805Castle on Rock
John Slidell Jr.Volume 24/13/18054/26/1805Castle on Rock
John Slidell Jr.Volume 14/13/18054/26/1805Castle on Rock
William DimpseyVolume 24/16/18054/23/1805Castle on Rock
William DimpseyVolume 14/16/18054/23/1805Castle on Rock
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 24/23/18054/27/1805Castle on Rock
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 14/23/18054/27/1805Castle on Rock
Charles RhindVolume 24/27/18055/17/1805Castle on Rock
Charles RhindVolume 14/27/18055/17/1805Castle on Rock
James BradishVolume 25/28/18056/4/1805Castle Rock
James BradishVolume 15/28/18056/4/1805Castle Rock
Edward WatkeysVolume 26/4/18056/12/1805Castle on Rock
Edward WatkeysVolume 16/4/18056/12/1805Castle on Rock
John B. DashVolume 26/11/18056/18/1805Castle on Rock
John B. DashVolume 16/11/18056/18/1805Castle on Rock
John B. DashVolume 26/18/18056/18/1805"
John B. DashVolume 16/18/18056/18/1805"
John S. HunnVolume 26/25/18057/3/1805Castle on Rock
John S. HunnVolume 16/25/18057/3/1805Castle on Rock
Edmund SeamanVolume 27/3/18057/18/18052dCastle on Rock
Edmund SeamanVolume 17/3/18057/18/18052dCastle on Rock
Henry RogersVolume 27/15/18057/20/1805Castle on Rock
Henry RogersVolume 17/15/18057/20/1805Castle on Rock
John Kemp8/3/18058/17/1805Castle on Rock
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 28/31/18059/7/1805Castle on Rock
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 18/31/18059/7/1805Castle on Rock
Arthur LaughorneVolume 211/27/180512/11/1805Castle on Rock
Arthur LaughorneVolume 111/27/180512/11/1805Castle on Rock
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