John Ferguson (???? - 1832)

Borrowing activity from 6/5/1805 to 1/3/1806.

John Ferguson (died 1832) was the 52nd Mayor of New York City from March to June 1815. He was also Grand Sachem of Tammany Hall and a political enemy of Dewitt Clinton. It is believed that he was appointed mayor under the understanding that he would soon turn over the position to Jacob Radcliff, in return for an appointment as Surveyor of the Port of New York.

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John Ferguson Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Village RomanceJane ElsonVolume 26/5/18056/5/1805
Transcribed: Village RomanceJane ElsonVolume 36/5/18056/5/1805
Transcribed: Village RomanceJane ElsonVolume 16/5/18056/5/1805
Transcribed: Wilsons WorksJames WilsonVolume 26/5/18057/9/1805
Transcribed: Wilsons WorksJames WilsonVolume 36/5/18057/9/1805
Transcribed: Wilsons WorksJames WilsonVolume 16/5/18057/9/1805
Transcribed: Burkes WorksEdmund BurkeVolume 37/9/18057/19/1805
Transcribed: Boswells Life JohnsonJames BoswellVolume 27/19/18058/10/1805
Transcribed: Boswells Life JohnsonJames BoswellVolume 37/19/18058/10/1805
Transcribed: Boswells Life JohnsonJames BoswellVolume 17/19/18058/10/1805
Transcribed: Savages WorksRichard SavageVolume 18/10/18058/14/1805
Transcribed: Life WakefieldGilbert WakefieldVolume 18/14/18058/20/1805
Transcribed: Life WakefieldGilbert WakefieldVolume 28/14/18058/20/1805
Transcribed: Jones' IsaeusWilliam Jones8/20/18058/24/1805
Transcribed: Currans SpeechesJohn Philpot Curran8/30/18059/1/1805
Transcribed: Drakes L HoursNathan DrakeVolume 19/1/18059/9/1805
Transcribed: Life MarmontelJean-François MarmontelVolume 29/9/180511/4/1805
Transcribed: Life MarmontelJean-François MarmontelVolume 19/9/180511/4/1805
Transcribed: Literary MagVolume 111/4/180511/6/1805
Transcribed: "Jean-François MarmontelVolume 111/4/180511/9/1805
Transcribed: Theobulds FrederickDieudonné ThiébaultVolume 211/6/180511/11/1805
Transcribed: Theobulds FrederickDieudonné ThiébaultVolume 111/6/180511/11/1805
Transcribed: Eminent personsCharles Henry WilsonVolume 211/11/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Segur's FrederickLouis-Philippe SégurVolume 211/14/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Segur's FrederickLouis-Philippe SégurVolume 311/14/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Segur's FrederickLouis-Philippe SégurVolume 111/14/180511/14/1805
Transcribed: Sir W JonesWilliam Jones11/15/180511/19/1805
Transcribed: Life MiltonFrancis Blackburne11/19/180512/20/1805
Transcribed: Popular TalesMaria EdgeworthVolume 112/20/180512/27/1805
Transcribed: "Maria Edgeworth12/27/180512/28/1805
Transcribed: West-IndianHelena WellsVolume 212/28/18051/3/1806
Transcribed: West-IndianHelena WellsVolume 312/28/18051/3/1806
Transcribed: West-IndianHelena WellsVolume 112/28/18051/3/1806
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