Terena Elizabeth Bell

I don't read magazines unless I'm on the bus or subway. They're better than books for commuting or for having something to read when you're just out and about because once you're done, you can throw them away instead of having to carry them with you the rest of the day. As week six of stay-at-home came to a close, though, I was looking at quite a pile of unread issues. I don't know exactly what I was thinking. Maybe I was thinking I hated to just throw words away. Maybe I was thinking of how absolutely irrelevant Vogue feels in present day. Or maybe I was tired of being alone and just started clipping. Whatever it was, I threw together the attached visual art representations of hostage blackmail letters, but for COVID, then threw them up on Instagram. There was another one that said "need sex, send George Clooney," but my mother made me delete it.
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