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The Young gentleman’s & lady’s magazine, or Universal repository of knowledge, instruction and amusement, ... to serve as an useful auxiliary to public and private tuition. ... Edited by Dr. Mavor.

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London: Printed for J. Walker, 44 Pater-Noster-Row , 1799-1800.
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The Young gentleman’s & lady’s magazine, or Universal repository of knowledge, instruction and amusement, ... to serve as an useful auxiliary to public and private tuition. ... Edited by Dr. Mavor. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Maria LivingstonVolume 25/13/18005/17/1800Lady and Gentleman's Magazine
Nicholas DelaplaineVolume 25/13/18005/17/1800Lady's & Gentle Mag
Francis L. HarisonVolume 15/13/18005/13/1800Lady & Gentle. Mag
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 25/17/18005/19/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
Francis L. HarisonVolume 25/20/18005/28/1800Lady's & Gentle. Mag
Richard N. HarisonVolume 15/20/18005/31/1800Lady & Gentle Mag
Jacobus FineVolume 16/3/18006/7/1800Lady's & Gentle Mag
John Jacob AstorVolume 26/9/18006/10/1800Lady and Gentleman's Magazine
John Jacob AstorVolume 26/9/18006/10/1800Lady and Gentleman's Magazine
Joseph HopkinsVolume 26/10/18006/16/1800Lady's & Gent. Mag
James HewittVolume 16/12/18006/16/1800Lads & Gentle Mag
Henry SeamanVolume 26/19/18006/23/1800Lady Gentle. Mag
Benjamin SeixasVolume 17/10/18007/11/1800Gentle & Ladys Mag
Edmund KirbyVolume 17/14/18007/18/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
Edmund KirbyVolume 27/18/18007/22/1800"
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 17/30/18008/4/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 28/4/18008/14/1800"
Pascal N. SmithVolume 28/18/18008/21/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
Valentine SeamanVolume 19/3/18009/5/1800Gentle & Ladies Mag
John SeamanVolume 29/5/18009/10/1800Ladies & Gentle Mag
Henry RogersVolume 19/8/18009/9/1800Gentle & Ladies Mag
Henry RogersVolume 29/12/18009/13/1800Lady & Gentle Mag
Thomas GardnerVolume 19/17/18009/18/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
John ClarkeVolume 29/19/18009/20/1800Gentle & Ladys Mag
William Rhinelander, Jr.Volume 19/27/180010/4/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
William Rhinelander, Jr.Volume 210/4/180010/27/18009d"
John H. SicklesVolume 110/5/180010/10/1800Gentle & Lady Mag
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 110/18/180010/20/1800Ladys & Gentle Mag
John H. SicklesVolume 110/21/180010/22/1800Lady's & Gentle Mag
William KenyonVolume 110/21/180010/23/1800Young Gentle & Lady
John H. SicklesVolume 110/22/180010/25/1800"
Peter IrvingVolume 110/27/180010/28/1800Lady & Gentle Mag
John P. MumfordVolume 110/28/180010/30/1800Lady & Gentle Mag
John H. SicklesVolume 210/29/180011/4/1800Lady's & Gentle Mag
William IrvingVolume 110/30/180011/3/1800Lady's Gentle Mag
Philip RhinelanderVolume 111/28/180012/2/1800Lady & Gentle Mag
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 211/29/180012/5/1800Lady's & Gentle Mag
Gulian VerplanckVolume 112/4/180012/6/1800Young Gent Ladys Mag
William DenningVolume 212/26/180012/29/1800Young G & Lady
William DenningVolume 112/26/180012/29/1800Young G & Lady
John C. WatsonVolume 11/2/18011/5/1801Young Gentle & Ladys Mag
William ProctorVolume 21/3/18011/6/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
John C. WatsonVolume 21/12/18011/15/1801Young G & L Mag
John RemsenVolume 11/12/18011/22/1801Young Lady & Gent Mag
John SeamanVolume 21/21/18011/23/1801Gentle & Lady Mag
David WilliamsonVolume 11/22/18011/22/1801Young Gentle/Mag
Charles RhindVolume 21/23/18011/28/1801Young & Lady's Mag
Henry RemsenVolume 22/4/18012/16/1801Young Gent Lady Mag
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 12/20/18012/21/1801Ladys & Gentle Mag
Philip RhinelanderVolume 22/25/18012/28/1801Young Ladys & G. Mag
Bernard HartVolume 22/26/18012/28/1801Gentle & Lady Mag
Sands PellVolume 13/7/18013/10/1801Lady & Gent Mag
Henry Ten BrookVolume 23/10/18013/12/1801Gentle & Ladys Mag
Selah StrongVolume 24/2/18014/6/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 24/30/18015/9/1801Lady and Gentleman's Magazine
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 14/30/18015/9/1801Lady and Gentleman's Magazine
