Henry Masterton

Borrowing activity from 7/6/1791 to 5/30/1805.
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Henry Masterton Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Henry Masterton Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Herrings LettersThomas Herring7/6/17917/9/1791
Transcribed: UsongAlbrecht von Haller7/9/17917/14/1791
Transcribed: Harris EnquiriesJames HarrisVolume 17/14/17917/18/1791
Transcribed: "James HarrisVolume 27/18/17917/23/1791
Transcribed: Adam's DefenceJohn AdamsVolume 27/23/17917/25/1791
Transcribed: Harris HermesJames Harris7/25/17917/26/1791
Transcribed: Fathers InstructionsThomas Percival7/26/17917/27/1791
Transcribed: Honoria SomJane PurbeckVolume 17/27/17917/28/1791
Transcribed: Bellifield EruditionJakob Friedrich Bielfeld7/28/17918/2/1791
Transcribed: SylphGeorgiana Spencer Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire8/2/17918/5/1791
Transcribed: Female StabilityCharlotte Palmer8/5/17918/8/1791
Transcribed: No. 2018/10/17918/12/1791
Transcribed: 202Jakob Friedrich Bielfeld8/12/17918/19/1791
Transcribed: Female StabilityCharlotte PalmerVolume 38/19/17918/22/1791
Transcribed: "Charlotte PalmerVolume 48/22/17918/24/1791
Transcribed: Free ThinkerAmbrose PhilipsVolume 28/24/17918/30/1791
Transcribed: " conAmbrose PhilipsVolume 28/30/17918/31/1791
Transcribed: Martins Trigon.Benjamin MartinVolume 28/31/17919/8/1791
Transcribed: Helvetus on ManClaude-Adrien HelvétiusVolume 19/9/17919/10/1791
Transcribed: Young AthensWilliam Young9/10/17919/13/1791
Transcribed: Bibliotheca AmericaLeman Thomas Rede9/13/17919/14/1791
Transcribed: Sutton Abbey9/14/17919/15/1791
Transcribed: Life of CiceroConyers MiddletonVolume 19/15/17919/16/1791
Transcribed: BielfieldJakob Friedrich BielfeldVolume 39/16/17919/17/1791
Transcribed: MyrtleLady9/17/17919/29/1791
Transcribed: Gibbon AbridgdEdward GibbonVolume 19/29/179110/8/1791
Transcribed: Origin of LawsAntoine-Yves GoguetVolume 110/8/179110/12/1791
Transcribed: BuffonGeorges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 110/12/179110/20/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 210/20/179110/27/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 310/27/179111/1/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 411/1/179111/3/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 511/3/179111/5/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 711/5/179111/8/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 811/8/179111/11/1791
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 911/11/179111/16/1791
Transcribed: Home SketchesLord Henry Home KamesVolume 111/16/179111/23/1791
Transcribed: Dig: Human NatureJames Burgh11/23/179112/6/1791
Transcribed: ObserverRichard CumberlandVolume 212/6/179112/9/1791
Transcribed: Court AugustusThomas BlackwellVolume 112/9/179112/19/1791
Transcribed: Love in a CottageB. WalwynVolume 112/19/179112/20/1791
Transcribed: "B. WalwynVolume 212/20/179112/22/1791
Transcribed: Court AugustusThomas BlackwellVolume 112/22/179112/24/1791
Transcribed: "Thomas BlackwellVolume 212/24/17911/3/1792
Transcribed: "Thomas BlackwellVolume 31/3/17921/19/1792
Transcribed: Young AthensWilliam YoungVolume 11/19/17921/28/1792
Transcribed: BuffonGeorges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 61/28/17922/5/1792
Transcribed: BollingbrookHenry Bolingbroke2/1/17922/6/1792
Transcribed: Hist franceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 12/6/17922/13/1792
