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John Adams

A defence of the constitutions of government of the United States of America, By John Adams, LL.D. And a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences at Boston.

London: Printed for C. Dilly, in the Poultry, 1787.
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A defence of the constitutions of government of the United States of America, By John Adams, LL.D. And a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences at Boston. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Edward Greswold8/17/1789Adams's Defence - return'd Self
Egbert BensonVolume 38/19/17898/28/1789Defence of the Am. ConstitutionSelf
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 28/28/17898/31/1789Adam's DefenceSelf
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 28/28/17899/18/1789Adam's DefenceSelf
John Stevens, Jr.Volume 311/20/178911/30/1789Defence Amer: Constitutions
John Stevens, Jr.Volume 311/20/178911/30/1789Defence of American Consti.
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 32/26/17903/1/1790Adam's Defense
William Cock5/28/17907/13/17902s/8pAdam's Defence
Peter WilsonVolume 18/26/17909/4/1790Adam's Defence
Peter WilsonVolume 19/4/17909/14/1790" con
Peter WilsonVolume 19/14/17909/30/1790" con
Peter WilsonVolume 29/30/179010/19/1790"
Peter WilsonVolume 210/19/179010/22/1790" con
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 111/24/179011/27/1790Adam's Defence
Gilbert Colden Willett6/19/17917/21/17911s/1dAdam's Defence
Henry MastertonVolume 27/23/17917/25/1791Adam's Defence
John JohnsonVolume 13/29/17924/5/1792Adam's Defence
James C. RooseveltVolume 12/8/18002/25/1800Adams Defense
Robert W. PearsallVolume 22/20/18003/13/1800Adam's Defence
Thomas SalterVolume 13/7/18004/8/18001/6Adam's Defence
James JayVolume 16/24/18008/28/18003/1Adam's Defence
Andrew SmithVolume 19/12/18009/29/18003dAdam's Defence
Edmund KirbyVolume 110/9/180010/22/1800Adam's Defence
Edmund KirbyVolume 210/22/180010/24/1800"
Richard WardVolume 111/12/180011/27/1800Adam's Defence
Jacob RickettsVolume 18/22/18019/14/18014dAdam's Defence
John OnderdonckVolume 11/23/18022/2/1802Adam's Defence
James R. SmithVolume 13/31/18024/14/1802Adam's Defence
James R. SmithVolume 28/2/18028/23/1802Adam's Defence
James R. SmithVolume 38/23/18029/13/1802"
James R. SmithVolume 39/13/18029/13/1802"
John KingslandVolume 14/14/18034/18/1803Adam's Defence
John KingslandVolume 24/18/18034/25/1803"
John KingslandVolume 34/26/18035/14/1803"
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 16/21/18057/5/1805Adam's Defence
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 26/21/18057/5/1805Adam's Defence
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 36/21/18057/5/1805Adam's Defence
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