Charles Baldwin (???? - 6/16/1834)

Borrowing activity from 8/20/1799 to 6/2/1805.
Charles Baldwin was a lawyer in New York City. He studied and was law partner with David Banks ("Bankers" 304). He was admitted to practice as counselor in the Mayor's Court of New York City in December 1797, and admitted to practice as an attorney and counselor of the Supreme Court in the city of New York in 1814 and 1817 respectively ("Mayor's"; "Henry Clark"; "New-York"). He ran for assembly on the Republican ticket in 1814 (Guernsey 60-61). In 1823, Cornelius Bogert and Samuel Van Wyck recommended him to James Monroe for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court (Preston 891). He was a member of the New-York Historical Society ("Collections" xiii).

Baldwin died in 1834 in the City Hotel in New York (American 2).  
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Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Volneys TravelsConstantin-François de Chasseboeuf de Volney8/20/17998/20/1799
Transcribed: Grotius de Jure BelliHugo Grotius9/3/17999/5/1799
Transcribed: Naval TradeVolume 29/5/179911/11/1799
Transcribed: Biggs M. HistoryWilliam Biggs11/23/179912/9/1799
Transcribed: Chamber's DictionaryEphraim ChambersVolume 112/9/17991/10/1800
Transcribed: Muller's FortifJohn Muller1/10/18001/29/1800
Transcribed: Maitland's LondonWilliam Maitland1/29/18002/5/1800
Transcribed: Ron on Stone BridgesStephen Riou3/13/18004/1/1800
Transcribed: Ramsays Am Revol.David RamsayVolume 14/29/18005/12/1800
Transcribed: "David RamsayVolume 25/12/18005/29/1800
Transcribed: Voltaires WorksVoltaireVolume 105/29/18005/30/1800
Transcribed: History Charles XIIVoltaire5/30/18005/31/1800
Transcribed: Voltaires WorksVoltaireVolume 55/31/18005/31/1800
Transcribed: Saint JulienAugust Heinrich Julius Lafontaine6/4/18006/11/1800
Transcribed: Reeve's English LawJohn ReevesVolume 16/11/18007/7/180010d
Transcribed: "John ReevesVolume 17/7/18007/8/1800Cr. 2d
Transcribed: "John ReevesVolume 27/8/18007/29/1800
Transcribed: Duncan's CaesarWilliam DuncanVolume 18/7/18008/11/1800
Transcribed: "William DuncanVolume 28/12/18008/16/1800
Transcribed: Memoirs on EgyptInstitut d'Egypte (1798-1801)8/28/18008/30/1800
Transcribed: Rutherford N. LawThomas RutherforthVolume 18/28/18008/28/1800
Transcribed: Rutherfords N. LawThomas RutherforthVolume 18/30/18009/16/1800
Transcribed: "Thomas RutherforthVolume 19/16/180010/2/1800
Transcribed: "Thomas RutherforthVolume 210/2/180010/7/1800
Transcribed: Sherwins M TablesHenry Sherwin10/7/180010/13/1800
Transcribed: Domats Civil LawJean DomatVolume 110/13/180010/25/1800
Transcribed: "Jean DomatVolume 111/25/180012/29/1800
Transcribed: "Jean DomatVolume 112/29/18001/23/1801
Transcribed: Towers FrederickJoseph TowersVolume 11/23/18011/31/1801
Transcribed: Towers FrederickJoseph TowersVolume 21/23/18011/31/1801
Transcribed: Adam's LecturesGeorge AdamsVolume 31/31/18012/21/1801
Transcribed: Leach's Inland Nav.Edmund LeachVolume 32/25/18013/12/1801
Transcribed: Repertory ArtsVolume 13/12/18013/14/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 23/14/18013/19/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 43/19/18013/21/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 53/21/18014/2/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 74/2/18014/9/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 84/9/18015/7/18011/2
Transcribed: "Volume 65/7/18015/23/1801
Transcribed: Molloy on Com.Charles Molloy8/5/18018/10/1801;;
Transcribed: Naval TradeVolume 18/10/18019/14/1801
Transcribed: Naval TradeVolume 28/10/18019/14/1801
Transcribed: Gibbon's RomeEdward GibbonVolume 18/18/18019/5/1801
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 19/5/18019/22/1801
Transcribed: "Edward GibbonVolume 19/22/180110/12/1801
Transcribed: Molloy on Com.Charles Molloy11/2/180111/9/1801
Transcribed: Naval TradeVolume 111/9/180111/21/1801
Transcribed: Naval TradeVolume 211/9/180111/21/1801
Transcribed: Parke's TravelsMungo Park12/15/180112/22/1801
Transcribed: Bissetts Life BurkeRobert BissetVolume 112/22/180112/26/1801
Transcribed: Willich's LecturesAnthony Florian Madinger Willich12/26/18011/27/1802
Transcribed: "Anthony Florian Madinger Willich1/27/18021/27/1802
