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Nathaniel Hooke

The Roman history, from the building of Rome to the ruin of the Commonwealth. Illustrated with maps and other plates. By N. Hooke, Esq.

London: Printed for J. and R. Tonson; G. Hawkins; and T. Longman., 1766.
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The Roman history, from the building of Rome to the ruin of the Commonwealth. Illustrated with maps and other plates. By N. Hooke, Esq. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Isaac M. GomezVolume 77/24/17898/12/1789Hooke's Roman Histy.Self
John HoneVolume 97/24/17897/31/1789Hooke's Roman Histy.Self
John HoneVolume 107/31/17898/12/1789Hooke's Rom. Histy.
John TurnerVolume 28/12/17899/9/1789Hooke's Rom. HistyJno. Ledger for Jno. Jr.
Isaac M. GomezVolume 88/12/17898/21/1789Hooke's Rom. HistySelf
John HoneVolume 118/12/17898/21/1789"boy
Isaac M. GomezVolume 99/7/17899/14/1789Hooke's R. HistySelf
John TurnerVolume 39/9/178910/9/17891s/6dHooke's Rom. HistyMr. Ledger
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 19/11/17899/23/1789Hooke's Rom. HistySelf
Isaac M. GomezVolume 109/11/17899/14/1789Hooke's Rom. Histy
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 29/23/17899/28/1789Hooke's R. Histy.
Samuel Nicholl9/30/178910/26/178910Hooke's R.H.
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 310/21/178911/11/1789Hooke's R. Hist.
James Miles HughesVolume 110/30/178911/25/1789Hooke's Rom. Hist.
Marinus WillettVolume 411/4/178911/11/1789Hooke's Rom His.
Israel WilkesVolume 511/9/178911/11/1789Hooke's R. Hist
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 411/11/178911/23/1789Hooke's Rom Hist
Israel WilkesVolume 611/11/178911/18/1789Hooke's Rom Hist
Israel WilkesVolume 711/16/178911/20/1789Hooke's Rom. Hist.
Israel WilkesVolume 811/20/178911/25/1789Hooke's Roman History
Israel WilkesVolume 811/20/178911/25/1789Hooke's Roman History
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 511/23/178912/11/1789Hooke's Roman History
Israel WilkesVolume 911/25/178911/27/1789"
Israel WilkesVolume 1011/27/178911/30/1789"
Israel WilkesVolume 1111/30/178912/2/1789"
John TurnerVolume 412/2/178912/9/1789Hooke's Rom. Hist.
John TurnerVolume 512/9/178912/11/1789"
John TurnerVolume 612/11/178912/18/1789"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 712/11/178912/18/1789"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 612/18/17891/4/1790"
John TurnerVolume 712/18/178912/28/1789"
John TurnerVolume 812/28/178912/30/1789"
John TurnerVolume 912/30/17892/3/1790"
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 11/4/17901/6/1790Hooke's Rom. Hist.
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 71/4/17901/13/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 81/13/17901/29/1790"
John TurnerVolume 31/27/17902/9/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 101/29/17902/12/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 92/12/17902/22/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 112/22/17902/26/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 12/26/17903/1/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 23/1/17903/15/1790"
John TurnerVolume 103/10/17903/15/1790Hooke's Rom. Hist.
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 33/15/17904/9/17906p"
John TurnerVolume 113/15/17903/19/1790"
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 54/9/17905/3/17906p"
John O'ConnorVolume 94/14/17904/16/1790Hooks Rom Hist
John O'ConnorVolume 104/16/17904/21/1790"
John O'ConnorVolume 114/21/17904/26/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 25/24/17906/14/1790Hookes Roman His
Joseph StringhamVolume 15/26/17906/2/1790Hooke's Roman Hist.
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 16/3/17906/11/1790Hook's Rom. History
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 26/19/17906/30/1790Hook's Rom. History
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 37/1/17907/13/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 47/30/17908/10/1790Hook's Rom. History
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 58/10/17908/23/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 68/23/17909/1/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 79/1/17909/10/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 89/10/17909/23/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 99/23/179010/13/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 1010/13/179010/29/1790"
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 1110/26/179010/30/1790"
James Miles HughesVolume 211/23/179012/11/1790Hookes Rom. History
Isaac M. GomezVolume 111/30/179011/30/1790Hookes Rom history
Alexander HosackVolume 112/1/179012/10/1790Hookes Rom His
James Miles HughesVolume 212/11/179012/18/1790Hookes Rom. Hist. renewed
James Miles HughesVolume 312/18/179012/20/17902d"
James Miles HughesVolume 312/20/17901/10/1791"renewed
Alexander RobertsonVolume 21/4/17911/10/1791Hookes Rom Hist
James Miles HughesVolume 31/10/17911/31/1791
John S. SchermerhornVolume 11/11/17912/1/1791Hooke rom emp.
