Samuel M. Hopkins (5/9/1772 - 3/9/1837)

Borrowing activity from 12/3/1799 to 1/11/1806.

Samuel Miles Hopkins (May 9, 1772 – March 9, 1837) was a United States Representative from New York. Born in Salem, Connecticut, he graduated from Yale College in 1791, studied law, was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Le Roy, Genesee County, New York in 1793. He moved to New York City in 1794 and continued the practice of law.

Hopkins was elected as a Federalist to the Thirteenth Congress, holding office from March 4, 1813 to March 3, 1815. He was a member of the New York State Assembly (Genesee Co.) in 1820-21; and of the New York State Senate (Western D.) in 1822. From 1813 to 1826, he was Reporter of the New York Court of Chancery. He was a member of the commission to superintend the construction of Sing Sing Prison from 1825 to 1830 and was a judge of the State circuit court 1832 to 1836. Hopkins died in Geneva, Ontario County in 1837; interment was in Washington Street Cemetery.

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Samuel M. Hopkins Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Clavigero's MexicoFrancesco Saverio ClavigeroVolume 112/3/17992/25/18006/6
Transcribed: Langh. Plut.John Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 310/2/180110/19/1801
Transcribed: Vindice GallicaJames Mackintosh10/19/180111/2/1801
Transcribed: Robertsons Charles VWilliam RobertsonVolume 111/6/180111/6/1801
Transcribed: Lettres de GanPope Clement XIVVolume 111/6/180111/6/1801
Transcribed: Spallanzanis TravelsLazzaro SpallanzaniVolume 13/25/18023/30/1802
Transcribed: "Lazzaro SpallanzaniVolume 23/30/18023/30/1802
Transcribed: "Lazzaro SpallanzaniVolume 34/10/18024/19/1802
Transcribed: Radcliffes JourneyAnn Ward Radcliffe4/19/18025/4/1802
Transcribed: Spences PolimetesJoseph Spence6/24/18027/28/1802
Transcribed: Elements CriticismLord Henry Home Kames7/31/18027/31/1802
Transcribed: "Lord Henry Home Kames7/31/18028/12/1802
Transcribed: Goldmiths RomeOliver Goldsmith10/14/180210/16/1802
Transcribed: Robertsons AmWilliam RobertsonVolume 110/16/180210/20/1802
Transcribed: Humes EnglandDavid HumeVolume 110/20/180210/26/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 210/26/180211/2/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 311/2/180211/11/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 411/11/180211/23/1802
Transcribed: History FranceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 111/23/180211/26/1802
Transcribed: French Revolution James Mackintosh11/26/180211/30/1802
Transcribed: Sullys MemoirsMaximilien de Béthune SullyVolume 111/30/180212/21/18027d
Transcribed: "Maximilien de Béthune SullyVolume 112/21/18021/20/18031/4
Transcribed: "Maximilien de Béthune SullyVolume 21/20/18032/3/1803
Transcribed: Robertsons Charles VWilliam RobertsonVolume 12/3/18032/15/1803
Transcribed: Rash VowsStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 22/14/18032/19/1803
Transcribed: Rash VowsStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 32/14/18032/19/1803
Transcribed: Rash VowsStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 12/14/18032/19/1803
Transcribed: Robertson Charles VWilliam RobertsonVolume 22/15/18032/23/1803
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 32/23/18032/26/1803
Transcribed: Millmoth PlineyPliny the Younger; William MelmothVolume 12/26/18033/3/1803
Transcribed: "Pliny the Younger; William MelmothVolume 23/3/18033/24/1803
Transcribed: Laws New York 1694William LivingstonVolume 23/24/18034/7/1803
