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Patrick Brydone

A tour through Sicily and Malta. In a series of letters to William Beckford, from P. Brydone, in two volumes

London: Printed for W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1773.
ESTC records 17 instantiations of this text between 1773 and 1789, any of which could have circulated at the Society Library.  The title does not appear in the 1813 catalog. The 1838 catalog lists a 1798 "Greenleaf" edition (probably a miscataloging of one of three issues from Greenfield, Mass.; ESTC W28337, W28153, W1854).

We have cataloged the 1773 edition because the Society Library holds a copy in the collection today, acquired between 1838 and 1850.
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A tour through Sicily and Malta. In a series of letters to William Beckford, from P. Brydone, in two volumes Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John Onderdonck9/14/178910/2/1789Brydone's TourSelf
William Walton10/28/178911/5/1789Brydone's Tour
Polydore B. Wisner11/16/178911/20/1789Brydone's Tour
Daniel Crommelin Verplanck11/27/178912/9/1789Brydone's Tour
William Linn1/18/17901/29/1790Brydone's Tour
Gerard W. Beekman3/5/17903/17/1790Brydones Tour
James Roosevelt3/17/17903/19/1790Brydons Tour
John Jay4/12/17904/19/1790Brydone's Tour
Samuel Griffin4/19/17905/10/1790Brydones Tour
John R. B. RodgersVolume 15/26/17906/8/1790Brydone's Tour
Robert R. Randall8/6/17908/31/17908dBrydones Tour
Garrett Abeel10/6/179010/12/1790Brydons tour
Samuel Nicholl10/13/179010/26/1790Brydones Tour
James Renwick12/31/17901/14/1791Brydone's Tour
Lewis Allaire ScottVolume 12/12/17913/5/1791Brydone's Tour
Samuel Platt Broome2/24/17912/25/1791Brydone tour
Samuel Dunscomb3/7/17913/9/1791Brydones Tour
John SwaineVolume 13/10/17912/19/1791Brydone's Tour
Robert SmythVolume 13/26/17914/7/1791Brydone's Tour
Hugh Gaine4/23/17915/13/1791Brydone's Tour
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 17/15/17917/18/1791Brydone's Tour
Henry Ten BrookVolume 18/22/17918/29/1791Brydone's Tour
Robert Boyd10/18/179111/1/1791Brydones Tour
James Beekman11/19/179111/26/1791Brydones tour
Sidney Phoenix12/6/179112/12/1791Brydones tour
Michael FullamVolume 212/12/179112/16/1791Brydones Tour
Thomas Ellison1/18/17921/27/1792Bridones Tour
Samuel Delaplaine1/27/17921/31/1792Brydones Tours
William Houston2/13/17923/3/1792Bridone Tour
David M. Clarkson9/4/17999/5/1799Brydons Tour
Peter Kemble10/23/179910/24/1799Brydones Tour
Samuel Latham Mitchill11/14/17992/6/18003/6Brydon's Tour
Robert Crommeline2/18/18002/24/1800Brydons Tour
George Barnewall10/30/180011/7/1800Brydone's Tour
Isaac Van Vleeck1/7/18011/9/1801Brydon's Tour
William UnderhillVolume 21/21/18011/30/1801Brydones Tour
William UnderhillVolume 11/21/18011/30/1801Brydones Tour
James Duane2/5/18012/17/1801Brydon's Tour
Ann PierceVolume 22/5/18012/24/18015/Brydones Tour
Thomas KnoxVolume 24/11/18014/21/1801Brydons Tour
Thomas KnoxVolume 14/11/18014/21/1801Brydons Tour
Dominick LynchVolume 24/21/18014/22/1801Brydon's Tour
Dominick LynchVolume 14/21/18014/22/1801Brydon's Tour
Benjamin S. Judah6/13/18016/20/1801Brydone's Tour
Gardiner JonesVolume 26/19/18016/22/1801Brydons Tour
Gardiner JonesVolume 16/19/18016/22/1801Brydons Tour
Gardiner Jones6/30/18017/6/1801Brydon's Tour
Robert HeatonVolume 17/18/18017/30/1801Brydon's Tour
Catharine Cox8/7/18019/1/18013dBrydones Tour
William Post10/8/180110/26/1801Bydons Tour
William Post10/8/180110/26/1801Brydons Tour
Jacob Wilkins3/6/18023/10/1802Brydon's Tour
John H. Remsen4/6/18024/13/1802Brydons Tour
John S. HunnVolume 24/9/18024/12/1802Brydons Tour
John S. HunnVolume 14/9/18024/12/1802Brydons Tour
