Christopher Miller

Borrowing activity from 12/4/1789 to 12/28/1805.
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Christopher Miller Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Christopher Miller Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 112/4/178912/18/1789
Transcribed: "Fanny BurneyVolume 212/18/17891/8/1790
Transcribed: Gibbons EmpireEdward GibbonVolume 41/8/17901/20/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 51/20/17901/29/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 31/29/17902/12/1790
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 52/17/17903/3/1790
Transcribed: ZoriadaAnne Hughes8/13/17908/18/1790
Transcribed: His 5 Indian NationsCadwallader Colden8/18/17908/25/1790
Transcribed: British TheatreVolume 18/25/17908/27/1790
Transcribed: "8/27/17908/31/1790
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 18/31/17909/18/17904d
Transcribed: Buc. AmericaAlexandre Olivier Exquemelin9/18/179010/7/1790
Transcribed: Goldsmiths An NatureOliver GoldsmithVolume 110/7/179010/12/1790
Transcribed: "Oliver GoldsmithVolume 210/12/179010/26/1790
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 210/26/179011/8/1790
Transcribed: Johnsons JourneySamuel Johnson11/8/179011/22/1790
Transcribed: Old MaidsWilliam HayleyVolume 111/22/179011/30/1790
Transcribed: SpyPeter Markoe11/30/179012/15/1790
Transcribed: Gibbon Rom EmpireEdward GibbonVolume 312/15/17901/11/17911d
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 61/11/17911/12/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 41/12/17911/24/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 61/24/17912/1/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 52/1/17912/7/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 72/7/17912/11/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 82/11/17912/18/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 92/18/17912/28/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 103/1/17913/9/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 113/9/17913/17/1791
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 123/17/17913/25/1791
Transcribed: Humes EssaysDavid HumeVolume 19/21/17919/28/1791
Transcribed: Smiths enquiryAdam SmithVolume 19/28/179110/12/1791
Transcribed: " conAdam SmithVolume 110/12/179110/26/1791
Transcribed: "Adam SmithVolume 210/26/179111/9/17916d
Transcribed: "Adam SmithVolume 111/9/179111/25/1791
Transcribed: Stuart OeconomySir James Steuart1/27/17922/10/1792Mr. W. V Horne
Transcribed: "Sir James SteuartVolume 32/10/17922/20/1792
Transcribed: LouisaElizabeth HelmeVolume 13/3/17924/4/1792
Transcribed: ElaMrs. Burke3/4/17924/5/1792
Transcribed: School FathersVolume 13/5/17924/7/1792
Transcribed: Plat MarriageMrs. H. CartwrightVolume 13/7/17924/17/1792
Transcribed: Woman as she should beEliza ParsonsVolume 29/5/179911/25/1799
Transcribed: Wonderful MagVolume 35/14/18005/14/1800
Transcribed: Sporting MagVolume 65/14/18005/14/1800
Transcribed: Theodore CyphonGeorge WalkerVolume 18/19/18008/19/1800
Transcribed: St LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 18/19/18008/19/1800
Transcribed: Court IntrigueSarah Green8/28/18009/1/1800
Transcribed: Munchosen9/2/18009/5/1800
Transcribed: Officers TaleSophia Lee; Harriet Lee9/8/18009/18/1800
Transcribed: DaggerCarl Grosse9/12/18009/15/1800
Transcribed: HighlanderRobert BissetVolume 19/23/18009/25/1800
Transcribed: Wanderings WarwickCharlotte Smith10/11/180010/11/1800
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 110/11/180010/30/1800
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 210/30/180011/3/1800
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 311/3/180011/20/1800
Transcribed: MordauntJohn MooreVolume 111/12/180011/13/1800
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 411/20/180011/20/1800
Transcribed: ClarentineSarah Harriet BurneyVolume 212/12/18001/31/1801
Transcribed: ClarentineSarah Harriet BurneyVolume 112/12/18001/31/1801
Transcribed: Beneyowskys TravelsMaurice Auguste Benyowsky6/8/18016/25/1801
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 58/12/18012/3/180213/1
Transcribed: Humes EnglandDavid HumeVolume 29/1/18029/26/1802
Transcribed: Jefferson's NotesThomas Jefferson7/19/180311/12/1803
Transcribed: Elegant ExtractsJohn WilsonVolume 17/19/180311/12/1803
Transcribed: MoorianaJohn MooreVolume 27/19/180311/12/1803
Transcribed: MoorianaJohn MooreVolume 17/19/180311/12/1803
Transcribed: Wraxalls V CourtsSir Nathaniel William WraxallVolume 212/7/180512/28/1805
Transcribed: Wraxalls V CourtsSir Nathaniel William WraxallVolume 112/7/180512/28/1805
Transcribed: Popular TalesMaria EdgeworthVolume 112/28/180512/28/1805
Transcribed: Popular TalesMaria EdgeworthVolume 212/28/180512/28/1805
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