John McVicar

Borrowing activity from 8/13/1799 to 1/3/1805.
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John McVicar Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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John McVicar Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Fielding's WorksHenry FieldingVolume 68/13/17998/13/1799
Transcribed: Weekly Mag MagVolume 211/8/180011/14/1800
Transcribed: Monthly Mag '97 11/14/180012/10/180010d
Transcribed: RamblerSamuel JohnsonVolume 11/23/18011/30/1801
Transcribed: BeeJames AndersonVolume 11/30/18012/5/1801
Transcribed: RamblerSamuel JohnsonVolume 12/5/18012/7/1801
Transcribed: "Samuel JohnsonVolume 22/7/18013/13/18011/8
Transcribed: Burkes WorksEdmund BurkeVolume 34/17/18014/25/1801
Transcribed: Tookes V RussiaWilliam TookeVolume 15/25/18016/1/1801
Transcribed: RamblerSamuel JohnsonVolume 27/23/18018/3/1801
Transcribed: Martins PhilosopBenjamin MartinVolume 110/29/180111/24/180110d
Transcribed: "Benjamin MartinVolume 111/24/180112/15/1801
Transcribed: "Benjamin MartinVolume 112/15/18011/9/18028d
Transcribed: Robert Charles VWilliam RobertsonVolume 13/4/18023/31/18021/
Transcribed: Rollins An HistCharles RollinVolume 14/3/18024/10/1802
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 24/10/18024/26/18024d
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 34/10/18024/26/18024d
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 44/26/18025/7/1802
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 54/26/18025/7/1802
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 75/7/18025/20/1802
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 65/7/18025/20/1802
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 85/20/18026/4/18023d
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 95/20/18026/4/18023d
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 105/20/18026/4/18023d
Transcribed: G TheatreFriedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 58/7/18028/10/1802
Transcribed: Wartons English PoetryThomas WartonVolume 112/24/18021/17/1803
Transcribed: Gordons TacitusThomas GordonVolume 11/28/18032/15/18038d
Transcribed: Gordons TacitusThomas GordonVolume 21/28/18032/15/18038d
Transcribed: Wilson's CampaignsVolume 21/4/18041/7/1804
Transcribed: Three SpaniardsGeorge WalkerVolume 21/13/18041/26/1804
Transcribed: Three SpaniardsGeorge WalkerVolume 31/13/18041/26/1804
Transcribed: Three SpaniardsGeorge WalkerVolume 11/13/18041/26/1804
Transcribed: Johnsons WorksSamuel JohnsonVolume 81/26/18042/11/1804
Transcribed: Newtons MiltonJohn MiltonVolume 12/11/18042/25/1804
Transcribed: Annals HorsemanshipHenry William Bunbury2/25/18042/27/1804
Transcribed: Smolletts WorksTobias SmollettVolume 42/29/18043/9/1804
Transcribed: Sully's MemoirsMaximilien de Béthune SullyVolume 15/1/18045/12/1804
Transcribed: Sully's MemoirsMaximilien de Béthune SullyVolume 25/1/18045/12/1804
Transcribed: Œuvres de MoliereMolièreVolume 16/9/18046/15/1804
Transcribed: "MolièreVolume 86/15/18046/19/1804
Transcribed: BelisaireJean-François Marmontel6/19/18047/9/18046d
Transcribed: Smollett WorksTobias SmollettVolume 37/9/18047/16/1804
Transcribed: Smollett WorksTobias SmollettVolume 27/9/18047/16/1804
Transcribed: Wonderful MagVolume 27/17/18047/30/1804
Transcribed: Oevres de VoltaireVoltaireVolume 3812/10/180412/27/18043d
Transcribed: "VoltaireVolume 3812/27/18041/4/1805
Transcribed: Sermons de MassilJean-Baptiste MassillonVolume 11/4/18051/10/1805
Transcribed: Ouvres de VoltaireVoltaireVolume 301/10/18051/24/1805
Transcribed: "VoltaireVolume 311/24/18051/26/1805
Transcribed: "VoltaireVolume 321/26/18052/4/1805
Transcribed: Gibbon's MiscelEdward GibbonVolume 12/4/18052/11/1805
Transcribed: Piries Lecture f ReAlexander Pirie2/11/18052/16/1805
Transcribed: PreceptorVolume 12/21/18052/26/1805
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 22/26/18053/1/1805
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 32/26/18053/1/1805
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 12/26/18053/1/1805
Transcribed: Gosips StoryJane West3/1/18053/12/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosopVolume 23/12/18053/15/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosopVolume 13/12/18053/15/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosopVolume 33/12/18053/15/1805
Transcribed: CamillaFanny BurneyVolume 23/15/18053/19/1805
Transcribed: CamillaFanny BurneyVolume 33/15/18053/19/1805
Transcribed: CamillaFanny BurneyVolume 13/15/18053/19/1805
Transcribed: Saurins SermonsJacques SaurinVolume 13/19/18054/1/1805
Transcribed: Gibbs RulesJames Gibbs4/1/18054/19/1805
Transcribed: Saurins SermonsJacques SaurinVolume 24/22/18056/29/18057/10
Transcribed: Life Catharine IIJ. Castéra; William TookeVolume 16/29/18057/18/1805
Transcribed: "J. Castéra; William TookeVolume 27/18/18058/8/1805
Transcribed: "J. Castéra; William TookeVolume 28/8/18058/30/18052d
Transcribed: Rollins B LettresCharles RollinVolume 18/30/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Rollins B LettresCharles RollinVolume 28/30/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Rollins B LettresCharles RollinVolume 48/30/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Rollins B LettresCharles RollinVolume 38/30/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Fairy TalesVolume 112/26/180512/30/1805
Transcribed: "Volume 212/30/18051/3/1805
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