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Claude-Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon

Collection complete des oeuvres de M. de Crébillon, fils. Tome Premier.

Alternate Titles
Paris: Printed [s.n.], M.DCC.LXXVII., 1777.
Entry for this book did not appear in print in the 1813 catalog. Later added in ms. to leaf preceding p. 77 (Miscellanies) in Library copy 5.
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Collection complete des oeuvres de M. de Crébillon, fils. Tome Premier. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Samuel WatkinsVolume 28/2/17998/14/1799Ouvres de Crebellon
Samuel WatkinsVolume 38/14/17999/3/1799"
Gulian LudlowVolume 32/8/18002/19/1800Ouvres de Cornb
Gulian LudlowVolume 22/19/18003/3/1800"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 22/20/18003/6/1800Ouvres de Crebilon
Samuel LaurenceVolume 45/8/18005/10/1800Ouvres de Crebil
Samuel LaurenceVolume 55/10/18005/15/1800"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 51/8/18011/24/1801Ouvres de Cribel
John Vernon HenryVolume 45/8/18015/8/1801Ouvres de Crebill.
John MowattVolume 28/13/18029/1/180210dOeuvres de Crebl
John MowattVolume 18/13/18029/1/180210dOeuvres de Crebl
John MowattVolume 49/1/18029/16/18022d"
John MowattVolume 39/1/18029/16/18022d"
John MowattVolume 49/16/180210/8/18021/4"
John MowattVolume 59/16/180210/8/18021/4"
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 212/30/18031/5/1804Ouvres de Crebbelon
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 112/30/18031/5/1804Ouvres de Crebbelon
John Augustus SoulierVolume 23/10/18043/10/1804Ouvres de Crib
John Augustus SoulierVolume 13/10/18043/10/1804Ouvres de Crib
Clement Joseph DelacroixVolume 43/22/18044/3/1804Ouvres de Cribelon
Clement Joseph DelacroixVolume 33/22/18044/3/1804Ouvres de Cribelon
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 28/11/18048/17/1804Ouvres de Crebillon
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 18/11/18048/17/1804Ouvres de Crebillon
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 48/17/18048/20/1804"
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 38/17/18048/20/1804"
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 78/20/18048/27/1804"
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 58/20/18048/27/1804"
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 68/27/18048/30/1804"
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