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George Keate

An account of the Pelew Islands, situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. Composed from the journals and communications of Captain Henry Wilson, and some of his officers, who, in August 1783, were there shipwrecked in the Antelope, a Packet Belonging to the Hon. East India Company. By George Keate, Esq. F. R. E. and S. A.

Dublin: Luke White, 1793.
Status to be determined
An account of the Pelew Islands, situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. Composed from the journals and communications of Captain Henry Wilson, and some of his officers, who, in August 1783, were there shipwrecked in the Antelope, a Packet Belonging to the Hon. East India Company. By George Keate, Esq. F. R. E. and S. A. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
James Saidler8/7/17898/19/1789Wilson's Pelew IslandsSelf
Richard Harison8/31/17899/11/1789Wilson's Pelew IslandsSelf
Charles Wilkes9/11/17899/14/1789Wilson's Pelew IslandsSelf
John G. Leake9/16/17899/23/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
Israel Wilkes9/23/17899/25/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
Peter Jay Munro9/25/17899/30/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
John P. Pearss10/5/178910/9/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
Marinus Oudenaarde10/12/178910/14/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
William Laight10/28/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands - Returned 
Samuel Bradhurst11/16/178911/27/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
Garrett Abeel11/27/178912/2/1789Wilsons Pelew Islands
Alexander Robertson12/2/178912/11/1789Wilsons Pelew Islands
William Walton12/18/178912/30/1789Wilson's Pelew Islands
Patrick Murdoch1/6/17901/6/1790Wilson's Pelew Islands
John D. Mercier1/6/17901/11/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
John Watts1/11/17901/18/1790Wilson's Pillow Islands
John Lawrence1/25/17901/29/1790Wilson Pelew Islands
Robert R. Randall2/1/17902/3/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands"
Thomas Ludlow2/10/17902/12/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Lieut. Col. George Turnbull2/15/17902/22/1790Wilson's Pelew Islands
Anthony L. Bleecker2/24/17903/12/1790Wilsons Pelew Island
Alexander Robertson3/15/17903/19/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Samuel Bard3/19/17904/7/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Anthony L. Bleecker4/7/17904/26/1790Wilsons Pelew Island
John Murray4/28/17905/14/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Thomas Buchanan5/31/17906/11/1790Wilsons Pelu Island
Cornelius I. Bogart6/12/17906/17/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Solomon Saltus6/24/17907/1/1790Wilson's Pelew Islands
William Turnbull7/1/17907/6/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Hugh Henderson7/6/17907/26/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
John Parsons7/26/17908/7/1790Wilson's Pelew Islands
John Jay9/2/17909/3/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Robert Lenox9/6/17909/16/1790Pelew Islands
Peter Masterton9/17/179010/4/1790Wilsons Pelew Island
James Roosevelt10/4/179010/15/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Moses Rogers10/26/179011/17/17902dWilsons pelew Islands
George Morewood11/19/179012/3/1790Wilsons pelew Islands
Alexander Robertson12/13/179012/29/1790Wilsons Pelew Islands
Benjamin Moore12/29/17901/13/1791Pelew Islands
John Hone1/15/17911/19/1791Pelew Islands
James Renwick1/19/17911/24/1791Willson Pelew Islands
Samuel Dunscomb2/5/17912/7/1791Wilsons pelew Islands
John Jordan Morgan2/8/17912/9/1791Pelew Island
Charles Bridgen2/11/17912/24/1791Williams Pelew Islands
Matthew M. Clarkson2/22/17913/23/17911s/6pWilsons Pelew Islands
David M. Clarkson2/22/17912/22/1791Wilsons Pelew Islands
Daniel Crommelin Verplanck3/29/17914/1/1791Wilson's Pelew Islands
Alexander Phoenix4/7/17914/11/1791Wilsons Pelew Islands
Abraham Brinckerhoff4/14/17914/20/1791Pelew Islands
Walter W. Heyer5/29/17916/6/1791Wilsons Pelew Islands
Samuel Jones7/27/17917/31/1791Wilson Pelew Islands
Robert Smyth8/11/17918/14/1791Wilson Pelew Islands
Lambert Schenk8/12/17918/26/1791502
George Pigot9/26/179110/14/1791Wilsons "
George Pigot10/17/179111/4/1791" con
Josiah Blakely12/19/179112/24/1791Pelew Islands
Andrew Miller12/29/179112/31/1791Pelew Islands
Peter R. Maverick12/31/17911/4/1792Wilsons pelew Islands
George Bond1/5/17921/10/1792Pelew Islands
Abraham Brinckerhoff1/10/17921/17/1792Wilsons Pelew Islands
Sampson Fleming1/18/17921/29/1792Willsons Pelew Is.
