All the Dogs of My Life

Elizabeth Von Arnim (1866-1941)
All the Dogs of My Life
Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Doran and Company, 1936

In Stack 11 I found All the Dogs of my Life. It is a memoir
which opens like this:

I would like, to begin with, to say that though parents, husbands,
children, lovers and friends are all very well, they are not dogs. In my
day and turn having been each of the above,—except that instead of
husbands I was wives,—I know what I am talking about, and am well
acquainted with the ups and downs, the daily ups and downs, the
sometimes almost hourly ones in the thin-skinned, which seem
inevitably to accompany human loves.

Dogs are free from these fluctuations. Once they love, they love
steadily, unchangingly, till their last breath.
That is how I like to be loved.
Therefore I will write of dogs.

What a hook.

And so wonderfully written that I did a little research and
found the author wrote under other names, and was the
writer Elizabeth Von Arnim, whose The Enchanted April
and Mr. Skeffington are well known and were both made
into excellent movies. Great photos in this memoir.

Rebecca Morrow (member)
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