Andrew Miller

Borrowing activity from 8/25/1791 to 3/17/1800.
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Andrew Miller Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Andrew Miller Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Social ContractJean-Jacques Rousseau8/25/17919/3/1791
Transcribed: Old MaidsWilliam HayleyVolume 19/3/17919/13/1791
Transcribed: "William HayleyVolume 29/13/17919/29/1791
Transcribed: PamelaSamuel RichardsonVolume 110/27/179110/28/1791
Transcribed: "Samuel RichardsonVolume 210/28/179110/31/1791
Transcribed: "Samuel RichardsonVolume 310/31/179111/14/1791
Transcribed: Raynals IndiesGuillaume-Thomas-François Raynal12/15/179112/29/17916p
Transcribed: Pelew IslandsGeorge Keate12/29/179112/31/1791
Transcribed: Robt ScotlandWilliam RobertsonVolume 11/5/17921/18/1792
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 21/18/17922/2/1792
Transcribed: Onania2/4/17922/10/1792
Transcribed: Rollins Bells LettersCharles Rollin2/10/17922/17/1792
Transcribed: Beauties histL. M. StretchVolume 12/19/17922/29/1792
Transcribed: "L. M. StretchVolume 22/29/17923/13/1792
Transcribed: Burke on SublimeEdmund Burke4/13/17924/26/1792
Transcribed: Female SpectatorEliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 14/27/17924/27/1792
Transcribed: Athlin & DunbaynAnne Radcliffe8/2/17998/2/1799
Transcribed: ItalianAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 18/2/17998/5/1799
Transcribed: Nettley AbbeyRichard WarnerVolume 18/5/17998/6/1799
Transcribed: "Richard WarnerVolume 28/6/17998/7/1799
Transcribed: ItalianAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 28/7/17998/9/1799
Transcribed: Sicilian RomanceAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 18/12/17998/13/1799
Transcribed: Honoria SommerJane PurbeckVolume 18/13/17998/14/1799
Transcribed: "Jane PurbeckVolume 28/14/17998/15/1799
Transcribed: "Jane PurbeckVolume 38/15/17998/16/1799
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 18/16/17998/20/1799
Transcribed: "Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 28/20/17998/24/1799
Transcribed: "Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 38/24/17998/30/1799
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 49/2/179911/6/1799
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 49/6/179910/24/1799
Transcribed: Mysteries UdolphoAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 110/26/179911/7/1799
Transcribed: "Ann Ward RadcliffeVolume 211/7/179911/14/1799
Transcribed: "Ann Ward RadcliffeVolume 311/14/179911/25/1799
Transcribed: Love & MadnessSir Herbert Croft11/25/179911/29/1799
Transcribed: Such follies areVolume 111/29/179912/6/1799
Transcribed: Knoxes W EveningsVicesimus KnoxVolume 112/6/179912/9/1799
Transcribed: Tales CastleStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 112/9/179912/12/1799
Transcribed: Gil BlasAlain René Le SageVolume 312/9/179912/9/1799
Transcribed: Knoxes W EveningVicesimus KnoxVolume 212/12/179912/16/1799
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 512/16/179912/26/1799
Transcribed: Caroline LitchfieldThomas Holcroft; Isabelle de Montolieu 12/26/17991/3/1800
Transcribed: SwiftJonathan SwiftVolume 31/3/18001/10/1800
Transcribed: Alf Von DeulmenBenedikte NaubertVolume 11/10/18001/17/1800
Transcribed: BeeJames AndersonVolume 11/17/18001/21/1800
Transcribed: "James AndersonVolume 21/21/18001/22/1800
Transcribed: SwiftJonathan SwiftVolume 11/22/18001/25/1800
Transcribed: Theob ShakespWilliam ShakespeareVolume 41/25/18001/31/1800
Transcribed: Alf Von DeulmanBenedikte NaubertVolume 21/31/18002/4/1800
Transcribed: Gil BlasAlain René Le SageVolume 12/4/18002/7/1800
Transcribed: "Alain René Le SageVolume 22/7/18002/14/1800
Transcribed: "Alain René Le SageVolume 32/14/18002/18/1800
Transcribed: Solyman & AlmenaJohn Langhorne2/18/18002/20/1800
Transcribed: RamblerSamuel JohnsonVolume 12/20/18002/21/1800
Transcribed: SwiftJonathan SwiftVolume 202/21/18002/25/1800
Transcribed: Saint JulienAugust Heinrich Julius Lafontaine2/25/18002/27/1800
Transcribed: Theob ShakespWilliam ShakespeareVolume 42/27/18003/1/1800
Transcribed: Rajah KisnaVolume 13/1/18003/4/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 23/4/18003/5/1800
Transcribed: Ansons VoyageGeorge Anson; Richard Walter3/5/18003/8/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 33/5/18003/5/1800
Transcribed: New Roxana3/8/18003/17/1800
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