Transcribed: Gordons Am WarWilliam GordonVolume 14/7/18034/12/1803
Transcribed: "William GordonVolume 24/12/18034/29/1803
Transcribed: "William GordonVolume 34/29/18035/18/1803
Transcribed: Hooles TassoJohn Hoole; Torquato TassoVolume 15/18/18036/3/1803
Transcribed: Burkes WorksEdmund BurkeVolume 36/3/18036/20/1803
Transcribed: Life Catharine IIJ. Castéra; William TookeVolume 16/20/18036/22/1803
Transcribed: "J. Castéra; William TookeVolume 26/22/18036/27/1803
Transcribed: Zimmerman N. PrideJohann Georg Zimmermann; Samuel Hull Wilcocke6/27/18036/28/1803
Transcribed: Dutch Embassy to ChinaAndreas Everardus van Braam HouckgeestVolume 26/28/18037/5/1803
Transcribed: Dutch Embassy to ChinaAndreas Everardus van Braam HouckgeestVolume 16/28/18037/5/1803
Transcribed: Sentimental JourneyLaurence Sterne7/5/18037/6/1803
Transcribed: SpectatorSpectatorVolume 17/6/18037/12/1803
Transcribed: "SpectatorVolume 27/12/18037/16/1803
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 27/16/18037/19/1803
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 17/16/18037/19/1803
Transcribed: Anquitels Lewis 16Louis-Pierre AnquetilVolume 17/19/18037/22/1803
Transcribed: Anquitels Lewis 16Louis-Pierre AnquetilVolume 27/19/18037/22/1803
Transcribed: Secret History ChVolume 17/22/18037/29/1803
Transcribed: Secret History ChVolume 27/22/18037/29/1803
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 37/29/18038/4/1803
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 47/29/18038/4/1803
Transcribed: FarcesDavid GarrickVolume 28/4/18038/6/1803
Transcribed: "David GarrickVolume 18/6/18038/8/1803
Transcribed: "David GarrickVolume 38/8/18038/20/1803
Transcribed: Fergusons R. Rep.Adam FergusonVolume 111/14/180311/23/1803
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 111/23/180312/1/1803
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 211/23/180312/1/1803
Transcribed: Children AbbeyRegina Maria RocheVolume 112/1/180312/10/1803
Transcribed: Children AbbeyRegina Maria RocheVolume 212/1/180312/10/1803
Transcribed: Ferguson's R RepAdam FergusonVolume 212/10/18031/2/1804
Transcribed: Millots E HistAbbé Claude François Xavier MillotVolume 11/2/18041/17/1804
Transcribed: Wilson's CampaignVolume 11/17/18041/26/1804
Transcribed: Millott's E HistoryAbbé Claude François Xavier MillotVolume 11/26/18042/13/1804
Transcribed: "Abbé Claude François Xavier MillotVolume 22/13/18043/2/1804
Transcribed: Pleaters GuideJohn Anstey3/2/18043/8/1804
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 13/8/18044/2/18048d
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 14/2/18044/4/1804
Transcribed: Smolletts M. WorksTobias SmollettVolume 64/4/18044/6/1804
Transcribed: Hugh TrevorThomas HolcroftVolume 24/6/18044/9/1804
Transcribed: Hugh TrevorThomas HolcroftVolume 34/6/18044/9/1804
Transcribed: Hugh TrevorThomas HolcroftVolume 44/6/18044/9/1804
Transcribed: Hugh TrevorThomas HolcroftVolume 14/6/18044/9/1804
Transcribed: Voltaires WorksVoltaireVolume 294/9/18044/10/1804
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 24/10/18044/18/1804
Transcribed: Fool QualityHenry BrookeVolume 14/18/18044/23/1804
Transcribed: Fool QualityHenry BrookeVolume 24/18/18044/23/1804
Transcribed: Fool QualityHenry BrookeVolume 34/18/18044/23/1804
Transcribed: Fool QualityHenry BrookeVolume 44/18/18044/23/1804
Transcribed: Fool QualityHenry BrookeVolume 54/18/18044/23/1804
Transcribed: SwiftJonathan SwiftVolume 204/23/18044/26/1804
Transcribed: Johnsons PoetsSamuel JohnsonVolume 554/26/18045/5/1804
