John Lylburn

Borrowing activity from 6/26/1801 to 1/7/1805.
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John Lylburn Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
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John Lylburn Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Liancourts TravelsFrançois-Alexandre-Frédéric La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt6/26/18017/22/1801
Transcribed: "François-Alexandre-Frédéric La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt7/22/18018/1/1801
Transcribed: Winterb. AmWilliam WinterbothamVolume 18/1/18018/24/18014d
Transcribed: "William WinterbothamVolume 28/24/18019/17/1801
Transcribed: "William WinterbothamVolume 39/17/180110/7/1801
Transcribed: "William WinterbothamVolume 410/7/180111/11/1801
Transcribed: Smith LaboratGodfrey SmithVolume 111/12/180111/23/1801
Transcribed: "Godfrey SmithVolume 211/23/180111/28/1801
Transcribed: GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 111/28/180112/18/1801
Transcribed: GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 212/18/18011/11/1802
Transcribed: Essays on CommerceTobias Smollett1/11/18021/11/1802
Transcribed: Morses U GeographyJedidiah MorseVolume 11/11/18021/27/1802
Transcribed: Bartrams TravelsWilliam BartramVolume 11/27/18022/2/1802
Transcribed: Brissot on CommerceJ.-P. Brissot de WarvilleVolume 12/2/18023/6/18021/6
Transcribed: Scheffield CommJohn Holroyd Sheffield3/6/18023/31/18028d
Transcribed: New York Agricult SVolume 13/31/18024/5/1802
Transcribed: Coxes ViewTench Coxe4/5/18024/19/1802
Transcribed: Philosop TransactRoyal Society (Great Britain)Volume 14/19/18025/6/1802
Transcribed: Complete GardnerJean de La Quintinie5/6/18025/7/1802
Transcribed: Farmers Guide5/7/18025/18/1802
Transcribed: Aikins LettersJohn Aikin5/18/18026/8/1802
Transcribed: Tressan's MytholM. l'abbé de Tressan6/8/18027/6/18021/2
Transcribed: No Books Without Order7/6/1802
Transcribed: Unfortunate QueenCaroline Mathilde7/6/18027/20/1802
Transcribed: Carters TravelsFrancis CarterVolume 110/23/180210/30/1802
Transcribed: Mavors VoyagesWilliam Fordyce MavorVolume 110/30/180211/3/1802
Transcribed: "William Fordyce MavorVolume 211/3/180211/18/18021d
Transcribed: Edwards W IslandsBryan EdwardsVolume 111/23/180212/14/1802
Transcribed: "Bryan EdwardsVolume 212/14/18021/10/18031/2
Transcribed: "Bryan EdwardsVolume 21/11/18031/17/1803
Transcribed: "Bryan EdwardsVolume 31/17/18031/29/1803
Transcribed: Pratts GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 41/29/18032/11/1803
Transcribed: Studies NatureJacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 32/11/18032/17/1803
Transcribed: "Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 42/17/18032/26/1803
Transcribed: Stewarts P EconomySir James SteuartVolume 12/26/18033/7/1803
Transcribed: Studies NatureJacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 53/7/18033/11/1803
Transcribed: "Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 13/11/18033/18/1803
Transcribed: "Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 23/18/18033/26/1803
Transcribed: Peyrouses VoyageJean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 13/26/18033/28/1803
Transcribed: "Jean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 23/28/18034/5/1803
Transcribed: "Jean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 34/7/18034/12/1803
Transcribed: Adam's LecturesGeorge AdamsVolume 14/12/18034/19/1803
Transcribed: Barrows Travels John Barrow4/19/18034/26/1803
Transcribed: Benyowskis TravelsMaurice Auguste BenyowskyVolume 14/26/18036/4/18032/9
Transcribed: "Maurice Auguste BenyowskyVolume 26/4/18036/16/1803
Transcribed: Helvetius on ManClaude-Adrien HelvétiusVolume 26/16/18037/8/1803
Transcribed: "Claude-Adrien HelvétiusVolume 27/15/18038/4/1803
Transcribed: Moores FranceJohn MooreVolume 18/4/18038/5/1803
Transcribed: Moores FranceJohn MooreVolume 28/4/18038/5/1803
Transcribed: De Non's TravelsVivant DenonVolume 18/5/18038/15/1803
Transcribed: "Vivant DenonVolume 38/15/18038/16/1803
Transcribed: Aikins LettersJohn Aikin8/16/18038/17/1803
Transcribed: Swinburnes TravelsHenry SwinburneVolume 28/17/180312/2/1803
Transcribed: Southeys LettersRobert Southey12/2/180312/15/1803
Transcribed: Stewarts PhilosophyDugald Stewart12/15/180312/24/1803
Transcribed: Rural "Ely Bates12/24/18031/16/1804
Transcribed: Bygges TravelsThomas Bugge1/16/18041/18/1804
Transcribed: Hanways TravelsJonas HanwayVolume 11/18/18042/7/1804
Transcribed: Stolbergs TravelsFriedrich Leopold Graf zu StolbergVolume 12/7/18043/1/1804
Transcribed: "Friedrich Leopold Graf zu StolbergVolume 23/1/18044/2/18041/6
Transcribed: Grants MauritiousCharles Grant4/7/18047/5/18048/6
Transcribed: Dn 8/6 Paid7/5/18047/16/18046/6
Transcribed: Hartley on ManDavid HartleyVolume 17/16/18048/18/1804
Transcribed: "David HartleyVolume 28/18/18049/10/1804
Transcribed: Letters to A SonPhilip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield9/11/180410/2/1804
Transcribed: "Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield10/2/180410/19/1804
Transcribed: Commercial DictJoshua MontefioreVolume 110/19/180411/5/1804
Transcribed: McKinnon's TourDaniel M'Kinnen11/5/180411/8/1804
Transcribed: Commercial DictJoshua MontefioreVolume 311/9/180412/1/1804
Transcribed: "Joshua MontefioreVolume 312/1/180412/13/1804
Transcribed: McArthurs FactsJohn M'Arthur12/13/18041/3/1805
Transcribed: Gardeners EssaysJohn M.D. of Edinburgh. GardinerVolume 11/3/18052/13/1805
Transcribed: "John M.D. of Edinburgh. GardinerVolume 22/13/18053/5/1805
Transcribed: "John M.D. of Edinburgh. GardinerVolume 23/5/18053/25/1805
Transcribed: Humphreys WorksDavid Humphreys4/24/18055/18/18056d
Transcribed: Edgeworths P EducatMaria Edgeworth; Richard Lovell EdgeworthVolume 24/24/18054/24/18051/6
Transcribed: Edgeworths P EducatMaria Edgeworth; Richard Lovell EdgeworthVolume 14/24/18054/24/18051/6
Transcribed: Walkers GeographyJohn Walker5/18/18056/13/180510d
Transcribed: "John Walker6/13/18057/6/18054d
Transcribed: Pinkertons GeogJohn PinkertonVolume 17/6/18057/30/18056d
Transcribed: "John PinkertonVolume 27/30/18058/17/1805
Transcribed: Tatham on TobaccoWilliam Tatham8/31/18058/31/1805
Transcribed: Commercial MagVolume 611/26/180512/23/1805
Transcribed: Missionary MagVolume 612/23/180512/24/1805
Transcribed: Annals PhilosophyThomas GarnettVolume 312/24/18051/7/1805
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