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Regina Maria Roche

The maid of the hamlet. A tale. In two volumes. By Regina Maria Roche, author of The Children of the Abbey, Vicar of Lansdowne, Clermont

Boston: Printed at the Minerva-Press, for William Lane, Leadenhall-Street, 1800.
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The maid of the hamlet. A tale. In two volumes. By Regina Maria Roche, author of The Children of the Abbey, Vicar of Lansdowne, Clermont Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Newbery Davenport3/19/18003/23/1800Maid Hamlet
Thomas Ivers9/10/18009/23/1801Maid Hamlet
Thomas Ivers4/17/18014/24/1801Maid Hamlet
Jacobus L. Lefferts5/19/18015/23/1801Maid Hamlet
John Moore9/5/18019/10/1801Maid Hamlet
John Parkinson9/23/18019/25/1801Maid Hamlet
John Ten Eyck9/25/180110/10/1801Maid Hamlet
Thomas Storm10/10/180110/23/1801Maid Hamlet
Isaac Van Vleeck10/23/180110/24/1801Maid Hamlet
Henry Remsen, Jr.10/24/180110/28/1801Maid Hamlet
Willet Coles10/28/180111/2/1801Maid Hamlet
John Buchannan11/2/180111/7/1801Maid Hamlet
James Bailey11/7/180111/13/1801Maid Hamlet
James Bailey11/13/180111/18/1801"
Solomon SimpsonVolume 111/19/1801Maid Hamlet
Solomon SimpsonVolume 211/19/1801Maid Hamlet
Solomon SimpsonVolume 311/19/1801Maid Hamlet
Matthew Lasher12/15/180112/30/18011dMaid Hamlet
Colonel Melancton Smith1/2/18021/7/1802Maid Hamlet
Jeremiah Hallet1/30/18022/3/1802Maid Hamlet
Alexander Phoenix2/5/18022/8/1802Maid Hamlet
Thomas Storm2/9/18022/11/1802Maid Hamlet
Leonard Bleecker2/12/18022/17/1802Maid Hamlet
John Dennis2/17/18022/28/1802Maid Hamlet
Jasper Ward2/25/18023/9/1802Maid Hamlet
James Watson, Jr.3/1/18023/18/1802Maid Hamlet
Townsend Underhill3/18/18023/19/1802Maid Hamlet
John Forbes3/23/18023/23/1802Maid Hamlet
Peter Griffen4/14/18024/17/1802Maid Hamlet
John P. Schermerhorn4/24/18024/24/1802Maid Hamlet
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 14/27/18026/2/1802Maid Hamlet
William Proctor5/14/18025/20/1802Maid Hamlet
James Bradish5/20/18025/27/1802Maid Hamlet
James Bruen6/3/18026/10/1802Maid Hamlet
John D. Mercier6/10/18027/10/1802Maid Hamlet
Alsop Hunt7/30/18028/5/1802Maid Hamlet
George Cock8/5/18028/10/1802Maid Hamlet
Jonathan Pearsee8/11/18028/11/1802Maid Hamlet
Walter BowneVolume 18/12/18028/21/18022dMaid Hamlet
Thomas Burling8/21/18028/28/1802Maid Hamlet
James Davidson8/31/18029/3/1802Maid Hamlet
Nancy Ivers9/8/18029/20/1802Maid Hamlet
Edward William Laight9/8/18029/8/1802Maid Hamlet
Cornelius Van Allen9/20/180210/4/1802Maid Hamlet
Joseph Williams10/4/180210/18/1802Maid Hamlet
Samuel Ward10/14/180211/5/18028dMaid Hamlet
Samuel Ward11/5/180211/23/18024d"
Robert Ogden11/29/180212/1/1802Maid Hamlet
Ezekiel Robins12/3/180212/4/1802Maid Hamlet
John Watts12/6/180212/14/1802Maid Hamlet
Marinus Willett12/15/180212/24/1802Maid Hamlet
Marinus Willett12/15/180212/24/1802Maid Hamlet
Ezekiel Robins12/15/180212/18/1802Maid Hamlet
John Kingsland12/24/18021/4/1803Maid Hamlet
Peter Hawes1/6/18031/8/1803Maid Hamlet
Maria Rapalije1/8/18031/15/1803Maid Hamlet
William EdgarVolume 11/15/18031/24/1803Maid Hamlet
William T. Robinson1/24/18031/29/1803Maid Hamlet