Transcribed: Children AbbeyRegina Maria RocheVolume 15/5/18045/15/1804
Transcribed: Children AbbeyRegina Maria RocheVolume 25/5/18045/15/1804
Transcribed: Vindica GallicaeJames Mackintosh5/28/18045/28/1804
Transcribed: Theob. ShakespeareWilliam ShakespeareVolume 16/30/18047/3/1804
Transcribed: "William ShakespeareVolume 27/3/18047/12/1804
Transcribed: "William ShakespeareVolume 47/12/18047/12/1804
Transcribed: "William ShakespeareVolume 67/12/18047/30/1804
Transcribed: Addisons WorksJoseph AddisonVolume 28/10/18048/10/1804
Transcribed: Rowes WorksNicholas RoweVolume 18/24/18048/28/1804
Transcribed: German TheatreFriedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 18/28/18048/29/1804
Transcribed: "Friedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 28/29/18048/30/1804
Transcribed: Watkins TravelsThomas WatkinsVolume 28/30/18049/10/1804
Transcribed: Watkins TravelsThomas WatkinsVolume 18/30/18049/10/1804
Transcribed: Brydones TourPatrick Brydone9/10/18049/19/1804
Transcribed: Goldsmiths PoemsOliver Goldsmith9/19/18049/19/1804
Transcribed: " WorksOliver GoldsmithVolume 29/19/18049/27/1804
Transcribed: " WorksOliver GoldsmithVolume 49/27/180410/4/1804
Transcribed: Citizen WorldOliver GoldsmithVolume 110/4/180410/8/1804
Transcribed: Citizen WorldOliver GoldsmithVolume 210/4/180410/8/1804
Transcribed: Hoopkinsons WorksFrancis HopkinsonVolume 110/8/180410/12/1804
Transcribed: "Francis HopkinsonVolume 210/12/180410/20/1804
Transcribed: ThalabaRobert SoutheyVolume 210/20/180410/23/1804
Transcribed: ThalabaRobert SoutheyVolume 110/20/180410/23/1804
Transcribed: Goldsmiths GreeceOliver GoldsmithVolume 110/23/180411/3/1804
Transcribed: Goldsmiths GreeceOliver GoldsmithVolume 210/23/180411/3/1804
Transcribed: Chesterfield LettersPhilip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield11/3/180411/17/1804
Transcribed: Vicar WakefieldOliver Goldsmith11/17/180411/26/1804
Transcribed: Shenstones WorksWilliam ShenstoneVolume 111/26/180411/29/1804
Transcribed: "William ShenstoneVolume 211/29/180412/5/1804
Transcribed: Life PetrarchSusannah Dobson; Jacques-François-Paul-Aldonce de SadeVolume 112/5/180412/27/18044d
Transcribed: Life PetrarchSusannah Dobson; Jacques-François-Paul-Aldonce de SadeVolume 212/5/180412/27/18044d
Transcribed: Pleaders GuideJohn Anstey12/27/18041/5/1805
Transcribed: P. PindarPeter PindarVolume 11/5/18051/23/1805
Transcribed: "Peter PindarVolume 11/23/18052/16/180510d
Transcribed: Addisons WorksJoseph AddisonVolume 12/16/18053/2/1805
Transcribed: "Joseph AddisonVolume 13/2/18053/11/1805
Transcribed: "Joseph AddisonVolume 23/11/18053/18/1805
Transcribed: Beaumont & FletcherFrancis BeaumontVolume 33/18/18053/29/1805
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 33/29/18054/28/1805
Transcribed: Smolletts M WorksTobias SmollettVolume 23/29/18054/28/1805
Transcribed: Humes EssaysDavid HumeVolume 15/25/18056/1/1805
Transcribed: British TheatreJohn BellVolume 26/21/18056/28/1805
Transcribed: Letters on HistoryHenry St. John Viscount BolingbrokeVolume 27/18/18058/8/1805
Transcribed: British TheatreJohn BellVolume 118/8/18058/28/1805
Transcribed: Welds TravelsIsaac WeldVolume 18/28/18058/28/1805
Transcribed: Welds TravelsIsaac WeldVolume 28/28/18058/28/1805
Transcribed: SpectatorSpectatorVolume 112/12/180512/21/1805
Transcribed: Boswells JohnsonJames BoswellVolume 212/21/18051/11/1806
Transcribed: Boswells JohnsonJames BoswellVolume 312/21/18051/11/1806
Transcribed: Boswells JohnsonJames BoswellVolume 112/21/18051/11/1806
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