Nicholas Van Antwerp4/14/18024/20/1802Brydon's Tour
Marinus Willett5/19/18026/2/1802Brydon's Tour
Archibald McLeanVolume 25/28/18026/19/1802Brydon's Tour
Archibald McLeanVolume 15/28/18026/19/1802Brydon's Tour
Marinus Willett6/2/18026/16/1802"
Marinus Willett6/16/18027/2/1802"
Archibald McLeanVolume 26/19/18027/6/1802Brydon's Tour
Archibald McLeanVolume 16/19/18027/6/1802Brydon's Tour
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 27/7/18027/19/1802Brydon's Tour
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17/7/18027/19/1802Brydon's Tour
Nancy Ivers9/20/18029/25/1802Brydons Tours
Nancy Ivers9/25/180211/3/1802"
Peter Augustus Jay12/3/180212/6/1802Brydone's Tour
Peter Augustus Jay12/3/180212/6/1802Brydon's Tour
Archibald McLean12/7/180212/18/1802Brydon's Tour
Peter Augustus Jay12/13/180212/16/1802Brydone's Tour
Peter Augustus Jay12/13/180212/16/1802Brydons Tour
James Faine12/28/18021/18/1803Brydone's Tour
Archibald McLeanVolume 21/11/18031/17/1803Brydon's Tour
Thomas B. Atwood2/18/18033/14/1803Brydone's Tour
William DunlapVolume 22/23/18033/7/1803Brydon's Tour
William DunlapVolume 12/23/18033/7/1803Brydon's Tour
George Christian Anthon4/11/18034/26/1803Brydone's Tour
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 14/16/18034/22/1803Brydons Tour
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 14/23/18034/26/1803Brydon's Tour
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 25/23/18036/1/1803Brydon's Tour
John Abrams5/26/18035/30/1803Brydone's Tour
George D. CooperVolume 26/25/18037/11/18034dBrydon's Tour
George D. CooperVolume 16/25/18037/11/18034dBrydon's Tour
John Onderdonck7/6/18037/20/1803Brydons Tour
John Onderdonck7/20/18037/23/1803"
John OnderdonckVolume 18/2/18038/5/1803Brydon's Tour
John Turner8/8/180312/1/18032/Brydon's Tour
John OothoudtVolume 211/30/180312/14/1803Brydon's Tour
John OothoudtVolume 111/30/180312/14/1803Brydon's Tour
Samuel TalmanVolume 23/8/18041/19/1804Brydons Tour
Samuel TalmanVolume 13/8/18041/19/1804Brydons Tour
Matthew ClarksonVolume 23/19/18043/21/1804Brydone's Tour
Matthew ClarksonVolume 13/19/18043/21/1804Brydone's Tour
John Slidell Jr.Volume 23/22/18044/3/1804Brydon's Tour
John Slidell Jr.Volume 13/22/18044/3/1804Brydon's Tour
Hugh Hartshorne7/29/18048/27/1804Brydon's Tour
George Christian AnthonVolume 18/15/18048/15/1804Brydone's Tour
William BoydVolume 28/20/18048/22/1804Brydone's Tour
William BoydVolume 18/20/18048/22/1804Brydone's Tour
George MillerVolume 28/21/180410/2/18042/2Brydon's Tour
George MillerVolume 18/21/180410/2/18042/2Brydon's Tour
Samuel M. Hopkins9/10/18049/19/1804Brydones Tour
John Ten Eyck9/21/180410/5/1804Brydons Tour
John Ten EyckVolume 29/21/180410/5/1804Brydons Tour
John Ten EyckVolume 19/21/180410/5/1804Brydons Tour
Thomas BurlingVolume 210/12/180410/26/1804Brydons Tour
Thomas BurlingVolume 110/12/180410/26/1804Brydons Tour
John EllisVolume 23/18/18053/25/1805Brydons Tour
John EllisVolume 13/18/18053/25/1805Brydons Tour
William FewVolume 24/24/18055/7/1805Brydone's Tour
William FewVolume 24/24/18055/7/1805Brydones Tour
William FewVolume 14/24/18055/7/1805Brydone's Tour
William FewVolume 14/24/18055/7/1805Brydones Tour
Benjamin Moore5/29/18056/3/1805Brydon's Tour
Marinus Willett6/27/18057/11/1805Brydon's Tour
John Myers7/12/18057/20/1805Brydon's Tour
Edmund KirbyVolume 27/16/18057/16/1805Brydons Tour
Edmund KirbyVolume 17/16/18057/16/1805Brydons Tour
Henry RutgersVolume 211/6/180511/26/18051/Brydons Tour
Henry RutgersVolume 111/6/180511/26/18051/Brydons Tour
James Bradish11/16/180511/18/18051/6Brydone's Tour
Solomon Townsend12/28/18051/13/1806Brydons Tour
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