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Eyles Irwin

A series of adventures in the course of a voyage up the Red-Sea, on the coasts of Arabia and Egypt; and of a route through the desarts of Thebais, in the year 1777: with a supplement of a voyage from Venice to Latichea; In letters to a lady. By Eyles Irwin. Illustrated with maps and cuts. In two volumes.

London: Printed for J. Dodsley, 1787.
Author's name is spelled several different ways throughout the catalogs. Variations include: Irvin (1789, 1813, 1838 catalogs), Jarvis (1793 catalog), Irving (1838 subjects)
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A series of adventures in the course of a voyage up the Red-Sea, on the coasts of Arabia and Egypt; and of a route through the desarts of Thebais, in the year 1777: with a supplement of a voyage from Venice to Latichea; In letters to a lady. By Eyles Irwin. Illustrated with maps and cuts. In two volumes. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Jacob Reed7/27/17897/31/1789Irwin's AdventureSelf
Peter Jay Munro8/19/17898/21/1789Irwin's
John Jay9/2/17899/4/1789Irwin's Adventuresson
Samuel Bradhurst9/11/17899/18/1789Irwin's Adventures
Peter Kettletas9/23/17899/28/1789Irwin's Adventures
William Laight11/13/178911/18/1789Irwin's Adventures
John D. Mercier12/28/17891/6/1790Irwins Adventures
John Parsons2/8/17902/19/1790Irvin's Adventures
Garrett Abeel2/22/17903/1/1790Irwins Adventures
John O'Connor3/22/17904/12/1790Irwins Adventures
Robert Bowne4/16/17905/3/1790Irvins Adventures
John Slidell6/10/17906/14/1790Irvin's Adventures
Henry Remsen6/14/17906/15/1790Irvins Adventures
William Turnbull7/15/17907/19/1790Irvins Adventures
Jeremiah Tronson7/28/17908/4/1790Irvin's Adventures
William Samuel Johnson8/17/17908/19/1790Irvin's Adventures
Malachi Treat8/24/17908/25/1790Irving's Adventures
Solomon Saltus9/4/17909/10/1790Irvin's Adventures
Cornelius I. Bogart9/16/17909/25/1790Irvins Adventures
Matthew M. Clarkson9/28/179010/9/1790Irvines Adventures
John R. B. Rodgers10/12/179010/14/1790Irvin's Adventures
John Jay10/14/179010/30/1790Irvines Adventures
John Cozine11/9/179011/16/1790Irvines Adventures
Patrick Murdoch12/29/179012/31/1790Irvins Adventures
Daniel PhoenixVolume 112/31/17901/3/1791Irvin's Adventures
George Bond1/3/17911/5/1791Irwines Adventures
Daniel PhoenixVolume 21/6/17911/17/1791" (Irvins' Adventures)
Robert Hunter2/1/17912/17/1791Irwins Adventures
John P. Pearss2/15/17912/17/1791Irvin's Adventures
John G. Leake2/17/17912/21/1791Irwines adventures
Henry Ten Brook3/30/17914/9/1791Irvin's Adventures
William Beekman, Sr.4/14/17915/3/1791Irwines adventures
William Linn6/16/17916/17/1791Irvin's Adventures
Abraham Herring6/20/17916/28/1791Irwines Adventures
Alexander Robertson8/18/17918/22/1791Irvins adventures
Thomas Buchanan8/30/17919/5/1791Irvins Adventures
Henry Ludlow9/5/17919/8/1791Irwines Adventures
Samuel Delaplaine10/29/179110/31/1791Irvins adventures
David Jones11/8/179111/14/1791Irwines Adventures
Cornelius Roosevelt11/14/179111/21/1791Irvins Adventures
William Thomas12/24/179112/27/1791Irvins Adventure
Catharine Smith12/30/17911/17/1792Irwins Adventures
Josiah Blakely1/23/17921/31/1792Irvins Adventures
Jacob Morton2/6/17922/9/1792Irvine Adventures
John P. Mumford2/27/17923/5/1792Irvins Adventures
James Beekman3/6/17923/17/1792Irvins Adventures
Samuel Dunscomb3/17/17923/19/1792Irwines Adven
William Walton3/19/17923/24/1792Irvin's Adventures
Isaac L. Kip3/24/17924/6/1792Irvins Adventure
Henry Rogers6/26/18016/27/1801Travels up Red Sea
Henry Rogers8/3/18028/5/1802Irvings Adventures
Joshua Whitcomb8/11/18028/16/1802Irvings Advent
Joseph EdenVolume 19/16/180210/8/1802Irvings Advent
William Richardson11/14/180211/27/1802Irving Advent
George TurnbullVolume 112/30/18021/19/1803Irving's Advent
George TurnbullVolume 212/30/18021/19/1803Irving's Advent
Thomas Swords12/31/18021/6/1803Irving's Adventures
William Dempsey1/6/18031/10/1803Irvings Advent
Thomas EddyVolume 11/22/18031/25/1803Irvings Adventures
Thomas EddyVolume 21/25/18031/27/1803"
John McComb, Jr.Volume 12/12/18032/25/1803Irving's Advent.
John McComb, Jr.Volume 22/25/18033/4/1803"
Richard DavisVolume 13/12/18034/19/1803Irvings Adventures
Richard DavisVolume 23/12/18034/19/1803Irvings Adventures
Richard DavisVolume 33/12/18034/19/1803Irvings Adventures
Archibald RobertsonVolume 13/21/18033/26/1803Irving Advent
Archibald RobertsonVolume 23/21/18033/26/1803Irving Advent
Simeon DemingVolume 16/18/18037/6/1803Irvings Adventures
Simeon DemingVolume 26/18/18037/6/1803Irvings Adventures
Walter MitchellVolume 17/6/18037/8/1803Irving's Advent
Walter MitchellVolume 27/6/18037/8/1803Irving's Advent
Thomas C. Pearsall7/8/18037/9/1803Irvings Adventures
Thomas GardnerVolume 18/2/18038/5/1803Irvins Adventures
John BarrowVolume 19/8/18039/21/1803Irving's Advent.
John BarrowVolume 29/8/18039/21/1803Irving's Advent.
Francis ChildsVolume 11/7/18041/7/1804Irvings Adventures
Francis ChildsVolume 21/7/18041/11/1804"
Rebecca LaightVolume 11/17/18041/27/1804Irving's Adventures
Frederick de PeysterVolume 14/7/18044/16/1804Irvings Adventures
Frederick de PeysterVolume 24/7/18044/16/1804Irvings Adventures
Charles Rhind4/16/18044/17/1804Voyage Red Sea
Aron JudahVolume 16/13/18046/19/1804Irvings Adven
Aron JudahVolume 26/13/18046/19/1804Irvings Adven
Archibald Robertson12/13/180412/13/1804Irvings Advent
Jacob C. MottVolume 112/29/18041/8/1805Irving's Advent
Jacob C. MottVolume 212/29/18041/8/1805Irving's Advent
Robert TroupVolume 21/8/18051/26/1805Irvings Advent.
Abraham K. BeekmanVolume 11/15/18051/23/1805Irvings Advent.
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 17/11/18057/11/1805Irving's Advent
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 27/11/18057/11/1805Irving's Advent
Nathaniel Hawxhurst7/15/18057/24/1805Irvings Adventures
James Roosevelt7/25/18057/31/1805Irving's Adventures
Montgomery HuntVolume 18/31/18059/11/1805Irving's Advent.
Montgomery HuntVolume 28/31/18059/11/1805Irving's Advent.
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