James Miles HughesVolume 32/1/17912/17/1791" con
James Miles HughesVolume 32/17/17913/8/1791Hookes Rom hist cont
Edward GreswoldVolume 12/18/17913/16/17913pHookes Rom hist
James Miles HughesVolume 43/8/17913/29/1791"
James Miles HughesVolume 43/29/17915/26/179110dHook Rom his. 4 Con
John S. SchermerhornVolume 14/12/17915/6/17911sHooke rom. History
James Miles HughesVolume 14/12/1791"Jany
John S. SchermerhornVolume 15/7/17915/14/1791" con
John S. SchermerhornVolume 25/14/17916/3/1791"
Abraham HerringVolume 16/30/17917/9/1791Hooks Rom. hist
Abraham Herring7/9/17917/19/1791" con
John S. SchermerhornVolume 17/20/17918/12/17916p"
John S. SchermerhornVolume 18/12/17918/18/1791" con
John S. SchermerhornVolume 28/18/17919/6/1791"
John S. SchermerhornVolume 29/7/17919/16/1791" con
John S. SchermerhornVolume 39/16/179110/6/1791"
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 310/3/179110/3/1791Hooks
John S. SchermerhornVolume 310/6/179110/22/1791"
Leonard KipVolume 110/10/179110/10/1791HookBlagg
John S. SchermerhornVolume 410/22/179111/12/1791"
John S. SchermerhornVolume 411/12/179111/30/1791" con
John S. SchermerhornVolume 511/30/179112/22/17914p"
William BardVolume 112/19/179112/27/1791Hooke
John S. SchermerhornVolume 512/22/17911/12/1792Hooke
William BardVolume 212/27/17911/6/1792"
William BardVolume 31/6/17921/16/1792"
John S. SchermerhornVolume 51/12/17921/13/1792" con
William BardVolume 41/16/17921/23/1792"
William BardVolume 51/23/17922/7/1792"
William BardVolume 62/7/17922/13/1792"
William BardVolume 72/13/17922/22/1792"
Augustus Van HorneVolume 12/21/17922/23/1792Hooke Roman Hist.
William BardVolume 82/22/17922/28/1792"
William BardVolume 92/28/17923/7/1792"
William BardVolume 103/7/17923/16/1792"
William BardVolume 113/16/17923/23/1792"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 13/23/17923/29/1792Hooke
Peter Jay Munro3/29/17923/31/1792"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 33/31/17924/2/1792"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 24/2/17924/3/1792"
Walter B. HuntVolume 28/3/17998/8/1799Hookes Rom. History
John SeamanVolume 98/6/179911/1/17998dHookes R History
Walter B. HuntVolume 38/8/17998/14/1799"
Walter B. HuntVolume 48/14/17998/15/1799"
Walter B. HuntVolume 58/15/17998/17/1799"
Robert CrommelineVolume 12/1/18002/8/1800Hookes R. Hist
Thomas SalterVolume 12/28/18003/5/1800Hooke R. History
Charles S. Cutting3/13/18003/13/1800Hookes R History
Sands PellVolume 13/21/18003/25/1800Hookes R History
Sands PellVolume 23/25/18003/28/1800"
Sands PellVolume 33/28/18003/28/1800"
Sands PellVolume 73/28/18005/12/18002d"
Daniel CromwellVolume 48/5/18008/8/1800Hookes R. Hist
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 12/28/18013/4/1801Hookes R Hist
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 23/4/18013/11/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 33/11/18013/27/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 43/27/18014/4/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 54/4/18014/29/18018dHookes R History
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 64/29/18015/5/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 75/5/18015/25/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 85/25/18016/1/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 96/1/18016/6/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 17/18/18018/8/1801Hookes R Hist
Peter IrvingVolume 47/27/18018/24/18012/2Hookes R History
John L. BowneVolume 18/8/18018/22/1801"
Gabriel FurmanVolume 98/8/18018/11/1801Hooke's Roman History
Gabriel FurmanVolume 108/11/18018/21/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 28/22/18019/4/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 39/4/18019/18/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 49/18/180110/6/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 510/6/180110/15/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 510/29/180111/5/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 711/5/180111/10/1801"
Sands PellVolume 111/14/180111/16/1801Hookes R History
Sands PellVolume 211/16/180111/18/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 611/18/180111/24/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 711/24/180112/12/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 812/12/180112/26/1801"
John L. BowneVolume 912/26/18011/7/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 112/28/18011/4/1802Hookes Rome
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 21/4/18021/13/1802Hookes R History