Thomas SalterVolume 11/31/18032/3/1803Maid Hamlet
Thomas SalterVolume 21/31/18032/3/1803Maid Hamlet
Thomas SalterVolume 31/31/18032/3/1803Maid Hamlet
John P. Mumford2/3/18032/7/1803Maid Hamlet
John Barrow2/12/18032/14/1803Maid Hamlet
Patrick Houstoun2/14/18032/18/1803Maid Hamlet
Arthur Laughorne2/18/18032/18/1803Maid Hamlet
John Rogers2/19/18032/26/1803Maid Hamlet
Christian Schultz3/3/18033/12/1803Maid Hamlet
Henry KunzeVolume 13/12/18033/16/1803Maid Hamlet
John TurnerVolume 13/25/18034/11/18033dMaid Hamlet
John Smart4/12/18034/27/1803Maid Hamlet
Gouveneur Ogden Isaac4/27/18035/5/1803Maid Hamlet
Thomas Delves5/6/18035/18/1803Maid Hamlet
John Stoutenburgh5/26/18036/2/1803Maid Hamlet
John Hone6/8/18036/16/1803Maid Hamlet
Isaac Burr6/18/18036/20/1803Maid Hamlet
Robert Benson7/19/18037/23/1803Maid Hamlet
Lieut. Col. George Turnbull7/29/18038/5/1803Maid Hamlet
Frederick de Peyster8/5/180311/15/1803Maid Hamlet
John Ireland12/10/180312/15/1803Maid Hamlet
John F. Roorback12/26/180312/29/1803Maid Hamlet
Alsop Hunt12/29/180312/31/1803Maid Hamlet
Adrian C. Van Slyck1/3/18041/11/1804Maid Hamlet
Robert LenoxVolume 12/20/18042/21/1804Maid Hamlet
Robert LenoxVolume 22/20/18042/21/1804Maid Hamlet
George Warren Chapman2/21/18042/22/1804Maid Hamlet
William Prince Jr.3/7/18043/20/1804Maid Hamlet
John D. Mercier4/13/18044/18/1804Maid Hamlet
David Mumford4/20/18044/23/1804Maid Hamlet
Ahasuerus Turk4/23/18044/24/1804Maid Hamlet
Jasper Ward4/24/18045/1/1804Maid Hamlet
Mootrey Kinsey5/3/18045/8/1804Maid Hamlet
Mootrey Kinsey5/3/18045/8/1804Maid Hamlet
Peter Kettletas5/8/18045/11/1804Maid Hamlet
Peter Kettletas5/8/18045/24/1804"
Robert R. Hunter6/6/18046/8/1804Maid Hamlet
Ann McAdams6/9/18046/28/1804Maid Hamlet
George Turnbull6/28/18046/30/1804Maid Hamlet
Bernard Hart6/30/18047/3/1804Maid Hamlet
John Mowatt7/9/18047/19/1804Maid Hamlet
George Bowne Jr.7/16/18047/22/1804Maid Hamlet
Aquila Giles10/23/180411/3/1804Maid Hamlet
Thomas Barfe10/23/180411/3/1804Maid Hamlet
James Bruen11/7/180411/13/1804Maid Hamlet
Abraham Polhemus11/20/180412/1/1804Maid Hamlet
James I. Margarum12/4/180412/8/1804Maid Hamlet
John Murray1/7/18051/17/1805Maid Hamlet
Jacob Latting1/19/18051/26/1805Maid Hamlet
John T. GloverVolume 11/29/18052/2/1805Maid Hamlet
John T. GloverVolume 21/29/18052/2/1805Maid Hamlet
John T. GloverVolume 31/29/18052/2/1805Maid Hamlet
John T. GloverVolume 41/29/18052/2/1805Maid Hamlet
Gilbert Milligan2/9/18052/16/1805Maid Hamlet
Roger Strong2/27/18053/4/1805Maid Hamlet
Peter Dustan3/13/18053/20/1805Maid Hamlet
James C. WinterVolume 13/22/18053/22/1805Maid Hamlet
James C. WinterVolume 23/22/18053/22/1805Maid Hamlet
John Thomson4/24/18054/29/1805Maid Hamlet
Thomas Salter4/29/18055/1/1805Maid Hamlet
John B. Fisk5/6/18055/18/1805Maid Hamlet
Richard Davis5/18/18055/25/1805Maid Hamlet
John B. Dash5/25/18055/30/1805Nother Maid Hamlet
Jacob J. Janeway6/11/18056/13/1805Maid Hamlet
Thomas Storm7/3/18057/9/1805Maid Hamlet
Van Brunt Magaw7/10/18057/26/1805Maid Hamlet
Thomas Jones7/18/18057/23/1805Maid Hamlet
Richard Hatfield7/25/18058/8/1805Maid Hamlet
Cornelia LawrenceVolume 111/12/180511/18/1805Maid Hamlet
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