John D. MercierVolume 15/16/18015/30/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
Garret Van HorneVolume 25/19/18016/1/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
William M. Ross6/16/18016/17/1801Young Gentle & Lady
Thomas SalterVolume 17/11/18017/18/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
Thomas SalterVolume 27/18/18017/29/1801"
Robert H. BowneVolume 27/29/18017/30/1801Lady & Gentle. Mag
Robert H. BowneVolume 17/29/18017/30/1801Lady & Gentle. Mag
Augustus Van HorneVolume 18/3/18018/8/1801Ladys & Gentle Mag
Robert H. BowneVolume 28/6/18018/8/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 110/10/180110/13/1801Lady & Gent. Mag
Ebenezer StevensVolume 110/14/180110/16/1801Ladys & Gentle Mag
James InglisVolume 210/22/180111/5/1801Lady & Gentle Mag
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 111/10/180111/14/1801Gentlem & Ladys Mag
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 211/14/180111/23/1801"
Willet ColesVolume 112/16/180112/30/1801Young G & Ladys Mag
William OgilvieVolume 212/18/180112/31/1801Young Gent & Lady Mag
Willet ColesVolume 21/9/18021/28/1802Ladys & Gentle Mag
Peter MabieVolume 11/11/18021/15/1802Ladys & Gentle Mag
William UstickVolume 11/16/18021/21/1802Lady & Gantle Mag
Thomas PearsallVolume 11/23/18022/5/1802Gentle & Ladys
Gulian VerplanckVolume 21/28/18022/2/1802Ladys & Gentle Mag
Thomas PearsallVolume 22/5/18022/8/1802"
Gillian CornellVolume 13/8/18023/12/1802Ladys & Gentle Mag
Gillian CornellVolume 23/12/18023/23/1802"
Walter BowneVolume 23/23/18024/6/1802Lady & Gentle. Mag
Robert CrommelineVolume 14/5/18024/8/1802Lady & Gentle Mag
Edward LydeVolume 14/14/18024/26/1802Gentle & Lady Mag
Peter MastertonVolume 14/22/18024/30/1802Young Gentle Mag
Joseph Eden4/26/18024/30/1802Genttel & Lady Mag
Abraham LeggetVolume 25/8/18025/22/1802Lady & Gentleman
Abraham LeggetVolume 25/22/18025/22/18021/11"
Thomas SkinnerVolume 15/22/18025/27/1802Young G & Lady Mag
George LorillardVolume 15/26/18026/4/1802Young G & Lady Mag
John SmartVolume 15/29/18026/19/18027dLadys & Gentle Mag
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 16/4/18027/15/1802Lady & G Mag
John SmartVolume 26/19/18027/6/18023d"
Thomas SkinnerVolume 27/10/18027/14/1802Lady & Gentle Mag
Edward William LaightVolume 19/11/18029/13/1802Lady & Gentle Mag
Thomas R. SmithVolume 112/7/180212/9/1802Gentle & Ladys Mag.
Abraham LeggetVolume 12/24/18032/26/1803Lady & Gentle Mag
James LeeVolume 13/3/18033/12/1803Gentle & Lady Mag
Ebenezer StevensVolume 14/20/18034/28/1803Lady's & Gentle Mag
Isaac CockVolume 24/26/18035/6/1803Gentle & Lady Mag
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 15/4/18035/7/1803Young G & L Mag.
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 25/7/18035/10/1803"
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 15/7/18035/12/1803Lady & G Mag
William KenyonVolume 15/13/18035/31/1803Young G & Lady Mag
William KenyonVolume 25/31/18036/14/1803"
James HewittVolume 17/16/18037/16/1803Gentle & Lady's Mag
Frederick de PeysterVolume 212/19/180312/19/1803Young L & G Mag.
Frederick de PeysterVolume 212/19/180312/20/1803"
Hugh HartshorneVolume 13/28/18044/7/1804Lady & G. Mag
John OothoudtVolume 14/16/18044/19/1804Ladys & Gentle Mg
George Warren ChapmanVolume 18/10/18048/13/1804Young Ladies Mag
George Warren ChapmanVolume 28/13/18048/23/1804"
John Mitchell MasonVolume 18/15/18048/15/1804Lady & G Mag
John WoodsVolume 18/29/18049/6/1804Lady & Gentle Mag.
John WoodsVolume 29/6/18049/19/1804"
John Ten BrookVolume 29/14/18049/18/1804Lady Gentle MagH.G.
George LorillardVolume 110/11/180410/27/1804Young G. L. Mag
Joseph HopkinsVolume 21/19/18052/6/18054dYoung Gent & L. Mag
Joseph HopkinsVolume 11/19/18052/6/18054dYoung Gent & L. Mag
William BoydVolume 11/24/18051/30/1805Lady & Gentle Mag
Samuel WardVolume 11/30/18051/31/1805Lady & G Mag
William LinnVolume 22/6/18052/8/1805Lady and Gentleman's Magazine
William LinnVolume 12/6/18052/8/1805"
Margaret CunninghamVolume 13/23/18054/8/1805Ladys & Gentte Mag
Solomon TownsendVolume 14/6/18054/17/1805Ladys & Gentle Mag
Margaret CunninghamVolume 24/8/18055/4/1805Young Ladys & G. Mag
Gilbert MilliganVolume 14/23/18054/30/1805Young Ladys & Gent Mag
Cornelius J. BogertVolume 15/14/18055/15/1805Ladys & G Mag
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