Transcribed: Gay's PlaysJohn Gay2/9/18022/10/1802
Transcribed: Hume's EnglandDavid HumeVolume 12/10/18023/2/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 13/2/18023/22/1802
Transcribed: Henry & IsabellaAnne HughesVolume 23/12/18023/19/1802
Transcribed: Henry & IsabellaAnne HughesVolume 13/12/18023/19/1802
Transcribed: MentoriaSusanna RowsonVolume 23/19/18023/25/1802
Transcribed: MentoriaSusanna RowsonVolume 13/19/18023/25/1802
Transcribed: Nocturnal VisitorRegina Maria RocheVolume 23/25/18024/7/1802
Transcribed: Nocturnal VisitorRegina Maria RocheVolume 13/25/18024/7/1802
Transcribed: Johnsons WorksSamuel JohnsonVolume 93/25/18024/2/1802
Transcribed: "Samuel JohnsonVolume 114/2/18024/19/1802
Transcribed: Emma ColbertSamuel Jackson Pratt4/7/18024/13/1802
Transcribed: Scottish LegendT. J. Horsley CurtiesVolume 24/13/18024/20/1802
Transcribed: Scottish LegendT. J. Horsley CurtiesVolume 34/13/18024/20/1802
Transcribed: Scottish LegendT. J. Horsley CurtiesVolume 44/13/18024/20/1802
Transcribed: Scottish LegendT. J. Horsley CurtiesVolume 14/13/18024/20/1802
Transcribed: Molloy on CommerceCharles Molloy4/19/18025/4/1802
Transcribed: MontalbertCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 24/20/18024/28/1802
Transcribed: MontalbertCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 14/20/18024/28/1802
Transcribed: Marmontels TalesJean-François Marmontel4/28/18025/10/1802
Transcribed: LouisaElizabeth Helme5/10/18025/18/1802
Transcribed: "Charles Molloy5/12/18026/10/1802
Transcribed: Tale TimesJane WestVolume 25/18/18026/2/1802
Transcribed: Tale TimesJane WestVolume 15/18/18026/2/1802
Transcribed: Williams' LettersHelen Maria WilliamsVolume 26/2/18026/15/1802
Transcribed: Williams' LettersHelen Maria WilliamsVolume 16/2/18026/15/1802
Transcribed: Life of HowardJohn Aikin6/29/18027/7/1802
Transcribed: Johnsons WorksSamuel JohnsonVolume 87/7/18027/28/1802
Transcribed: Johnsons WorksSamuel JohnsonVolume 17/28/18027/31/1802
Transcribed: Harrisons B ClassicsVolume 17/31/18028/17/1802
Transcribed: Hume's EnglandDavid HumeVolume 18/19/18028/25/1802
Transcribed: P. PindarPeter PindarVolume 28/23/18028/30/1802
Transcribed: P. PindarPeter PindarVolume 38/23/18028/30/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 48/25/18028/27/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 58/27/18029/4/1802
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 89/4/18029/14/1802
Transcribed: Smollets EnglandTobias SmollettVolume 69/14/18029/20/1802
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 79/18/18029/29/1802
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 89/20/18029/29/1802
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 99/29/180210/4/1802
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 1010/4/180210/22/1802
Transcribed: "Tobias SmollettVolume 1210/22/180210/25/1802
Transcribed: Reign George IIISir Nathaniel William WraxallVolume 210/25/180211/4/1802
Transcribed: Reign George IIISir Nathaniel William WraxallVolume 310/25/180211/4/1802
Transcribed: Reign George IIISir Nathaniel William WraxallVolume 110/25/180211/4/1802
Transcribed: Moloy on CommerceCharles MolloyVolume 111/17/180212/30/1802
Transcribed: Hutton's DiaryCharles HuttonVolume 112/5/180212/6/1802
Transcribed: Hutton's DiaryCharles HuttonVolume 212/5/180212/6/1802
Transcribed: D'Israeli's RomancesIsaac Disraeli6/15/18036/15/1803
Transcribed: Terrible hacturatThomas Green Fessenden6/19/18036/19/1803
Transcribed: Campaign for 1796T.E. Ritchie; T.E. Ritchie; Baron François René Jean de Pommereul8/30/18039/1/1803
Transcribed: Campaign for 1796T.E. Ritchie; T.E. Ritchie; Baron François René Jean de PommereulVolume 1796 [Duplicate]8/30/18039/1/1803
Transcribed: "T.E. Ritchie; T.E. Ritchie; Baron François René Jean de PommereulVolume 49/1/180311/4/1803
Transcribed: "T.E. Ritchie; T.E. Ritchie; Baron François René Jean de PommereulVolume 39/1/180311/4/1803
Transcribed: History of FranceJohn Gifford; William DuaneVolume 411/4/180311/8/1803
Transcribed: Fergusons AstronomyJames Ferguson9/28/180410/08/1804
Transcribed: Sampson Agt PhilisJesse Higgins6/1/18056/2/1805
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