John Stevens, III1/24/17921/30/1792Pelew Islands
Samuel Bradhurst1/30/17922/22/17922pWilson Pelew Islands
Abraham Ludlow2/22/17923/9/1792Wilson Pelew Island
Lewis Ogden3/9/17923/19/1792Pelew Islands
Edward Goold3/19/17923/20/1792Pelew Islands
William Walton4/10/17924/16/1792Wilson's Pelew Islands
Isaac Livesay4/16/17925/1/1792Pelew Islands
Margaret Cunningham1/21/18001/30/1800Wilsons P. Island
Margaret Cunningham1/30/18002/17/1800"
Margaret Cunningham2/17/18002/27/1800"
Benjamin Moore10/31/180011/5/1800Wilsons Voyage
James Parsons12/1/180012/13/1800Wilsons Voyage
George Barnewall12/3/180012/3/1800Pelew Island
Manuel Myers12/3/180012/13/1800Pelew Island
Henry Seaman1/16/18011/30/1801Pelew Island
Charles Rhind2/5/18012/21/1801Wilsons Voyage
Matthew Clarkson2/25/18012/25/1801Wilson's Pelew Island
James Inglis Jr.2/26/18013/31/1801Wilson's Voyage
Peter Wilson3/5/18013/19/1801Wilsons Voyage
Charles Taylor3/31/18014/17/1801Wilsons Voyage
John Parsons4/8/18014/13/1801Pelew Islands
Francis Cooper4/18/18014/22/1801Pelew Islands
John Utt4/19/18014/18/1801Pelew Island
Peter Irving4/22/18015/9/1801Wilson's Voyage
Rich Harison8/17/18018/18/1801Wilsons Voyage
William Richardson1/21/18021/26/1802Wilsons Voyage
Robert McMennomy2/4/18022/8/1802Pelew Islands
Robert McMennomy2/11/18022/24/1802Pelew Islands
George Cock2/18/18023/2/1802Keates Pelew Islands
William Samuel Johnson3/11/18025/4/1802Wilsons Voyage
James Bleecker5/10/18026/9/1802Wilson's Voyage
John Ellis5/18/18025/24/1802Pelew Islands
John Ellis5/18/18025/24/1802Pelew Islands
Christian Schultz5/27/18026/7/1802Keates P. Islands
Charlotte Smith6/7/18026/10/1802Keates P Islands
Frederick Garner7/31/18028/7/1802Keates P. Islands
Isaac Burr10/6/180210/13/1802Pelew Islands
Elbert Anderson11/9/180211/10/1802Wilson's Pelew Island
Valentine Seaman11/19/180211/22/1802Pelew Islands
James W. Nicholson1/15/18031/15/1803Wilsons P Islands
Andrew Mitchell1/20/18031/29/1803Pelew Islands
John Sullivan3/1/18033/3/1803Keates P. Islands
Andrew Gifford3/4/18036/17/180310/3Wilsons Voyages
Jacob Radcliff3/4/18033/12/1803Keates P. Islands
John P. Schermerhorn5/12/18035/19/1803Keates P. Islands
Nancy Ivers6/11/18036/25/1803P Islands
John Forbes8/6/18037/18/1803Keates P IslandsStanstioy
John Wood8/17/18038/24/1803Wilson's Voyage
John Dodgson11/14/180311/24/1803Wilson's Voyage
John Jordan Morgan1/10/18041/24/1804Wilson's Voyage
James Turk4/18/18044/21/1804Wilsons P Islands
Gulian Ludlow5/5/18045/21/1804Pelew Islands
James Bruen6/15/18046/21/1804Wilson's Pelew Islands
Gulian Verplanck7/16/18047/19/1804Keates P Islands
Colonel Melancton Smith8/16/18048/20/1804Pelew Island
Andrew Cock9/1/18049/11/1804Pelew Island
Anna Lockman9/3/18049/15/1804Pelew Island
Henry M. Van Solingen9/15/18049/18/1804Pelew Island
Peter Allair11/12/180411/17/1804Cooke's Wilson's Pelew Island
George Hunter12/3/180412/5/1804Keats Pe. Islands
Walter Mitchell2/1/18052/18/1805Wilson's Voyage
James Beekman2/11/18052/19/1805Pelew Islands
John Shaw2/22/18052/26/1805P. Islands
John Jacob Astor3/9/18053/18/1805Keate's P. Islands
Thomas Cadle5/30/18056/11/1805Pilew Islands
John Ellis6/12/18056/25/1805Pelew Islands
Christopher Wolfe6/12/18057/2/1805Pelew Islands
Alexander Mowatt7/11/18058/8/1805Pelew Islands
William Laight12/6/180512/6/1805Pelew Islands
Christian Nestel12/19/180512/28/1805Pelew Islands
Solomon Townsend12/21/180512/28/1805Pelew Islands
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