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François Tott

Memoirs of Baron de Tott : containing the state of the Turkish Empire and the Crimea, during the late war with Russia : with numerous anecdotes, facts, and observations, on the manners and customs of the Turks and Tartars / translated from the French.

London: Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Pater-Noster Row, 1785.
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Memoirs of Baron de Tott : containing the state of the Turkish Empire and the Crimea, during the late war with Russia : with numerous anecdotes, facts, and observations, on the manners and customs of the Turks and Tartars / translated from the French. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William HendersonVolume 18/5/17898/7/1789Baron de TottSelf
William HendersonVolume 28/7/17898/10/1789Baron de TottSelf
William HendersonVolume 38/10/17898/14/1789Baron de TottSelf
Edward GreswoldVolume 18/14/17898/19/1789Baron de TottSelf
Edward GreswoldVolume 38/14/17898/19/1789Baron de TottSelf
Edward GreswoldVolume 28/14/17898/19/1789Baron de TottSelf
Cornelius RayVolume 18/19/17898/24/1789Baron de TottSelf
John D. MercierVolume 18/24/17898/31/1789Baron TottSelf
John D. MercierVolume 28/31/17899/4/1789Baron de TottSelf
John D. MercierVolume 39/4/17899/9/1789Baron TottSelf
John JayVolume 19/7/17899/9/1789Baron de Tottson
John JayVolume 29/9/17899/11/1789Baron de Tottson
John JayVolume 39/11/17899/16/1789Baron Tott
John ParsonsVolume 19/18/17899/21/1789Baron Tott
William LaightVolume 29/18/17899/21/1789Baron Tott
John ParsonsVolume 29/28/17899/30/1789Baron De Tott
John ParsonsVolume 39/30/178910/5/1789Baron Tott
Garrett AbeelVolume 110/12/178910/16/1789Baron Tott
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 110/16/178910/21/1789Baron Tott
Garrett AbeelVolume 210/16/178910/19/1789Baron Tott
Garrett AbeelVolume 310/19/178910/23/1789Baron Tott
William BurlingVolume 210/28/178911/2/1789Baron Tott
William BurlingVolume 310/30/178911/4/1789Baron Tott
William WaltonVolume 111/13/178911/18/1789Baron Tott
William WaltonVolume 211/18/178911/20/1789Baron De Tott
William WaltonVolume 211/18/178911/20/1789Baron Tott
William WaltonVolume 311/20/178911/27/1789"
William WaltonVolume 311/20/178911/27/1789Baron de Tott
Effingham EmbreeVolume 111/30/178912/9/1789Baron De Tott
Effingham EmbreeVolume 212/9/178912/16/1789"
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 112/11/178912/18/1789Baron Tott
Effingham EmbreeVolume 312/16/178912/28/1789"
Henry HaydockVolume 112/18/178912/23/1789Baron de Tott
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 212/18/178912/21/1789"
Henry HaydockVolume 212/23/178912/28/1789"
John O'ConnorVolume 112/28/178912/30/1789Baron Tott
Isaac M. GomezVolume 112/30/17891/4/1790Baron Tott
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 312/30/17891/4/1790Baron Tott
John O'ConnorVolume 212/30/17891/4/1790"
John O'ConnorVolume 31/4/17901/6/1790"
Henry HaydockVolume 31/6/17901/11/1790Baron Tott
Samuel NichollVolume 11/8/17901/18/1790Baron Tott
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 11/18/17901/20/1790Baron Tott
Samuel NichollVolume 21/18/17901/22/1790"
John BlaggeVolume 11/22/17901/27/1790Baron tott
Samuel NichollVolume 31/22/17901/25/1790"
John BlaggeVolume 21/27/17902/8/1790"
Israel WilkesVolume 12/1/17902/3/1790Baron Tott
Walter RutherfurdVolume 12/8/17902/10/1790Baron
Walter RutherfurdVolume 32/10/17902/15/1790"
Walter RutherfurdVolume 22/10/17902/15/1790"
Samuel DunscombVolume 12/22/17902/24/1790Baron Tott
Samuel DunscombVolume 22/24/17902/26/1790"
William BowneVolume 12/26/17903/10/1790Baron Tott
