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The modern traveller; being a collection of useful and entertaining travels, lately made into various countries: ... Illustrated with maps and ornamental views. ...

London: Printed for T. Lowndes, 1776-77.
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The modern traveller; being a collection of useful and entertaining travels, lately made into various countries: ... Illustrated with maps and ornamental views. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John H. LivingstonVolume 18/5/17898/12/1789Modern Travellerson
John H. LivingstonVolume 28/12/17898/21/1789Modern Travellerson
John LawrenceVolume 18/12/17898/14/1789Modern Travellerson
John R. B. RodgersVolume 13/1/17903/3/1790Modern Traveller
Garrett AbeelVolume 24/16/17904/19/1790Modern Traveller
Daniel PhoenixVolume 24/23/17904/26/1790Modern Traveller
Solomon SaltusVolume 26/7/17906/11/1790Mod. Traveller
Henry RemsenVolume 28/14/17908/16/1790Modern Traveller
Wright PostVolume 29/1/17909/10/1790Modern traveller
Abraham HerringVolume 210/1/179010/6/1790Mod. Traveller
John L. NortonVolume 211/26/179011/29/1790Mod Traveller
Moses RogersVolume 212/6/17901/11/17911/10dMod traveller
James RenwickVolume 21/14/17911/17/1791Mod. Traveller
John MurrayVolume 22/3/17912/5/1791Modern Traveller
Garrett AbeelVolume 43/1/17913/3/1791Modern Traveller
Henry Ten BrookVolume 211/5/179111/17/1791Modern Traveller
Sidney PhoenixVolume 511/14/179111/21/1791Mod traveller
Henry Ten BrookVolume 411/17/179111/21/1791"
Lewis Ogden1/19/17921/20/1792Modern Traveller
Lewis OgdenVolume 41/25/17922/6/1792Modern Traveller
Lewis OgdenVolume 52/6/17922/21/17926d"
Edmund SeamanVolume 62/6/17923/10/1792Mod. Traveler
Gilbert SaltonstaleVolume 22/9/17922/10/1792Modern Traveller
Alsop HuntVolume 22/25/17923/6/1792Modern Traveller
John P. PearssVolume 42/29/17923/1/1792Mod. Trav.
Edmund SeamanVolume 53/10/17923/19/1792"
Thomas SalterVolume 23/19/17923/20/1792Mod traveller
Edmund SeamanVolume 43/19/17923/24/1792"
Elizabeth DePeysterVolume 23/21/17923/28/1792Modern Traveller
Edmund SeamanVolume 53/24/17923/24/1792"
Samuel JonesVolume 23/28/17923/31/1792Mod Traveller
Edmund SeamanVolume 14/3/17924/14/1792Mod. Traveler
John Ten EyckVolume 44/4/17924/13/1792Mod. Traveler
Robert BoydVolume 44/14/17925/8/1792Mod Traveller
Isaac CockVolume 19/14/18029/19/1802Travels round World
George GosmanVolume 211/15/180311/26/18032dModern Travels
George GosmanVolume 26/19/18046/26/1804Modern Traveller
George Christian AnthonVolume 29/9/180511/4/1805Modern Traveller
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