Nathaniel Hawxhurst

Also Known As: Nathaniel Hawkshurst
Borrowing activity from 10/31/1791 to 1/4/1806.
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Nathaniel Hawxhurst Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Nathaniel Hawxhurst Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: European SettlementsEdmund BurkeVolume 110/31/179111/19/1791
Transcribed: "Edmund BurkeVolume 211/19/179112/6/1791
Transcribed: Philosophy of PassionsJean-François SenaultVolume 112/6/179112/21/1791
Transcribed: "Jean-François SenaultVolume 212/21/17911/6/1792
Transcribed: Priestly on GovernmentJoseph Priestley1/6/17922/13/17921s/2p
Transcribed: Carver TravelsJonathan Carver2/13/17924/2/17922s
Transcribed: Act. Rendered5/7/18045/8/180490/
Transcribed: Goldsmiths A Nat.Oliver GoldsmithVolume 31/8/18051/14/1805
Transcribed: Hooles TassoJohn Hoole; Torquato TassoVolume 11/14/18051/19/1805
Transcribed: "John Hoole; Torquato TassoVolume 21/19/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: Johnsons PoetsSamuel JohnsonVolume 351/30/18052/27/18051/2
Transcribed: Littleton's EnglandOliver GoldsmithVolume 12/27/18054/1/18053/2
Transcribed: Littleton's EnglandOliver GoldsmithVolume 22/27/18054/1/18053/2
Transcribed: History QuakersWilliam Sewel4/1/18055/14/18054d
Transcribed: Harrisons TravelsJohn HarrisVolume 15/14/18055/27/1805
Transcribed: Harrisons TravelsJohn HarrisVolume 25/14/18055/27/1805
Transcribed: Campbells JourneyDonald Campbell5/27/18056/13/1805
Transcribed: Ortenburgh FamilyAugust von Kotzebue6/13/18056/28/18051d
Transcribed: CatNew York Society Library6/28/18051/6
Transcribed: Burtons LecturesJohn Burton7/13/18057/15/1805
Transcribed: Irvings AdventuresEyles Irwin7/15/18057/24/1805
Transcribed: Antenors TravelsEtienne François de LantierVolume 27/24/18058/19/18052/6
Transcribed: Antenors TravelsEtienne François de LantierVolume 37/24/18058/19/18052/6
Transcribed: Antenors TravelsEtienne François de LantierVolume 17/24/18058/19/18052/6
Transcribed: Goldsmiths WorksOliver GoldsmithVolume 18/19/18058/31/1805
Transcribed: Gil BlasAlain René Le Sage8/31/18059/4/1805
Transcribed: New Roxana9/4/18059/9/1805
Transcribed: Radcliffes JourneyAnn Ward Radcliffe12/3/180512/19/1805
Transcribed: Sporting MagVolume 112/19/18051/4/1806
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