Samuel DunscombVolume 32/26/17903/3/1790"
William BowneVolume 23/10/17903/19/1790"
Israel WilkesVolume 23/19/17903/29/1790Baron Tott
Israel WilkesVolume 34/7/17904/12/1790Baron Tott
Gulian VerplanckVolume 14/19/17904/21/1790Baron Tott
Peter KettletasVolume 15/26/17905/28/1790Barron De Todt
William TurnbullVolume 16/2/17906/7/1790Baron Tott
Peter KettletasVolume 26/14/17906/16/1790Baron Tott
Peter KettletasVolume 36/16/17906/18/1790"
Louis SimondVolume 19/6/17909/9/1790Baron Tott
Louis SimondVolume 29/9/17909/16/1790"
Louis SimondVolume 39/16/17909/22/1790"
John LawrenceVolume 19/27/17903/24/1791Baron Tott
John LawrenceVolume 29/27/17903/24/1791Baron Tott
Jeremiah WoolVolume 110/10/179011/11/1790Baron Polnutze
Alexander MacombVolume 110/15/179010/25/1790Baron Tott
Malachi Treat1/22/17911/23/1791Barron Detott
Abraham Varick2/1/17912/6/1791Barron de Tott
Samuel JonesVolume 16/16/17916/17/1791Barron de Tott
Daniel PhoenixVolume 17/30/17918/2/1791Baron de Tots
John P. MumfordVolume 111/8/179111/12/1791Tott
John P. MumfordVolume 311/12/179111/22/1791"
Robert SmythVolume 111/17/179111/20/1791Baron Tott
William ArmstrongVolume 111/22/179112/1/1791Baron Tott
William ArmstrongVolume 312/2/179112/7/1791"
John YouleVolume 11/5/17921/7/1792Baron Polnitz
Charles ShawVolume 11/8/17921/13/1792Barron De Tott
David Gelston2/23/17923/3/1792Barron de Tott
Ephraim HartVolume 13/31/17924/7/1792Tott
John P. PearssVolume 14/11/17924/17/1792Tott
Ephraim HartVolume 24/11/17924/13/1792Tott
Ephraim HartVolume 24/16/17924/17/1792Tott
John P. PearssVolume 24/18/17924/25/1792Tott
Garrett AbeelVolume 24/24/17925/7/1792Tott
George C. MortonVolume 14/27/17924/27/1792Totts
William BowneVolume 112/18/17991/7/1800Baron de Tott
James WatsonVolume 13/6/18023/17/1802Baron de Tott
Abraham VarickVolume 13/27/18023/30/1802Baron de Tott
James WatsonVolume 311/8/180211/13/1802Baron De Tott
James WatsonVolume 211/8/180211/13/1802Baron De Tott
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 111/22/180212/2/1802Baron De Tott
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 112/2/180212/10/1802"
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 212/10/180212/14/1802"
Henry SandsVolume 11/4/18031/6/1803Baron de Tott
Israel HavelandVolume 11/4/18031/17/1803Baron de Tott
Henry SandsVolume 21/6/18031/7/1803"
Henry SandsVolume 31/7/18031/8/1803"
Allard AnthonyVolume 12/9/18032/15/1803Baron Tott
Allard AnthonyVolume 32/9/18032/15/1803Baron Tott
Allard AnthonyVolume 22/9/18032/15/1803Baron Tott
Abraham BrowerVolume 13/5/18033/12/1803Baron de Tott
DeWitt ClintonVolume 16/18/18037/7/1803Baron Tott
DeWitt ClintonVolume 36/18/18037/7/1803Baron Tott
DeWitt ClintonVolume 26/18/18037/7/1803Baron Tott
James StuartVolume 112/12/180312/27/1803De Totts Memoirs
William DenningVolume 112/28/18031/18/1804Baron de Tott
William DenningVolume 312/28/18031/18/1804Baron de Tott
William DenningVolume 212/28/18031/18/1804Baron de Tott
William WaltonVolume 14/5/18044/10/1804Baron de Tott
William WaltonVolume 34/10/18044/20/1804"
William WaltonVolume 24/10/18044/20/1804"
Josiah Ogden HoffmanVolume 16/5/18046/7/1804De Totts Memoirs
Samuel BerrianVolume 17/21/18048/13/1804Baronde Tott
Samuel BerrianVolume 37/21/18048/13/1804Baronde Tott
Samuel BerrianVolume 27/21/18048/13/1804Baronde Tott
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 16/18/18056/26/1805Baron de Tott
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 36/26/18057/11/1805"
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 26/26/18057/11/1805"
Martin HoffmanVolume 112/19/180512/23/1805Baron de Tott
Martin HoffmanVolume 212/23/18051/3/1806"
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