John O'Connor

Borrowing activity from 11/4/1789 to 6/28/1791.
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John O'Connor Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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John O'Connor Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: N.A. RegisterVolume 178711/4/178911/13/1789
Transcribed: Vicar of Wakefield - Ret'd. Oliver Goldsmith11/13/1789
Transcribed: Grey's HudibrasZachary Grey; Samuel Butler Volume 111/13/178911/20/1789
Transcribed: Groses VoyageJohn Henry GroseVolume 111/20/178911/25/1789
Transcribed: Groses VoyageJohn Henry GroseVolume 111/20/178911/25/1789
Transcribed: "John Henry GroseVolume 211/25/178912/2/1789
Transcribed: Gordons TacitusThomas GordonVolume 112/2/178912/7/1789
Transcribed: "Thomas GordonVolume 212/7/178912/11/1789
Transcribed: "Thomas GordonVolume 312/11/178912/14/1789
Transcribed: "Thomas GordonVolume 412/14/178912/18/1789
Transcribed: Motrayes TravelsAubry de La MottrayeVolume 212/18/178912/28/1789
Transcribed: Baron TottFrançois TottVolume 112/28/178912/30/1789
Transcribed: "François TottVolume 212/30/17891/4/1790
Transcribed: "François TottVolume 31/4/17901/6/1790
Transcribed: Arabian nightsVolume 11/6/17901/20/1790
Transcribed: Gordons Am. WarWilliam GordonVolume 31/20/17901/22/1790
Transcribed: "William GordonVolume 41/22/17901/27/1790
Transcribed: Ency BritannicaVolume 21/27/17902/17/1790
Transcribed: Ann Reg.Robert DodsleyVolume 17852/17/17902/19/1790
Transcribed: Towers FredkJoseph TowersVolume 12/22/17902/24/1790
Transcribed: Gillies Fredk 2ndJohn Gillies2/24/17902/26/1790
Transcribed: Peregrine PickleTobias SmollettVolume 12/26/17903/10/1790
Transcribed: Orerrys PlinyPliny the YoungerVolume 13/10/17903/17/1790
Transcribed: Hist Herculean StraightsThomas. JamesVolume 13/17/17903/22/1790
Transcribed: Irwins AdventuresEyles Irwin3/22/17904/12/1790
Transcribed: Ansons VoyageGeorge Anson; Richard Walter4/12/17904/14/1790
Transcribed: Hooks Rom HistNathaniel HookeVolume 94/14/17904/16/1790
Transcribed: "Nathaniel HookeVolume 104/16/17904/21/1790
Transcribed: "Nathaniel HookeVolume 114/21/17904/26/1790
Transcribed: Raynal HistoryGuillaume-Thomas-François RaynalVolume 14/26/17904/30/1790
Transcribed: "Guillaume-Thomas-François RaynalVolume 24/30/17905/5/1790
Transcribed: "Guillaume-Thomas-François RaynalVolume 35/5/17906/13/1790
Transcribed: "Guillaume-Thomas-François RaynalVolume 36/12/17906/29/1790
Transcribed: Mackfirson his.James MacphersonVolume 39/7/17909/10/1790
Transcribed: Beauties MagVolume 19/10/17909/13/1790
Transcribed: "Volume 29/13/17909/16/1790
Transcribed: Barrettis TravelsGiuseppe Marco Antonio BarettiVolume 19/16/17909/17/1790
Transcribed: "Giuseppe Marco Antonio BarettiVolume 19/17/17909/18/1790
Transcribed: Coxe TravelsWilliam CoxeVolume 19/18/17909/21/1790
Transcribed: "William CoxeVolume 29/21/17909/25/1790
Transcribed: "William CoxeVolume 39/25/17909/27/1790
Transcribed: " SwitzerlandWilliam CoxeVolume 19/27/17909/28/1790
Transcribed: "William CoxeVolume 29/28/179010/4/1790
Transcribed: "William CoxeVolume 310/4/179010/9/1790
Transcribed: EmiliaMrs. Burke10/7/179010/8/1790
Transcribed: Watsons Philip 2ndRobert WatsonVolume 110/9/179010/11/1790
Transcribed: "Robert WatsonVolume 210/11/179010/13/1790
Transcribed: "Robert Watson10/13/179010/14/1790
Transcribed: Robertsons ScotlandWilliam RobertsonVolume 110/14/179010/16/1790
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 210/16/179010/18/1790
Transcribed: Voyage to AmericaVolume 110/18/179010/25/1790
Transcribed: "Volume 210/25/179010/28/1790
Transcribed: Osbecks voyagePehr OsbeckVolume 110/29/179010/30/1790
Transcribed: Fergusons Rom RepublicAdam FergusonVolume 310/30/179011/8/1790
Transcribed: "Pehr OsbeckVolume 210/30/179010/30/1790
Transcribed: GibbonEdward GibbonVolume 211/8/179011/9/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 411/9/179011/11/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 511/11/179011/15/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 611/15/179011/16/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 711/16/179011/18/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 811/18/179011/23/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 911/23/179012/2/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 1012/2/179012/8/1790
Transcribed: King PrussiaFrederic IIVolume 65/19/17915/20/1791
Transcribed: "Frederic IIVolume 75/20/17915/21/1791
Transcribed: "Frederic IIVolume 15/21/17915/25/1791
Transcribed: BuffonGeorges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 15/25/17916/1/1791
Transcribed: King PrussiaFrederic IIVolume 26/1/17916/2/1791
Transcribed: "Frederic IIVolume 36/2/17916/7/1791
Transcribed: Ann Reg.Robert DodsleyVolume 17876/7/17916/11/1791
Transcribed: King PrussiaFrederic IIVolume 46/11/17916/13/1791
Transcribed: Bruces MemoirsPeter Henry Bruce6/13/17916/15/1791
Transcribed: Junius LettersJunius6/15/17916/19/1791
Transcribed: Bruce TravelsJames BruceVolume 46/19/17916/20/1791
Transcribed: "James BruceVolume 16/20/17916/23/1791
Transcribed: Political AnnalsCharles Irénée Castel de Saint-PierreVolume 16/23/17916/24/1791
Transcribed: "Charles Irénée Castel de Saint-PierreVolume 26/24/17916/28/1791
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