James Beekman (3/5/1732 - 4/6/1807)

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James Beekman, a merchant, was born on March 5, 1732 (Burke 401). Beekman was the great-grandson of mid-seventeenth century Dutch immigrants to New Amsterdam who gained prominence in the city's merchant community (Heckscher 114). In 1750 Beekman went into business importing dry goods. In 1763 he purchased land in Turtle Bay on the East River, about four miles north of his city home on Hanover Square, and began construction of a country estate known as Mount Pleasant (Turner; Heckscher 116). Beekman was a member of the Committee of One Hundred, formed in 1775 to function as New York City's municipal government during the American Revolution, and of the New York Provincial Congress and Convention between 1775 and 1777 (Burrows and Wallace 223-224; Aitken 118). In 1777 he was a member of the convention that drafted the Constitution for the State of New York (Turner; Stevens 123). With the British occupation of New York City during the war, Beekman moved his family to Esopus (now Kingston), New York and then to Connecticut ("James"; Harrison 14). He returned to New York City after the war in 1784, established a dry goods importing business with his sons called James Beekman & Sons, and focused on managing the extensive properties in New York City accumulated by the Beekman family (Stevens 123; Leder 133). He was a member of the New York Chamber of Commerce (Austin 122-123).

Beekman was the youngest son of William Beekman, a merchant, and Catharine Delanoy. He was the brother of Library members William Beekman and Gerard W. Beekman, Sr. He married Jane Keteltas in October 1752; they had 10 or 12 children, including Library members Abraham K. Beekman, Gerard W. Beekman, James Beekman, Jr., John K. Beekman, and William Beekman (Bergen 491; Turner; Aitken 120-124). 

During the American Revolution, Mount Pleasant was used as a British military headquarters under General William Howe, and was the site of the trial of Nathan Hale. It was visited by General George Washington on his triumphal re-entry into New York City in 1783 (Turner; Aitken 120). After the war, the Beekmans regained possession of the estate, which had been maintained by slaves, and it became a meeting place for American officers, including Washington (Harrison 15; Phelps 176-177). When Mount Pleasant was demolished in 1874, artifacts from the home were donated to the New-York Historical Society; these items were later joined in 1911 by a coach belonging to James Beekman, hidden during the Revolutionary War, and donated by Gerard Beekman (Turner; "Nation").     

Beekman died on April 6, 1807.
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