John N. Abeel (1769 - 1/19/1812)

Also Known As: John Neilson Abeel; John Nelson Abeel
Borrowing activity from 8/2/1799 to 8/13/1805.
John N. Abeel, a pastor, was born in New York City in 1769. He attended the College of New Jersey (Princeton University), where he graduated in 1787, and remained for two years afterwards as a tutor. After briefly studying law, Abeel was drawn to theology and studied at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1793, the same year he acted as the Librarian of Princeton. He became pastor of the Second and Third Presbyterian churches in Philadelphia in 1794 before heading the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church in New York City, where he remained from 1795 to his death in 1812. He received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Harvard University in 1804. 

Abeel's parents were Colonel James Abeel and Gertrude Nelson. He married Mary Stille of Philadelphia on January 29, 1794, and they had five children together, including Gustavus Abeel, also a pastor. 

Abeel was affiliated with educational, charitable and cultural organizations in New York City. He served as a trustee for Columbia College from 1799-1812, and Queen's College (Rutgers University), from 1807-1812. He was a member of the New York Missionary Society and the Humane Society of New York City, and was a founder of the New York Historical Society. 

John N. Abeel died of consumption on January 19, 1812.
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