John L. BowneVolume 101/7/18021/23/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 31/13/18021/18/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 41/18/18021/20/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 51/20/18021/22/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 61/22/18021/25/1802"
John L. BowneVolume 111/23/18022/12/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 71/25/18022/1/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 82/1/18022/13/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 92/13/18022/18/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 102/18/18022/24/1802"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 112/24/18023/6/1802"
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 14/6/18024/10/1802Hookes R History
John NitchieVolume 15/26/18026/7/1802Hookes R Hist
John NitchieVolume 26/7/18026/22/1802"
Robert HunterVolume 66/11/18026/11/1802Hookes R. Hist
Robert HunterVolume 76/11/18026/26/1802"
Peter AndersonVolume 116/14/18026/29/1802Hookes R Hist
Robert HunterVolume 86/29/18027/8/1802"
Peter AndersonVolume 106/29/18027/10/1802"
Robert HunterVolume 97/8/18027/14/1802"
Ann PierceVolume 17/14/18027/17/1802Hookes R History
Robert HunterVolume 107/14/18027/22/1802"
Ann PierceVolume 27/17/18027/30/1802"
Peter AndersonVolume 77/17/18027/31/1802Hookes R History
Peter AndersonVolume 87/17/18027/31/1802Hookes R History
Peter AndersonVolume 97/17/18027/31/1802Hookes R History
Ann PierceVolume 37/30/18028/16/1802"
William MooreVolume 18/2/18028/17/1802Hookes R Hist
William MooreVolume 39/27/18029/30/1802"
Malcolm CampbellVolume 19/28/180211/13/1802Hooks R. Hist
William MooreVolume 49/30/180210/18/1802"
William MooreVolume 510/18/180211/9/1802"
William MooreVolume 411/9/180211/30/1802"
William MooreVolume 411/30/180212/20/1802"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 111/19/180311/30/1803Hookes R Hist
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 211/30/180312/6/1803"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 312/6/180312/10/1803"
Catherine HillVolume 112/24/180312/27/1803Hooks R. History
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 412/27/18031/20/1804Hookes R History
Catherine HillVolume 212/31/18031/16/1804Hooks R. History
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 61/20/18041/20/1804"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 71/26/18041/31/1804"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 81/31/18042/4/1804"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 92/4/18042/9/1804"
James StuartVolume 92/27/18043/3/1804Hookes R H
James StuartVolume 102/27/18043/3/1804Hookes R H
James StuartVolume 112/27/18043/3/1804Hookes R H
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 25/17/18045/31/1804Hookes R Hist
James JayVolume 15/28/18046/6/1804Hookes Roman Hist
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 25/31/18046/2/1804"
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 36/2/18046/13/1804"
James JayVolume 26/6/18046/30/1804"
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 46/25/18047/7/1804"
James JayVolume 26/30/18047/7/1804"
James JayVolume 37/7/18047/7/1804"
James JayVolume 37/7/18047/7/1804"
William MooreVolume 57/7/18047/22/1804Hookes R Hist
James JayVolume 68/8/18048/14/1804"
James JayVolume 78/14/18048/14/1804"
James JayVolume 88/14/18048/14/1804"
William MooreVolume 88/16/18049/6/1804Hookes R Hist
William MooreVolume 99/6/18049/17/1804"
William MooreVolume 109/17/18049/29/1804"
Peter HawesVolume 59/28/180410/11/1804Hookes R. Hist
William MooreVolume 119/29/180410/16/1804"
Peter HawesVolume 610/11/180410/18/1804"
Peter HawesVolume 710/18/180410/22/1804"
Edward R. JonesVolume 22/9/18053/2/1805Hookes R. Hist
Edward R. JonesVolume 13/2/18054/1/18052/4"
Edward R. JonesVolume 24/1/18054/2/18052/4"
William WheelerVolume 24/6/18054/27/1805Hookes R Hist
Edward R. JonesVolume 34/22/18055/22/18052/6"
William WheelerVolume 24/27/18055/15/1805"
William WheelerVolume 45/15/18055/15/1805"
William WheelerVolume 55/15/18055/15/1805"
Theophilus W. SmithVolume 15/18/18056/3/1805Hookes R Hist.
Theophilus W. SmithVolume 25/18/18056/3/1805Hookes R Hist.
Theophilus W. SmithVolume 16/3/18057/17/18053/10"
Theophilus W. SmithVolume 26/3/18057/17/18053/10"
Edward R. JonesVolume 47/29/18058/12/1805Hookes R. Hist
Edward R. JonesVolume 58/12/180511/5/1805Hookes R. Hist
Edward R. JonesVolume 611/5/180511/30/18058dHookes R. Hist
Edward R. JonesVolume 711/30/1805"
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