Transcribed: "Charles John Ann HerefordVolume 22/13/17922/17/1792
Transcribed: ArpasiaRichard ClarkeVolume 12/17/17922/25/1792
Transcribed: His franceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 22/28/17922/29/1792
Transcribed: Lon MagVolume 372/29/17923/2/1792
Transcribed: ObserverRichard CumberlandVolume 23/2/17923/6/1792
Transcribed: Lond MagVolume 193/6/17923/7/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 203/7/17923/9/1792
Transcribed: Hist franceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 33/9/17923/12/1792
Transcribed: Castle MowbrayMrs. M. Harley3/12/17923/16/1792
Transcribed: ShipwreckPierre-Raymond de Brisson3/16/17923/17/1792
Transcribed: Persian talesEdward Button3/17/17923/19/1792
Transcribed: School WidowsClara ReeveVolume 13/19/17923/21/1792
Transcribed: Lond MagVolume 13/21/17923/22/1792
Transcribed: EmmaVolume 13/22/17923/24/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 23/24/17923/28/1792
Transcribed: Lon MagVolume 103/28/17924/5/1792
Transcribed: Gent MagVolume 574/5/17924/6/1792
Transcribed: Lon Mag.Volume 74/6/17924/12/1792
Transcribed: School WidowClara ReeveVolume 24/12/17924/16/1792
Transcribed: "Another Book"4/16/17924/17/1792
Transcribed: Chinese TravellerVolume 14/17/17924/19/1792
Transcribed: Gentleman's MagVolume 108/5/17998/19/1799
Transcribed: GenerosityVolume 28/6/17998/7/1799
Transcribed: GenerosityVolume 18/6/17998/7/1799
Transcribed: LouisaElizabeth HelmeVolume 28/7/17998/20/1799
Transcribed: LouisaElizabeth HelmeVolume 18/7/17998/20/1799
Transcribed: Duke ClarenceMrs. E. M. FosterVolume 28/20/17998/23/1799
Transcribed: Duke ClarenceMrs. E. M. FosterVolume 18/20/17998/23/1799
Transcribed: Europ MagVolume 312/5/18002/6/1800
Transcribed: Sylph lost and paid forGeorgiana Spencer Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire2/6/1800
Transcribed: Beatsons N HistRobert BeatsonVolume 13/10/18003/27/1800
Transcribed: "Robert BeatsonVolume 23/27/18005/21/18005/8
Transcribed: House ClarendonVolume 28/21/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: House ClarendonVolume 38/21/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: House ClarendonVolume 18/21/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: MauraceFriedrich SchulzVolume 28/21/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: MauraceFriedrich SchulzVolume 18/21/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: Beggar BoyThomas BellamyVolume 28/23/18028/27/1802
Transcribed: Beggar BoyThomas BellamyVolume 38/23/18028/27/1802
Transcribed: Beggar BoyThomas BellamyVolume 18/23/18028/27/1802
Transcribed: Abbey ClugnyMary MeekeVolume 28/23/18029/3/1802
Transcribed: Abbey ClugnyMary MeekeVolume 38/23/18029/3/1802
Transcribed: Abbey ClugnyMary MeekeVolume 18/23/18029/3/1802
Transcribed: Monk GrottoLouise Marguerite Jeanne Madeleine Brayer de Saint-LéonVolume 28/27/18028/28/1802
Transcribed: Monk GrottoLouise Marguerite Jeanne Madeleine Brayer de Saint-LéonVolume 18/27/18028/28/1802
Transcribed: Act rendered8/28/180280/
Transcribed: SpinsterAnn WingroveVolume 28/28/18029/3/1802
Transcribed: SpinsterAnn WingroveVolume 38/28/18029/3/1802
Transcribed: SpinsterAnn WingroveVolume 18/28/18029/3/1802
Transcribed: Act rendered7/28/1803120/
Transcribed: Austenb CastleVolume 22/7/18052/18/1805
Transcribed: Austenb CastleVolume 12/7/18052/18/1805
Transcribed: Eccentric Biography4/30/18055/30/18051/4
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