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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Julia; or, The new Eloisa.

Printed for Samuel Longcope, 1796.
A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as a reference to this title cannot be located in the Library's historic catalogs. See ESTC links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.
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Julia; or, The new Eloisa. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John UttVolume 16/5/18016/16/1801Roussous Julia
John D. MercierVolume 26/18/18016/30/1801Rousseau's Julia
John D. MercierVolume 36/18/18016/30/1801Rousseau's Julia
John D. MercierVolume 16/18/18016/30/1801Rousseau's Julia
Judah ZuntzVolume 212/19/18011/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Judah ZuntzVolume 312/19/18011/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Judah ZuntzVolume 112/19/18011/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
John SullivanVolume 21/19/18022/4/18026dRousseaus Julia
John SullivanVolume 31/19/18022/4/18026dRousseaus Julia
John SullivanVolume 11/19/18022/4/18026dRousseaus Julia
John SullivanVolume 41/19/18022/4/18026dRousseaus Julia
Hezekiah IversVolume 21/30/18022/23/1802Rousseau's Julia
Hezekiah IversVolume 11/30/18022/23/1802Rousseau's Julia
John SullivanVolume 32/4/18022/19/18021d"
Hezekiah IversVolume 22/23/18023/3/1802" (D Bull)
Hezekiah IversVolume 32/23/18023/3/1802" (D Bull)
Hezekiah IversVolume 12/23/18023/3/1802" (D Bull)
Thomas StormVolume 23/4/18023/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Thomas StormVolume 33/4/18023/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Thomas StormVolume 13/4/18023/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 23/6/18023/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 33/6/18023/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 13/6/18023/6/1802Rousseau's Julia
William PostVolume 23/12/18024/6/18022/9" Julia
William PostVolume 23/12/18024/6/18022/9" Julia
William PostVolume 33/12/18024/6/18022/9" Julia
William PostVolume 33/12/18024/6/18022/9" Julia
William PostVolume 13/12/18024/6/18022/9" Julia
William PostVolume 13/12/18024/6/18022/9" Julia
Alsop HuntVolume 25/19/18026/2/1802Rousseau's Julia
Alsop HuntVolume 35/19/18026/2/1802Rousseau's Julia
Alsop HuntVolume 15/19/18026/2/1802Rousseau's Julia
Theophilius BrowerVolume 26/2/18026/24/18022/Rousseau's Julia
Theophilius BrowerVolume 36/2/18026/24/18022/Rousseau's Julia
Theophilius BrowerVolume 16/2/18026/24/18022/Rousseau's Julia
Elbert AndersonVolume 27/3/18027/13/1802Rousseau's Julia
Elbert AndersonVolume 37/3/18027/13/1802Rousseau's Julia
Elbert AndersonVolume 17/3/18027/13/1802Rousseau's Julia
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