James Hunt

Borrowing activity from 11/4/1799 to 6/20/1801.
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James Hunt Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
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James Hunt Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Cookes TerenceTerenceVolume 111/4/179911/18/1799
Transcribed: Fergusons LecturesJames Ferguson12/18/179912/30/1799
Transcribed: Cookes TerenceTerenceVolume 212/30/17991/12/1800
Transcribed: "TerenceVolume 11/12/18001/27/1800
Transcribed: Adam's LecturesGeorge AdamsVolume 31/27/18002/3/1800
Transcribed: Am. MuseumVolume 132/3/18002/6/1800
Transcribed: Sullivans V. Nat.Richard Joseph SulivanVolume 12/6/18002/11/1800
Transcribed: "Richard Joseph SulivanVolume 32/11/18002/19/1800
Transcribed: "Richard Joseph SulivanVolume 42/19/18002/19/1800
Transcribed: "Richard Joseph SulivanVolume 52/19/18002/24/1800
Transcribed: "Richard Joseph SulivanVolume 62/24/18003/5/1800
Transcribed: "Richard Joseph SulivanVolume 63/5/18003/10/1800
Transcribed: Jeffersons NotesThomas Jefferson3/10/18003/18/1800
Transcribed: PamillaSamuel RichardsonVolume 13/18/18003/19/1800
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 13/19/18003/24/1800
Transcribed: Cookes TerenceTerenceVolume 13/24/18003/24/1800
Transcribed: Fergusons LectJames Ferguson5/12/18005/23/1800
Transcribed: Rolt S AmericaRichard Rolt5/23/18006/18/180010d
Transcribed: Wraxalls TourSir Nathaniel William WraxallVolume 29/29/180010/2/1800
Transcribed: CatNew York Society Library10/13/18003/6
Transcribed: Chantreau's TravelsPierre Nicholas ChantreauVolume 110/13/180010/23/1800
Transcribed: Burtons LecturesJohn Burton10/23/180010/25/1800
Transcribed: Miller's RankJohn Millar10/25/180010/28/1800
Transcribed: Sentim. JourneyLaurence SterneVolume 110/28/180010/30/1800
Transcribed: Moores FablesEdward Moore10/30/180010/31/1800
Transcribed: Officers TaleSophia Lee; Harriet Lee10/31/180011/3/1800
Transcribed: Wanderings Imag.Elizabeth GoochVolume 211/3/180011/4/1800
Transcribed: DemocrateHenry James Pye11/4/180011/5/1800
Transcribed: Smolletts M. WorksTobias SmollettVolume 111/5/180011/9/1800
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 211/9/180011/13/1800
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 411/13/180011/19/1800
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 511/19/180011/25/1800
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 611/25/180011/29/1800
Transcribed: Jefferson's NotesThomas Jefferson11/29/180012/15/1800
Transcribed: Munozs New WorldJuan Bautista Muñoz12/15/180012/31/1800
Transcribed: Armstrong's MiscelJohn ArmstrongVolume 112/31/18001/5/1801
Transcribed: "John ArmstrongVolume 11/5/18011/7/1801
Transcribed: Humes EnglandDavid HumeVolume 31/7/18011/22/1801
Transcribed: Moores FranceJohn MooreVolume 11/22/18011/27/1801
Transcribed: History FranceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 11/27/18012/7/1801
Transcribed: "Charles John Ann HerefordVolume 22/7/18012/19/1801
Transcribed: Bounaparte CampT.E. Ritchie; T.E. Ritchie; Baron François René Jean de Pommereul2/19/18012/24/1801
Transcribed: Bounaparte CampT.E. Ritchie; T.E. Ritchie; Baron François René Jean de PommereulVolume 1796 [Duplicate]2/19/18012/24/1801
Transcribed: Happy Release2/24/18012/24/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 22/24/18012/25/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 32/24/18012/25/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 12/24/18012/25/1801
Transcribed: Studies NatureJacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 52/25/18012/25/1801
Transcribed: History FranceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 32/26/18013/7/1801
Transcribed: Giffords Lewis XIVJohn Gifford3/7/18013/7/1801
Transcribed: Langh. PlutarchJohn Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 43/7/18013/11/1801
Transcribed: Monthly MagVolume 23/11/18013/13/1801
Transcribed: Gifford's Lewis XIVJohn Gifford3/13/18013/16/1801
Transcribed: Tour in EnglandRichard Joseph Sulivan3/16/18013/17/1801
Transcribed: Saint JulianAugust Heinrich Julius Lafontaine3/17/18013/19/1801
Transcribed: Condorcet MindJean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat Condorcet3/19/18013/28/1801
Transcribed: Sorrows EdithMrs. BurkeVolume 13/28/18013/30/1801
Transcribed: Sorrows EdithMrs. BurkeVolume 23/28/18013/30/1801
Transcribed: Orphan RhineEleanor SleathVolume 13/30/18014/2/1801
Transcribed: Orphan RhineEleanor SleathVolume 23/30/18014/2/1801
Transcribed: Orphan RhineEleanor SleathVolume 33/30/18014/2/1801
Transcribed: Orphan RhineEleanor SleathVolume 43/30/18014/2/1801
Transcribed: History FranceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 44/2/18014/14/1801
Transcribed: LoitererVolume 14/15/18014/27/1801
Transcribed: Lex MercatoriaWyndham BeawesVolume 14/27/18015/16/1801
Transcribed: Monthly MirrorVolume 16/13/18016/20/1801
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