John Mitchell Mason (3/19/1770 - 12/26/1829)

Reader, Trustee
Borrowing activity from 11/11/1800 to 12/16/1805.

John Mitchell Mason (March 19, 1770 - December 26, 1829) was an American preacher and theologian who was Provost of Columbia College in the early 1810s, and briefly President of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in the early 1820s.

John Mitchell Mason Library Average
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John Mitchell Mason Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Beggar GirlAnna Maria BennettVolume 111/11/180011/13/1800
Transcribed: MordauntJohn MooreVolume 111/13/180011/15/1800
Transcribed: St LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 111/15/180011/18/1800
Transcribed: Beggar GirlAnna Maria BennettVolume 211/18/180011/21/1800
Transcribed: St LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 211/21/180011/25/1800
Transcribed: Imson's School ArtsJohn Imison1/30/18012/7/1801
Transcribed: "John Imison2/7/18012/7/1801
Transcribed: Monthly MirrorVolume 15/2/18015/7/1801
Transcribed: Brit TheatreJohn BellVolume 11/19/18021/27/1802
Transcribed: Brit PoetsRobert AndersonVolume 11/27/18021/29/1802
Transcribed: "Robert AndersonVolume 41/29/18022/1/1802
Transcribed: British TheatreJohn BellVolume 82/15/18023/19/18021/6
Transcribed: "John BellVolume 93/19/18023/24/1802
Transcribed: Constant LoversAugust von KotzebueVolume 13/24/18024/2/1802
Transcribed: Constant LoversAugust von KotzebueVolume 23/24/18024/2/1802
Transcribed: Caleb WilliamsWilliam GodwinVolume 24/2/18024/22/1802
Transcribed: Caleb WilliamsWilliam GodwinVolume 34/2/18024/22/1802
Transcribed: Caleb WilliamsWilliam GodwinVolume 14/2/18024/22/1802
Transcribed: Young PhilosopCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 25/4/18025/14/1802
Transcribed: Young PhilosopCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 15/4/18025/14/1802
Transcribed: Nat DaughterMary RobinsonVolume 25/14/18026/7/1802
Transcribed: Nat DaughterMary RobinsonVolume 15/14/18026/7/1802
Transcribed: Old friend N faceEliza ParsonsVolume 16/7/1802
Transcribed: Old friend N faceEliza ParsonsVolume 26/7/1802
Transcribed: Rollins ancient HistoryCharles RollinVolume 111/15/180311/30/1803
Transcribed: Buffon's Nat HistGeorges Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon11/30/180312/10/1803
Transcribed: "Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 312/10/18031/3/18046d
Transcribed: Rollins An HistoryCharles RollinVolume 31/3/18041/18/18041d
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 31/18/18041/31/1804
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 41/31/18042/14/1804
Transcribed: New York MagVolume 12/14/18042/21/1804
Transcribed: "Volume 22/21/18043/1/1804
Transcribed: "Volume 33/1/18043/6/1804
Transcribed: "Volume 43/6/18043/22/1804
Transcribed: Rural TalesRobert Bloomfield3/22/18043/29/1804
Transcribed: Wonderful MagVolume 23/29/18044/3/1804
Transcribed: "Volume 34/3/18044/20/1804
Transcribed: Rollin's an histCharles RollinVolume 64/20/18044/25/1804
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 74/25/18045/2/1804
Transcribed: New York MagVolume 65/2/18045/9/1804
Transcribed: Rollins Ancient HistoryCharles RollinVolume 85/9/18045/17/1804
Transcribed: Act rendered5/23/180460/
Transcribed: Fen's AlgebraJospeh Fenn5/23/18045/24/1804
Transcribed: Marmontels TalesJean-François Marmontel5/24/18046/7/1804
Transcribed: German TheatreFriedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 66/7/18046/20/1804
Transcribed: Rollins An RegCharles Rollin6/20/18046/20/1804
Transcribed: Edinb MagVolume 167/28/18048/1/1804
Transcribed: Lady & G MagVolume 18/15/18048/15/1804
Transcribed: Royal Characters8/31/18049/14/1804
Transcribed: Mavors VoyagesWilliam Fordyce MavorVolume 109/14/18049/20/1804
Transcribed: "William Fordyce MavorVolume 209/20/18049/24/1804
Transcribed: Modern PhilosopherVolume 19/24/180410/8/1804
Transcribed: Female MentorHonoria.10/8/180410/16/1804
Transcribed: Letters from LadyMrs. Vigor10/16/180410/19/1804
Transcribed: Rowes LettersElizabeth Singer Rowe10/19/180411/2/1804
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 111/2/180411/3/1804
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 211/2/180411/3/1804
Transcribed: Looker-onWilliam RobertsVolume 111/3/180411/23/18046d
Transcribed: Elegant ExtratsJohn WilsonVolume 111/28/180412/6/1804
Transcribed: SelinaLadyVolume 212/6/180412/15/1804
Transcribed: SelinaLadyVolume 312/6/180412/15/1804
Transcribed: SelinaLadyVolume 112/6/180412/15/1804
Transcribed: Hooles TassoJohn Hoole; Torquato TassoVolume 212/15/18041/5/1805
Transcribed: German TheatreFriedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 31/31/18052/2/1805
Transcribed: Select D PiecesRichard Paul Jodrell2/2/18052/9/1805
Transcribed: Gays PlaysJohn Gay2/22/18053/5/1805
Transcribed: Act rendered3/5/180560/6
Transcribed: Hooles AriostoLodovico AriostoVolume 13/5/18053/9/1805
Transcribed: Hooles AriostoLodovico AriostoVolume 23/9/18054/1/1805
Transcribed: "Lodovico AriostoVolume 34/9/18054/18/1805
Transcribed: "Lodovico AriostoVolume 44/18/18054/23/1805
Transcribed: "Lodovico AriostoVolume 54/23/18054/27/1805
Transcribed: Rollins An HistCharles RollinVolume 56/7/18056/13/1805
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 66/13/18056/18/1805
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 76/18/18056/29/1805
Transcribed: Robertsons NavigationJohn RobertsonVolume 27/9/18058/2/18056d
Transcribed: ZeluccoJohn MooreVolume 18/2/18058/2/1805
Transcribed: ZeluccoJohn MooreVolume 28/2/18058/2/1805
Transcribed: Rollins ancient HistCharles RollinVolume 111/6/180511/12/1805
Transcribed: Anacharsis (ab)J.-J. (Jean-Jacques) Barthélemy11/12/180511/16/1805
Transcribed: Rollins an HistCharles RollinVolume 211/16/180511/16/1805
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 211/16/180511/22/1805
Transcribed: Act rendered11/22/180580/6
Transcribed: FarcesDavid GarrickVolume 111/22/180511/26/1805
Transcribed: Rollins A HistCharles RollinVolume 311/26/180512/4/1805
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 412/4/180512/7/1805
Transcribed: FarcesDavid GarrickVolume 212/16/180512/16/1805
Transcribed: "Charles RollinVolume 512/16/180512/16/1805
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